How Construcap has Beaten All Odds to Succeed in the Brazilian Real Estate Market

Brazil is one of the countries that form the economic block known as BRIC. This means that it is one of the 7 most powerful economies in the world on Catho. As such, you would expect its real estate industry to be booming. However, there are a few factors that have worked against the nation, bringing down the market in the process. The political climate in the country hasn’t been conducive in the past few years; as a result, developers were building houses and getting them back without even as much as an offer from potential buyers. Despite the tough times, there are some companies such as Construcap that seem to be thriving in the bearish market. One of these companies is Construcap.

Well, when one hears that some companies are succeeding where others have failed miserably; it is only fair to wonder what their secret is. Well, one of the things that management at the company say they discovered was that selling their property locally was not going to work. If you compare the cost of property in Brazil to that of the same property in the US, you will realize that the Brazilian Market is a lot cheaper. What this means for the Brazilian investor on is that they can call in an American for instance, have them buy their property and still make a sensible profit margin, and this is what Construcap did. The people who are investing in the property know for a fact that the moment the bearish market turns bullish, they will reap huge benefits.

Another secret measure that Construcap has put in place is the creative measures such as value added real estate property. This simply means that they are thinking outside the box when creating the property. As a result, the first of their projects, the Mineirao Stadium has been a huge success. It was platinum certified by the LEED, which awards companies and constructions that have adhered to the green construction guidelines on

The construction is able to create enough solar power to get lighting for itself and surrounding areas. Construcap have a water harvesting system on the roof that can feed a town for many moths and every type of waste from the company is recycled. The sky is the start of greatness for this great company.

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