Securus Technologies Awarded A 2017 Gold Stevie®

During the 11th annual Stevie Awards, Securus Technologies gained a Gold Stevie® award in the “Best Customer Service Training Department” category. After accepting the Gold Stevie® award for the Best Customer Service Training Department, SVP of Operations at Securus Technologies, Danny de Hoyos stated, “It’s great to be recognized by independent experts for the great strides we’ve made in customer service”. Securus Technologies focuses on technology that aims to improve or modernize the communications between inmates and their loved ones. The organization leads as a top provider serving corrections agencies across North America.


The annual award show was held in Las Vegas, Nevada during a banquet on February 24th at the Caesars Palace. Over 650 top executives from across the globe have attended and there were more than 2,300 nominations from an eclectic mix of organizations. The organizations were all respectively evaluated during the competition; there was an impressive increase of 10% over last year’s ceremony. Well over 75 members from several judging committees were able to decide the award placements for the finalists during the final judging. The annual Stevie Awards leads as the world’s top honors for awarding as well as acknowledging customer service, business development, contact centers and sales professionals alike.


Securus vanquishes GTL utterly, without a shot being fired

Securus Technologies, the industry leader in inmate communication services, recently had a tussle with declining foe GTL. The row started when, two years ago, GTL fell into an obsession with showering Securus in vile slander. Its bellicosity only increased with each unanswered jab, culminating in absurd allegations of patent infringement on intellectual property that wasn’t even its to claim. Finally, the serene giant Securus, who had ignored GTL as a buffalo ignores a fly, was roused to action by a particularly vicious sputtering of tasteless trash talk and other violations of decorum so gross that, were they said by real persons, would have resulted in permanent exile from polite society.


Thus, Securus issued a challenge, a duel between equals where technology would be shown down face-to-face. Securus offered to pit its video visitation software against the GTL counterpart. Sensing imminent defeat, GTL caved, cut and ran. The embarrassing display of GTL’s rotted fortitude was as typical as it was cringe-worthy.


Securus video visitation has many benefits


Video visitation has been nothing short of a divine gift for those inmates who would have been unable to contact their loved ones in previous eras. Up until the mid-2000s, the only way an inmate could see his family face-to-face was through in-person visitations. These often resulted in such expense that families ended up never coming to see their incarcerated kin. In this way, many inmates ended up serving out their time without having any interaction whatever with those who previously gave their lives meaning on the outside. Such inmates were ripe for so-called institutionalization, or an acclimation to prison life so profound that the prisoner loses his desire to ever leave. While a highly contentious issue among experts, this sort of psychological dynamic is often cited as a key driver of recidivism.


Beginning to Use Securus Systems

There are many different companies out there that are specific to prison family needs, but one of the best companies that I know of is known as Securus. Securus has been around for a while now and it’s being used by a lot of different people because of the fact that it is an amazing company that allows you to do video visitation from home so that you can see a loved one you might not have seen for quite some time. In fact, this amazing company has also launched a multi-state campaign that is allowing other people to learn more about video visitation if this is something that interests them.


This multi-state campaign is truly allow and more and more prison families to keep in touch through better quality video visitation Services right from their own home so that they not only save a lot of time because they do not have to make a trip to the prison, but they are also going to be able to save money due to the fact that they are not making those long and costly trips. This is something you will find to be incredibly beneficial each and every time that you make use of it and it is why I have been using it for several years now with amazing success.


Because of my own experience using Securus, it is something that I feel can benefit a lot of other people and this is why I tell so many people about it. Their campaign is allowing more and more people to become aware of what they are able to offer and this is why you can check them out on social media or even by visiting their website to learn more about what they have done for other people like yourself.


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Securus Technologies Donates $350,000 to the Louisiana Department of Corrections

Securus Technologies recently awarded $300,000 in free phone calls and contributed an additional $50,000 to the inmate welfare fund at the Louisiana Department of Corrections. Securus gave one free call each day to each inmate housed in a Louisiana State Prison from the time of the recent, 2016 Louisiana flood until September 7, 2016 to help them keep in touch with their families. Richard A. Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies said, “we need to take extraordinary measures to make sure that communications are maintained [to] reduce anxiety and stress in our inmate” families.


Securus Technologies is committed to easy, accessible criminal justice technology to improve the incarceration experience without compromising public safety. Since 1986, hundreds of engineers, designers and technicians have pioneered hundreds of patents and innovative solutions to offer “high-quality, high-tech software solutions” inexpensively with the best customer service of any inmate communication system.


Securus Technologies, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, serves 3,400 correctional facilities housing 1.2 million inmates in the 48 contiguous United States. Securus Technologies provides high tech prepaid inmate telephone communication and message services to keep inmates connected with their family and friends. Video visitation increases public safety, reduces correctional institutions’ costs in supervising prisoner’s visitation, and actually increases the number of times visitors can see and contact inmates. Video visitation can be scheduled online and allows family and friends to visit with their incarcerated loved one through a computer video screen in the common areas of the prison.




Video Visitation Really Makes The Difference

Securus is making headlines again thanks to their insanely popular mobile video visitation application. Securus is a leading inmate phone calls provider which offers simple ways for friends and family to stay in touch with incarcerated loved ones.

Their popular video visitation app has already been downloaded many times across various platforms. The popular Android version has over 60,000 downloads while the brand new Apple version has already been downloaded 5,000 times. This is due to the unbeatable video call quality as well as the flexibility that their mobile applications are offering consumers such as myself. Download the Google Play app for Android here >>

When I need to see my loved ones who are incarcerated I turn to Securus Technologies. They offer amazing call quality with crystal clear video. Their application allows me to interact with them as if they were right here in front of me. There is something magical about being able to see the smile on their face each time I call.

Not only does Securus Tech’s video visitation provide me with exceptional quality, it gives me the freedom to see my loved one whenever I want. I am literally able to talk with them while sitting in the comfort of my own home. This allows me much greater flexibility and privacy whenever I want to see them.

You simply cannot imagine how great it feels to be able to actually see the face of the one you care about from the comfort of your own home. If I am in the mood for a simple quick chat I can literally call anywhere I have a cell or internet connection. This flexibility is really what makes Securus Tech video visitation a perfect solution for me. If you have any issues connecting the video technology, just contact their customer service team.

Advances in Data Analytical Tool Put Securus on Top

I have noticed that Securus Technologies is branching out. This was a company that was known primarily for video visitation software. It was an organization that already had more than a handful of law enforcement products on the market, but I had never heard of the company. It was the advancement in the analytical tools that would appear to finally put this company on the map. I believe that this inmate communication technology company has finally make a big commitment to public safety with analytics, and this commitment has paid off.

With the THREADS analytics tool it will be easier for investigators to track activity in the prison that may seem out of place. I have worked as a correctional officer in the past, and I will say that this tool is certainly something that is needed. There are so many activities that are happening in the prison underworld that will go unnoticed by correctional officers. 

There is a lot of overcrowding in the prison systems. There are cameras in place, but the cameras cannot do anything other than record the footage. It will sometimes take special looks like the THREADS tool from Securus to actually analyze what may be happening in a certain piece of footage. 

I believe that this company is changing many aspects of technology in the prison world because it is often overlooked. Securus has the ability to get ahead of the competition because the competition is so limited. I have seen this company grow over the years because the law enforcement tools that Securus brings to the market are getting better. 

I am also a fan of the video visitation that this company has provided. People that are on the inside will get the chance to communicate with their family members on the outside. That is so much easier when you have this type of software in place to help. All you need to do is register for the software and then download the app from Apple or Google Play here >>

Many people on the outside just don’t like going to a prison. It doesn’t matter how much they loved the people that are locked up there. They just will not go to a prison. With video visits it has become a lot easier for people to visit through a phone or a tablet. Inmates can even rent tablets. 

Securus is a forward thinking group of employees that are on the cutting edge. The tools that are being implemented here can help this company grow into a technology giant.