Important Themes In The Investment Sector

Timothy Armour currently works for the Capital Research and Management Company as a chairperson, principal executive, and director. He is also the chairman and Equity Portfolio Manager of The Capital Group Companies, Inc. Armour has been in the financial sector for more than three decades, and therefore, he has acquired adequate experience. He once worked as Capital’s Equity Investment Analyst, and his responsibilities were supervising global telecommunications and U.S based companies.

Timothy’s first appointment at The Capital Group was in 1983 and was assigned to work at firm’s Associates Program. He studied at the Middlebury College where he got his first degree in economics.

Mr. Armour has various investment themes that he plans on focusing on in 2017, and he believes that it will be a good year. The first matters that he will be working on this year include the interest rates. The Fed raised the rates twice in the past year. Another critical issue that he will be dealing with is corporate earnings, and they will greatly be proportional to the growth rate of the global domestic product in both the United States and other parts of the planet. Assumptions indicate that the nation is likely to have a fast international development rate, and this will be visible on the corporate earnings. Timothy will also be focusing on the significant divergence of the development inside the United States and outside the country. Europe, China and Japan have been having a few problems, but they are currently growing. The economy of the entire planet needs to be rising for the corporate earnings to also grow at a significant rate.

Timothy’s investment meetings will focus on issues such as the effects of the increase in the interest rates. These include the businesses or sectors that will gain or lose and the possibility of inflation. Some of the multinational monetary corporations have always wanted to inflate the system. Product-oriented enterprises or firms that have an excellent pricing power can prosper in cases in inflation. These are some of the matters that should be debate din the current world.

Capital Group and Samsung Asset Management recently revealed that the creation of a partnership. The joint efforts of the two firms will assist in the development of investment plans for institutional and retail investors who are based in Korea. According to Tim, the major accomplishment of the collaborations will be devising an investment product that will address savings, retirement, and insurance based requirements of various investments in Korea.

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