Dr. AviWeisfogel Has a Sleeping Solution

Sleeping disorders have been associated with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke and other health complications. One of the causes of sleeping disorders is sleep apnea. This is the state in which a person pauses to breathe for a short time and then the breathing starts all over again automatically. This is one of the causes of snoring and it can also cause sleeping disorders. Statistics also indicate only less than 10% have been tested and treated. Many people with this problem have not yet realized and if they have they, they have not visited a physician for treatment. However, Dr. Avi Weisfogel has taken the sleeping disorders seriously. He has also decided to make plans on how to sensitive the world on the effects of sleeping disorders and treatment.

Special Dental Sleep Masters

Over the years, Dr. Avi Weisfogel has decided to take the treatment of sleeping disorders to another level. This is because he has brought in certified sleeping professionals on board. Patients who are suffering from sleep apnea can thus be treated without necessarily undergoing surgery. The process of undergoing a surgery can be expensive and even risky. However, today there are solutions, which are reliable.

Avi Weisfogel sleep apnea treatment programs and hinged on the service he has offered to different patients for over 15 years. The years of experience has made him deal with different clients. He has gathered the necessary skills on how to deal with people of different age groups. Therefore, everyone is assured of a perfect treatment. He will check conditions like enlarged tonsils or even overweight issues.

Overweight Patients

One of the causes of sleeping problems is overweight. This is because the person who is overweight may have accumulated a lot of fat around the neck. Therefore, when he tries to sleep, there will be a problem because the airway will be blocked. However, this is not to point that overweight issues are the only causes of sleeping disorders. Dr. Avi weisfogel career has been proven and tested and it can help identify the different causes of sleeping disorders. The patient will then be given workable solutions on how to control the solution and live a healthy life.

Why You Should Embrace Exercise As Shown by Sergio Cortes, MD

Living a healthy life entails more than just taking the right meals and maintaining hygiene. The level of activity you display matters most and this is one of the facts many people have chosen to shun. It is appalling to realize that even young people are now complaining about back pains and lack of the right heath. The level of exercise you have will also determine the way your life will be. Living a sedentary lifestyle is one of the major causes of back pain that individuals have been forced to handle. There are also many other diseases that come with living a life that lacks physical activity.

As Sergio Cortes explains in his blog, it is necessary to mind about the position you keep sitting while at work. If you spend long hours seated, it is necessary to ensure you use the right posture so as to avoid getting back pains and complications that may cost you dearly trying to correct. You cannot afford to gamble with your health as any slight mistake will lead to serious repercussions that you may not want to experience. Sergio Cortes encourages people to create a schedule for exercise, which will help them get more stability for their backs.

If you get the need to do some workouts, it is also not advisable to implement the idea before you have consulted a health professional, who will direct you on the right exercises for your body. It sometimes happens that doing some workouts could further complicate the situation and deny you a chance at good health. So, always involve the help of a well trained professional, who will offer assistance and guidance on various issues.

Dr. Sergio Cortes is a reliable professional who has handled many complications that have been pulling many people down. His research skills and ability to diagnose situations have been praised by many. Sergio Cortes is a well educated professional, who has managed to handle various projects that have sought to educate people about living a healthy life and avoiding distractions that could introduce complications.

It is also necessary to note that he has been offering support for government projects that are related to improving the lives of people. Sergio Cortes has been a whole round professional for many years and his life has been characterized with much activity. A Wikipedia article available here explains that he also once worked at the Rio De Janeiro as an executive secretary.

Source: Sergio Cortes Official Website

North American Spine: Making the Dream of a Pain-free Life a Reality

Nearly 80 percent of all Americans will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. Some will only experience an occasional bout of pain or a short term injury that heals easily. Unfortunately, for far too many back pain becomes a constant problem, limiting their ability to work and enjoy their lives as they should. The desire to stop the pain and be active again leads to surgery, expensive forms of therapy and sometimes addictive pain relievers.


North American Spine has helped to stop the suffering for thousands of patients and they are doing so with a minimally invasive procedure that has an astounding 82 percent success rate. The secret to their success has been the cooperative environment of their team of doctors. Professionals from multiple fields of practice involved in the management of spinal injury and back pain have worked together to create an innovative solution.


The AccuraScope procedure is a product of their own design and available only through them or from board-certified doctors that have been specially trained in the procedure. It is designed to treat spinal issues that are caused by tissue-related problems and not those caused by diseases or injuries to the bone. It uses a laser smaller than the tip of a pencil to achieve results. The laser is precise, treating only the tissue it physically touches. It takes less than an hour to perform and the recovery time is practically non-existent. Patients report relief from their pain almost instantly and can begin activity or return to their jobs within a couple of days.


The results have been so astounding it has gained attention by the media. Numerous local and national media outlets are discussing the procedure and interviewing people who have benefited from it in ways they never imagined possible. Stories like the cerebral palsy patient who is ready to try out bull riding, a life-long dream, after his treatment. Numerous patients are regaining their lives and careers thanks to AccuraScope and North American Spine reviews, living a life without pain as well as saving thousands of dollars when compared to traditional treatment methods.


Dr. Jennifer Walden: Texas Super Doctor

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a plastic surgeon located in Austin, Texas. She is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and recognized as one by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. She originally began her practice in Manhattan, but moved her busy office to Austin to get back to her roots. Dr. Walden holds the distinction of being one of the few female surgeons who is board-certified in Texas. She is one of about twelve other female board-certified surgeons who belong to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and practices in Texas.

Dr. Walden grew up in the Austin area and attended the Galveston-based University of Texas Medical Branch. From there, she went on to attend the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital for her surgical residency. After her residency, Dr. Walden opened her own practice the Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center. The Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center is based out of the Westlake Medical Center located in Austin. There, Dr. Walden has an operating suite that is fully accredited. At her practice, Dr. Walden’s main focus is on cosmetic plastic surgery. The majority of the surgeries she performs are rhinoplasties, eyelid-lifts, face-lifts, breast augmentations, and liposuction. Dr. Walden has said that most of these procedures are performed on women, which is part of what drove her career to cosmetic plastic surgery. She knew that female patients would feel more comfortable talking about their bodies with another female. She knows the changes that women’s bodies go through, and she has nothing but empathy for her patients.

Not only is Dr. Walden a successful plastic surgeon, she is a philanthropist as well. She has traveled to third world countries where she has used her surgical skills to help fix cleft palates of underprivileged children. She also supports the Food in Tummies (FIT) program, which is run by the Junior League of Austin. The FIT program helps to provide nutritious food to those elementary school children who qualify for reduced or free meals while they are not in school. She is one of the main sponsors of the FIT program and personally visits with the children at the schools.

Dr. Walden is not just a skilled surgeon and a philanthropist, she is also a published author. She helped to co-author the book, “Aesthetic Plastic Surgery”.

Dr. Rod Rohrich Uses Aging Research to Assist his Peers

One of the areas of plastic surgery that is largely under researched is the way the skin ages and how this can affect the way an individual surgeon completes any procedure for their patient. Dr. Rod Rohrich has recently completed a major piece of research into the way the skin ages and how the effects of aging can make a major difference to the different techniques used in plastic surgery and how they should be used. Rohrich has had a strong reputation within the world of plastic surgery after more than two decades as the leader of the UT Southeastern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas.

Understanding the skin is of major importance in the world of Dr. Rod Rohrich who believes the chance to the understand the largest organ on the human body can only help the abilities and techniques used by surgeons around the world. Rohrich has published his research into the effects of aging and the environment on the skin so his peers and colleagues around the world can have access to the major steps he has taken in understanding the skin. The research has also been published in a bid to make sure every patient has the best equipped surgeon available for their needs.

Rohrich has been looking to educate his peers about the effects of aging on the skin and has looked to give talks and conduct seminars over the course of recent years. One such talk in Dallas, Texas was used to discuss how the individual patient can benefit from understanding how the skin ages and how a more realistic effect can be produced by looking over the research completed by Rohrich and understanding more about aging skin. Rohrich is now seen as one of the top surgeons in the world within the plastic surgery field and looks set to add to the many awards he has already received.