Desiree Perez has been Trusted to Take Tidal to New Heights

The true quality of a great leader is his ability to pick someone under him to control difficult situations. It is being shown that Jay Z has the ability to successfully lead Tidal to its rightful place in the music streaming industry. This is all based on his ability to utilize someone like Desiree Perez that was able to bring Tidal to a new place. No one knew what Desiree Perez could do, but Jay-Z was always aware of her ability to shine.


Desiree Perez had already been put in place by Jay-Z several years ago to handle some of the Roc Nation Sports contracts. She did a wonderful job with this, and her skills were needed again as Jay-Z decided to venture into another area of business. Anyone that is aware of Jay-Z and his many talents are also aware of his leadership skills. He knows how to put people in place that can get the job done even if he is not able to supervise the daily transactions that occur.Ā  Based on

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Desiree Perez would prove to be a trustworthy person that could handle Tidal in a way that many other executives could not. It is not like Jay-Z did not give other people a chance to shine. He invested a lot of time and money into other people in CEO positions such as the former CEO of Sound Cloud. They were put in leadership roles, but their ability to do anything with music streaming made it difficult for these executives to continue to hold their positions. Desiree Perez has shown that she is worthy of all the accolades that she has received for her work with Tidal. She has done her research and made it possible to get Tidal to a new point where more customers are signing up.

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