IAP Worldwide: Helping Facilities Face Hardships

IAP Worldwide began in 1953. As the Pan Am World Services, they built and operated the first space launch complex base in America. IAP Worldwide Services supported the testing for over 2,500 space launches during that time. The company then progressed as a business to provide maintenance support to facilities, including the planning of airports, engineering services, and construction management.

During the early 1990s, Johnson Controls, Inc. acquired Pan Am Services, which together formed a global leader in maintenance support to facilities. The new business was called Johnson Controls Worldwide Services Inc. IAP Worldwide Services developed new ways to increase the efficiency of facilities, while also managing the lighting, environmental controls, and fire and security systems of the facilities. JCWS also provided its customers with technical support and temporary staff. Founded during this time, IAP became a company that specialized in logistics and procurement. Beginning as a small company, IAP quickly grew.

Partnering with the U.S. military, IAP Worldwide Services acquired contracts for international procurement, along with temporary and mobile power generation, transportation services, and emergency disaster relief.

In 2005, IAP acquired JCWS, forming IAP Worldwide Services. They specialized in three specific role, including providing support to base operations, managing global operations and logistics, and providing professional and technical services to their clients.

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Most recently, IAP acquired new ownership and a new board of directors, which led to the completion of its restructuring and recapitalization. With over 1,600 employees worldwide, IAP supports over 175,000 employees in military installations around the world. Their expertise in science and technology aids their clients in focusing on their specified missions. During disasters, IAP Worldwide quickly responds to supply power, life-sustaining supplies, and services.

For example, when faced with hurricane Matthew, IAP Worldwide Services sprung into action to provide assistance and electricity for FEMA Regions 4 and 5. They deployed numerous teams to support bases in Matthew’s track, to provide support in the preparation for this pending disaster.

Some of their emergency response support items include emergency power, commodities, communications systems, and the deployment of expert personnel. IAP has been known to deploy over 100 power experts to activate and manage emergency generators on the east coast.

IAP’s ultimate mission is to solve the most challenging problems that their clients face, using the most up-to-date and proven technology and expertise. IAP Worldwide adopts their clients’ goals as their own, and work tirelessly until all needs are met.

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What Entrepreneurs Should Do Before Moving Forward

People that are aspiring to be entrepreneurs should think about their online reputation first and foremost. This is the one thing that determines how well their business does. If they are not on top of their online reputation, then they are vulnerable to attacks that could put a huge dent in their business. However, a lot of people that are considering online reputation management do not know how to move forward with it. Fortunately, it is easy to look up some advice on online reputation management. After all, if people take the time to learn everything about what they can do about online reputation management, then they will have an easier time taking care of their reputation.

One of the most important things to do with one’s own Online Reputation Reviews is keep track of every mention of the company or the individual. Also, it is important to determine whether this mention is worth responding to or not. Keeping on top of every mention is actually impossible for some people because they are well known in many sites throughout the web. This is why it is important for people to be able to find a tool or an agency that can handle all of the mentions of the company.

When one is able to stay on top of every mention of the brand, then they are able to make sure that their reputation is good enough to continue bringing in the customers and sales. At the same time, they could gain a lot of new customers. A lot of people look online for new companies that they could shop at. One thing that they look for is a company that could meet their needs. They are also looking at other aspects of the company beyond the types of products and services they sell. They go for the interaction with the customers.


Tempus and the Man behind this Innovative Idea

A highly innovative approach to the diagnosis and treatment of Cancer, it comes as no surprise to learn that the man behind Tempus is none other than Eric Lefkofsky.


A longtime advocate in finding a cure for cancer, over his lifetime Lefkofsky (www.lefkofsky.com/) has donate millions of dollars in support of cancer treatment, study and research. But it was that same innovative spirit of his that founded Groupon, InnerWorkings and Mediaocean that he used to brainstorm his way to a unique and new approach to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. And Tempus truly is unique and innovative.

In a nut shell, Tempus is a technology platform that utilizes a database of patient information and in real time transforms the interaction of analytics and machine learning in to data driven decisions. With each new bit of patient information and research data that is introduced into the database, Tempus become more capable in its decision making and recommendations.


As part of the Tempus service, patients provide blood and tissue samples to the Tempus lab for DNA and RNA sequencing. The subsequent results are then added to the Tempus database where the genetic makeup of the cancerous cells are compared to normal cells thus providing an expanded ability to identify the gene mutation of the specific cancer. This however, demonstrates only the first contribution that Tempus provides in the treatment of cancer.


In addition to patient genetic test results, the Tempus database is also populated with patient diagnosis, information on FDA approved treatment methods, patient treatment records, treatment results and other such pertinent information. Combined, Tempus is able to provide doctors with useful information regarding the best treatment options for their specific gene mutation and informed information on how the patient may respond to the various prescribed treatments. And with each new piece of information that is added to the Tempus database comes a raise in the confidence level of the diagnosis and treatment recommendations provided to physicians who utilize the system.


The final component that Tempus brings to both the physician and patient is an instant library of information regarding their specific cancer. The Tempus data base is kept up to date with all the latest information and literature regarding cancer research and treatment. Not only is this information used in the analytical portion of Tempus to help identify a particular cancer and determine treatment, literature is also transmitted with the diagnosis for use by the physician and the patient where applicable.


It was through the innovative mind and philanthropic spirit of Eric Lefkofsky that Tempus came to fruition. Through this technology driven system, he took on cancer by transforming the approach and modernizing the method to which cancer in patients is diagnosis, identification and treated.

Check out Lefkofsky’s Crunchbase profile for further information.


What You Should Know about Comparative Law and Sujit Choudhry

What is Comparative Law

If you were to ask someone to define what comparative law is you would be told that it is the practice in which someone looks at the things that are similar and the things that are different between all of the different types of countries. It could also be defined as looking into the legal systems that have been put into practice all over the world. Comparative law is at the moment becoming a very important part of society and will continue to be important in the face of things like democratization and also internationalism.

Why Comparative Law Exists

There are many reasons behind why comparative law exists. One of those reasons is for individuals to gather opinions and facts from the various legal systems. Another of the reasons is to make sure that the legal systems that are available at the moment are in working order. One of the last reasons that it exists is to provide a sort of unification for the various legal systems out there.

Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is know all around the world for being the number one authority on comparative constitutional law. As one of the advisors the the building processes of the constitution they make sure to use their great researching skills and combine them with their experience in the field. The research that has been done by Choudhry has actually helped in addressing some of the most important issues that come up within constitutional law.

Professor Choudhry (https://www.law.berkeley.edu/our-faculty/faculty-profiles/sujit-choudhry/) has also done a lot of work on the constitutional law of Canada. This all has led to him having been a publisher of more then 90 different articles, reports, book chapters and also working papers under his name. One of the many jobs that he has is being part of the International Society of Public Law’s Executive Committee and he has been a member of them for a good amount of time.

All in all it can be said that this professor has had a lot of time to put into his career and his studies. With professors like Choudhry there is more hope for the world when it comes to things like comparative law and how we live our lives every day. Those who have had the pleasure of meeting him have found that he is a very intelligent and well-rounded individual who has not stopped working at trying to make the world a better place. Learn more about Choudhry on his Wikipedia page.

How IoT Lighting Leads in the Internet of Buildings’ Witness Platform

LED lighting has revolutionized the world, displacing conventional lighting sources across the universal lighting market. In the next few years, technology will make use of millions of sockets. This change has jumpstarted the Gooee IoT lighting adoption. The stakes are quite high for vendors and consumers alike. Diverse qualities such as network connectivity, access to power, and ubiquity make Gooee lighting the perfect place where the Internet of Things begins to come alive.


The race to LED innovation is a behind the scenes contest, to observe who eventually controls the manufacture of IoT in the market. These brilliant, sensor-laden networked lights may form the heart of smart buildings. The lights around homes will be intelligent as well, learning and responding to the stream of data generated by various devices — using Gooee lighting to help you relax after a dull long day of work.


How pure illumination advances IoT into success story


Low-Voltage LED devices have a natural resemblance for digital control. Unlike the old high-voltage electricity sources of the past, LEDs and microcontrollers blend very well. Lastly, the ubiquity of Gooee lighting across public and private spaces makes it the perfect vehicle, to bring intelligence into the current environment. Lights inhabit well in modern buildings, with an ideal vantage spot to observe objects, and people, as a reliable source of power. Companies who combine sensing and networking into software-based displays lead the way. This profound change of lighting has brought a whole new set of players to the market.

Gooee’s Smart Lighting

How James Dondero’s Experience Will Benefit South Methodist University

According to The Dallas Journal, Highland Capital Management’s president and cofounder James Dondero was recently appointed to the Board of the Southern Methodist University’s Cox School of Business.

This is not a surprising appointment since SMU and Highland Capital management have a long-standing relationship. The appointment will go a long way in expanding the relationship. For several years, Dondero has been sponsoring the Highland Capital Management Tower Scholars, which is a program that supports professional and academic excellence at SMU.

James Dondero points out that Cox Business School is a significant player within the business community in Dallas. Highland Capital is one of the biggest beneficiaries of the institution. The entrepreneur states that it’s a great honor to play a role in the growth and excellence of academic and professional initiatives that are ongoing at Cox Business School.

The Executive Board is made up of 100 members, a majority of whom do not belong to the academic world. These individuals are tasked with the responsibility of offering advice on growth strategy at the institution. The board meets thrice every year.

About James Dondero

The entrepreneur is one of the most prolific and insightful American business executives. His career in the money markets spans nearly thirty years. During this time, he has distinguished himself as a forward-looking, instinctive, and down to earth executive.

James Dondero studied at The University of Virginia’s McIntire Business School, where he graduated with a degree in finance and accounting. He started his finance career at American Express before joining Protective Life. He played a crucial role in establishing Protective Life as a force to reckon with in the money markets.

James co-founded Highland Capital Management with Mark Okada. This is after he noticed that most hedge fund firms were offering inflexible products and services, which could not meet the ever-changing needs of the market.

As HCM’s president, he has been instrumental in the formulation of strategies that have driven the company forward. The company manages assets valued at more than 15 billion dollars.

Dondero has been credited with the introduction of products such as Collateralized Loan Obligation transactions. Jim is also a passionate humanitarian, and serves on the boards of numerous organizations.

EOS Lip Balm: The New Age Chapstick

The selection for choosing a lip balm is changing. In the past, the process was not a decisive one, rather a down right quick one. Chapstick seemingly was the only choice for consumers. Sure, you could pick a different flavor of Chapstick, but there really wasn’t a better or even competing lip balm on the shelves. Now, EOS Lip Balm has arrived.

Designing the EOS lip balm was no easy task. In order to stand out and drive stubborn customers to their new product, Sanjiv Mehra, who is the co-founder of the EOS lip balm, had to design a different set of rules to the lip game. That is why he and his team conducted research to prove that their new, round lip balm would be accepted.

The EOS lip balm is something that can be felt throughout all of the senses. This was a concept that Mehra thought would help categorize their product into something unique. Who would have thought that a simple snap of a beauty product would mean so much? Well, Sanjiv Mehra did.

The rise of the EOS lip balm has quickly escalated the entire company. This has driven the production of additional products. You know a product is a hot item once celebrities begin using it. EOS lip balm products are sold by Walmart as well as online retailers lucky vitamin and ULTA Beauty.

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How to Find Gooee Smart Lighting

There is a very good reason for why a lot of people are making the switch to Gooee smart lighting options. One of the main reasons is because it helps people to have greater control over all of the electricity that is in their homes and allows them to cut costs on their electric bill each and every month. One way that smart lighting works is by actually turning off any light fixture that simply does not need to be on without you even having to think about it. If the light sense is that the room it is it is already very well lit, it will actually turn itself off so that you do not have to worry about it and this can save you a lot more money than you think.

If you are interested in choosing smart lighting for your home, it might be a good idea for you to switch to a company known as Gooee. The reason Gooee is one of the top smart lighting companies in the world is because they offer a variety of different options and services to those who are looking to make the switch and this can be highly beneficial to the average homeowner or even a business owner who wants to make their office smarter and more energy efficient. Smart lighting is a great option for so many people and even allows you to control all of the electric that is in your home from a Remote device such as a smartphone or tablet even if you are nowhere near the house to do this yourself.

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LEDs Are Great For Your Wallet

It is easy to save money when you make little changes around the house. One change that is sure to be great for your wallet is switching to LED light bulbs. You can lower your utility bills and save money on light bulbs in general.

When LED bulbs first hit the scene, it would cost around $30 just to by one for your house. The cost of LEDs have gone down thanks to the high demand of these light bulbs. LED bulbs last almost 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs. This means you will not have to spend as much money to replace the bulbs throughout the year.

You can also lower your electricity bills by switching from incandescent bulbs to LED bulbs. Companies like Gooee have LED bulbs use around 75 percent less energy than the standard bulbs, especially if you are purchasing Energy Star rated LEDs. There are many LED bulbs that work with dimmers and timers, which allows you to control how much electricity you are using at home. LED bulbs could save around 348 TWh of electricity within the next ten years. You can save anywhere from $130 to $150 in energy costs just by switching to LED light bulbs.

It is easy to find high quality lighting systems when you shop with Gooee. The lighting systems are complete with features that allow you to be in control of your electricity. You can use motion sensors to turn the lights on and off, or you can use the enterprise gateway to figure out how much lighting you need per room.

Your wallet and home will never be the same after you switch from incandescent light bulbs to LED light bulbs.

Handy Helped Me To Get My Home Ready In Time For My Housewarming Party

Moving to a new city can be the biggest pain, and it was very hard for me. I moved all of my things into my home, and even though I put everything in its place, there was some cleaning that needed to be done. I had a lot of vacuuming to do, the windows had gotten dusty and needed home cleaning, and I even had some furniture that needed assembling. I had no idea how it was going to keep up with my 60-hour work week and still keep my home clean, so I had a huge dilemma on my hands.

The worst part about it is that I was going to have a housewarming party within a week, so I didn’t know how in the world I would get everything finished. Until I found out about this company on onthesceneny website. Handy is the company that was able to save me from all of this. I learned that Handy isn’t only about cleaning, but assembly services are on their agenda as well. I knew I’d be able to get everything done if I had a Handy service person come out at different times to clean my home and also to assemble my furniture in time for my housewarming party.

After I was able to create the account on their website, I put in for the cleaning services first. I knew there was a lot to do, so I put in for two different days, and one person would come out within a day, and two days later another person would come out to clean. Each person that came to my home for the cleaning services was on time and did their job perfectly. I tipped both workers, and I checked every corner of my home that they had cleaned, and I couldn’t be more pleased. I had already set up the services for the furniture assembly person to come after the cleaners did.

The person came out the very next day after the cleaner had come, and they assembled my entertainment center, which was the most important because I wanted to show some videos to my housewarming guests. After they assembled the entertainment center, I needed my computer desk set up, and I also had a couple other items for them to put together. Everything came together perfectly in time for my party, and the only ones I can thank are the workers from Handy because they helped me when no one else would.