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Who makes these products, and what is the company’s names? X-Prixe was founded in 2013 as a philanthropy organization. Eric Pulier was one of the original co-founders. Along with him were also Adam Derg and Don Rostrif. The name X-Prize is special as well. It is one of Pulier’s great philanthropic achievements.


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Mr. Pulier also mentioned that he’d apply his donations to charity for chronically ill children, as the donations appear to combine a merger with A Starbright World, a leisurely and caring business, making every child comfortable in his own skin and feeling loved and cared for. Philanthropy is done while using these facilities. How unique is that?


Just imagine a hospital that is “bright and shiny” in both its interior and exterior decoration as well as in its unique love for the sick and dying children of today’s world. Sponsors, donors and contributors may choose to give freely in public or under the table; all doantions are welcomed. When done underneath the covers, as they call it, Mr. Eric Pulier mentions that no signup is required and further comments:


“Names are a powerful thing. More powerful is the reputation behind them. This alone speaks for itself. Whether it is Doe Deere or Kate Hudson, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, God, or Satan, every name has its own origin story, whether it be known or unknown.”


Regardless, each child’s origin story is worth discovering. In doing so, one may even find the answer. Give today; you do not even need to put in your information.

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