Working for Wessex Institute of Technology is a Great Achievement

Those who have recently graduated from college or a University, or those who may be looking for a new career, should keep the Wessex Institute of Technology as an option. It is important to make sure to remember that the Wessex Institute of Technology only considers those that are the most talented and the brightest for their positions and their job openings, but if it is believed to have what it takes, then it is an amazing opportunity.

Having the right education as well as career background and credentials is very important and if these are held then it is encouraged to apply to the nearest Wessex location.The Wessex Institute of Technology is an institution that is very well respected. They are involved with not only education but also with research. They offer higher degrees in learning, as well.

If there are open jobs in one’s background of interest as well as career and education background, applying is simple. Either apply at one of Wessex’s recruitment centers or contact them directly for more information. As a member of the Wessex Institute of Technology Wikipedia, employees are prized members of their very important research as well as working for a company that is very highly respected all across the world.

Reasons Why Raj Fernando Prefers Recruiting “A” Players

When the markets are open for business, the trading floor is always busy with intense activities but at the break room of Chopper Trading things are always different at the close of business. The break room has gym equipment where employees can lift some weights while others enjoy a game of poker or table tennis. Sometimes they go out to watch the Sox, Cubs, Bulls and Blackhawks courtesy of the season tickets provided by the company. The atmosphere in their line of work is usually intense but Raj Fernando loves making the atmosphere at Chopper Trading as pleasant as he possibly can to counter the stress.

This is why he employs different tactics when it comes to hiring his workers. He does not go the conventional way of having so many candidates trained and then a few are chosen while the rest get fired. He applies an involved and lengthy process whereby he aims at hiring employees who will retire from his company. He founded a rule that even if an employee will make a lot of money for the company, he should not make life at Chopper Trading miserable. He tries to weed out everything unpleasant during the interview stage.

About Raj Fernando

Raj Fernando is the current Scouthead CEO and also founder of Chopper Trading. He holds a bachelor’s degree in History and Economics from the Beloit College. He used to be a trader at Chicago Mercantile Exchange as well as the Chicago Board of Trade before founding Chopper Trading in 2002. He traded at the CBOT floor back in 1996 to 2003 and has held a membership of the exchange since 1997. He was trading in cash bond in 2002 when he was starting Chopper Trading.

Fernando is a supporter of various philanthropic efforts in the United States and Chicago. He is a Chicago Symphony Orchestra governing member and also a member of Chicago Council on Global Affairs. In 2015, he sold his Chopper Trading to DRW and started the in 2016.

Wikipedia: Just Another Bureaucracy, Study Finds


Researchers at Indiana University studied an accumulation of 15 years of data on Wikipedia and were surprised to find it is not the free thinking and open collaboration endeavor that it claims to be. In fact, they found out that Wikipedia is operated by the same rules that define the “iron law of oligarchy.” This is defined as an egalitarian organization that started out completely distributed and open, but has now become dominated by a ruling class of people who have control over everyone else on the web site.

In the final report of their study, they state that Wikipedia operates exactly the same as any university or large American corporation, such as AT&T or General Electric. So, their conclusion is that Wikipedia is not the noble and altruistic institution we have all been conditioned to believe it to be. As has happened so many times throughout history, even though Wikipedia is a new type of digital venture with the lofty goals of giving everyone open access and producing a venue for decentralized power structures, it has devolved into a vertical power structure controlled by a few people.

One organization that has worked hard to keep Wikipedia more democratized is Get Your Wiki. This is an online writing service that can make a Wikipedia page. Get Your Wiki writers are well versed in the requirements by Wikipedia in their Manual of Style. Their experience is vast and their results are specific: most of the Wiki pages they create get placed in the top 3 results done with online Search engines, such as Bing or Google. People and companies that turn to Get Your Wiki to keep Wikipedia “Super Contributor” editors from overbearing control bias towards their articles’ content are never disappointed.

Each article by Get Your Wiki is properly source referenced at the end. Best of all they offer a free estimate within 24 hours and a money back guarantee, should any article they produce be removed from Wikipedia for any reason. They also offer a powerful maintenance service to keep your Wikipedia unblemished by random, ignorant, or malicious edits. And any upgrades you need are covered by the service, free of charge. Visit the web site of Get Your Wiki.

Serial Entrepreneur and Mentor Marc Sparks

Mark Sparks is a renowned businessman and venture capitalist based in Dallas, TX. He heads and operates a number of portfolio companies including the Timber Creek Capital, Agency Matrix, Reliant Healthcare, Blue Jay Wireless, Splash Media and Global Tec Solutions. The other companies in the list include Boxstar LLC, Agency Matrix and Cobalt Real Estate Services. One of Mark Spark’s latest ventures is Uncle Marc Food Delivery that

was established in 2015. According to, Timber Creek Capital is a private equity firm that provides capital, legal, accounting, office space, banking and web development services to entrepreneurs.

Being an ardent promoter of startups, Sparks believes every business venture requires startup money. One way to get this money is for potential entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas to venture capitalist. According excerpts from, venture capitalist like Marc Sparks are keen on pitching ideas that state proprietary or unique service offerings, use support data and provide clear cut strategies on how money is spent.

First, it is important for investors to state what their companies are offering in order to attract the interest of the venture capitalist. According to Sparks, investors consider providing a unique service that cannot be replicated or a venture that promises great returns on investments –

Secondly, if a business is making sales, it is important for that data to be provided. Investors can use this information to show the venture capitalist that their company is simply looking for money to expand its reach or enrich its product. Thirdly, it is important for the investors to show how the money they want to receive will be invested.

This will convince the venture capital that the intended business idea and strategy is sound. The most effective way to make the pitch is using a presentation. According to a report appearing on, a meaningful presentation is crucial in selling a business idea. To make a presentation highly effective, an entrepreneur needs to:
• Make a point using every available visual feature
• Use data to tell a legitimate story
• Keep the presentation simple and clear
• Bring the entire team for the presentation

Every visual used in the presentation needs to make a point to save valuable time. This means every piece of graphics should serve the intended, internal purpose. In addition, a legitimate story can be told using solid research information. This can be done through a story that demonstrates how the entrepreneur wants to be become successful.

The presentation should also be simple and clear in order to draw the attention of the venture. Lastly, all members of the team should be involved in the presentation as a sign of passion, drive and professionalism. This will ease the pitching process and show the venture capitalist that you are a strong believer of your product.

Outside his extensive work engagement, Sparks is also involved in philanthropic work. Over the year he has supported various causes and charity organizations, including; Habitat for Humanity, The Samaritan Inn, Sparky’s Kids Foundation and The American Can Academy.

Samaritan Inn provides shelter for homeless people in Texas, while Sparky’s Kids Foundation supports underprivileged youths in the society. Spark’s continues to mentor upcoming entrepreneurs by teaching them valuable leadership skills and skills necessary for success. Spark’s path to success is well-articulated in his bestselling book, “They Can’t Eat You”.

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John Goullet and Diversant Deliver Superior Staffing Solutions

A Staffing and Solutions Firm
Diversant is a fully certified Minority Owned Business Enterprise. It is considered to be a MBE. This is the biggest African-American owned IT staffing firm within the entire United States. You will be impressed with the broad range of diversity and staffing products that are provided. This includes the following:
* IT staff augmentation
* innovative diversity solutions
* direct hire
These are products and services that have the goal to meet all of the needs of clients and associates, as well as the communities that they are serving. Diversant takes pride in solving critical issues instead of acting as a commodity supplier. A consultative approach is incorporated with engagement. The idea is to engage clients as real business partners. This leads to the solving of issues.

A High Level of Service is Provided
Diversant strives to provide 100 percent satisfaction to each customer, partner, and each consultant. Providing a high level of service through the use of diversity and an entire team-driven approach. This is a highly successful operation that will lead to business solutions. Experience and a clear expertise fosters highly effective outcomes. Accommodating all needs enables Diversant to provide a high level of service and satisfaction.

Conducting Business with Integrity
Diversant has a solid dedication and commitment. Including ethical business practices is within the values of this business. Integrity plays a large role in this firm. This is a trustworthy business that incorporates the following:
* highly ethical conduct
* disciplined teamwork
* a high respect for others
* continuous professional development

Introducing Principal Executive John Goullet
John Goullet is the has been with Diversant since February, 2010. He is Chairman. He obtained his education from Ursinus College. He offers his own broad range of experience and knowledge. His background is remarkable and his experience in information technology is broad and impressive. He serves as Chairman and Principal at Diversant.

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John Goullet and Diversant are Leading With Solutions

Highland Capital Management Will be the Top Purchaser of Argentina Bonds

The future looks bright for Argentina has it returns to the global bond markets to raise approximately $12 billion. Highland Capital Management LP happens to be one of the potential buyers that will help the nation to settle its debts. The Dallas, TX-based investment manager plans to purchase plenty of securities after Argentina makes the long-awaited return.

Highland Capital possessed Argentina’s $4 billion of notes that are expiring in 2033, and happened to be the biggest holder prior to pairing its holding in more than the past six months. Argentina is raising funds to pay a group of creditors headed by billionaire Paul Singer. The nation expects even the lenders to purchase its bond. Argentina will issue bonds worth $11.68 billion and expect returns of 7.5 to 8 percent. According to Luis Caputo, Argentinian Finance Secretary the three bonds issued will have a maturity of five, ten, and thirty years respectively.

Argentine President, Mauricio Macri has implemented policies aimed at regaining market access and reversing policies of former President Cristina Fernandez after assuming the presidency in December 2010. The country was banned from the international bond markets after accumulating debts totaling to $95 million in 2010. Highland Capital stands to be the biggest beneficiary after Thomas Griesa; the U.S. District Judge lifts the ban. Apart from the sovereign bond, Dondero is planning to pursue other investment opportunities. Many creditors are establishing dedicated Argentina funds and investing in equity, debt, and private equity.

With over thirty years of experience in the equity and credit markets, James Dondero is responsible for overseeing Highland Capital Management’s investment strategies and overall strategic planning. Currently, he manages close to $21 billion in assets. He pioneered the award-winning Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) and established a non-bank CLOs back in 1996. He is a member of several boards such as American Banknote Corporation and MGM Studios. Dondero serves as chairperson of the board for Nexbank, CCS Medical, and Cornerstone Healthcare.

Dondero attended the University of Virginia and graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce after specializing in Finance and accounts. He has undertaken professional courses, and he holds designations such as CFA, CMA, and CPA. He is a strong supporter of Educational causes, veteran affairs, and economic policies.
Career life

Dondero started his career at a humble beginning, working as a credit analyst for Morgan Guaranty in 1984. American Express employed Dondero as a Corporate Bond Analyst, and he was promoted to a Portfolio Manager. The original version of this article was published on Bloomberg;

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BMG Bank President Ricardo Guimarães Continues To Win Awards And Amaze The Banking Industry

BMG Bank President Ricardo Guimarães is one of those gifted individuals that can turn the tables of industry around in a positive way. BMG Bank, under Ricardo Guimarães and his executive team’s leadership, has helped small businesses survive during the worst recession since the turn of the 20th century. Guimarães is also an advocate for the impoverished people of Brazil. He is the member of several organizations that help the millions of people that live in poverty in his country.
Brazil may not have the most slums in the world, but the country has more than its fair share of cardboard houses and dilapidated one room shacks. Millions of Brazilian children live in squalor, and the Brazilian government does little to help parents pull themselves out their own misery. More funding for education is needed, and more community programs must be put in place to help the homeless find work and homes that have the bare necessities. Ricardo Guimarães is on a mission to change the way the government treats some of these “throw-away” people. Guimarães said it’s not an easy fix on his website, but he is willing to stick with it until some social programs are put in place.
The online magazine recently talked to Guimarães about his humanitarian interests as well as his banking and soccer interests. has been following Ricardo’s progress through the years. The Guimarães family has been in the news for decades thanks to Ricardo’s grandfather, Antonio, and his father, Flávio. The Guimarães name is a respected name in the city of Belo Horizonte. In 2010, the city of Belo Horizonte awarded Ricardo the prestigious Diploma of Merit for his humanitarian efforts as well as his contributions to the game of soccer. wrote an article about the award ceremony.
Ricardo Guimarães has also been honored in the banking industry. He has turned a one state bank into a banking sensation by using a unique marketing approach. Rather than following the typical advertising methods that banks have used for years, Ricardo decided to use Brazilian football to promote bank products. The BMG Bank soccer sponsorship program has been an overwhelming success for BMG Bank, and for the soccer fans that need money to survive the unending recession and high inflation.
BMG Bank has partnered with Itau Bank to open a new bank that will focus on payroll loans. Brazilian banks merge with each other often, but this merger is creating a bank that is designed to handle the overflow from the incredible response to BMG Bank’s sports sponsorship program. That’s a first, but Ricardo recently said there are many more first’s to accomplish in banking and in the social structure of the country.

Charles Koch’s Charitable Efforts

Charles Koch, the billionaire co-owner of Koch Industries along with his brother David Koch, has been investing his money into programs that help the poor. Specifically, the programs are designed to help train and educate under-employed groups within the nation.

One of Koch’s officials, Jennifer Stefano, remarked on this situation: “We want people to know that they can earn their own success. They don’t need the government to give it to them.” About his own network efforts, Charles Koch has said it is, “the most effective movement in history for helping people improve their lives and making the world a better place.”

The program “Bridge to Wellbeing” was launched with its own brand of conservatism. There are seminars within the program, Budgeting, Grow Your Garden, and Couponing to name a few. Bridge to Wellbeing is usually held in community centers or churches. They offer free workshops in various areas, many areas geared toward helping teach the poor how to save money.

One participant, Alyssa, faced financial troubles after her husband was laid off. She thanked Bridge to Wellbeing for helping give her the tools to get through the troubles, saying, “If it wasn’t for you guys, I don’t know how we would have made it the past few months, if you guys hadn’t offered that couponing class, because I didn’t even know how I was going to put groceries in my cabinet. And I am incredibly grateful and I really appreciate all the hard work that you guys do and you put into it.”

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Handy is Putting the Handy Back in Home Cleaning Services

When Handy heard on that customers were screaming for a cleaning service that was fast and convenient they knew they could answer the call. “We are kind of like Uber only we don’t pick you up and our pricing is tailored made to accommodate any budget.” However, you can order a handyman, a plumber or a home cleaner with a mere swipe on your smart phone. Handy customers can be heard applauding the convenience, the user friendly app and easy to navigate website. “Our customers are happy that there is no more leaving checks or cash for a cleaner who may or may not clean your house.”
Handy has been in business for just over two years and they are at $1 million in customer calls per week. They are experiencing sales volume that has surpassed the $50 million dollar mark. Based out of New York City and operating in over 25 major cities, they can afford to pay their employees an hourly rate of $18.00, which is unheard of today. They run extensive background checks on each and every potential employee and require at least 10 references. “Our employees often joke about it being like Fort Knox here. Every employee has been thoroughly investigated, which means we have a professional staff that we trust implicitly.”
Handy is 100% positive that their policies and procedures will look more like a “remote control for your home.” Their aim is to be at a place where they will streamline their services in an “instant book kind of way.” Right now the company’s revenue is 85% from house cleaning and 15% split between handyman and plumbing services. They are working exhaustively on re-defining their businesses. “We have hired a team of marketing executives who are focused primarily on new branding and new apps for every brand of smart phone. We think our customers will be just as excited as we are about what are bringing to the table. ”
When asked to discuss why these two entrepreneurs got into the home cleaning business they both look at each other and laugh. “Basically it was from listening to girlfriends, mothers and friends complain about not having enough time to clean a bathroom, let alone an entire house.” Handy understands that people are maxed out, time wise, and are in need of a break. They have a comprehensive list of rooms, items and details to choose from so their customers know exactly what they are getting for their money. “We are a high standards, no surprises organization. We encourage our customers to go through their home from top to bottom so they know what is needed and can categorize based on importance.”
When asked how they handle special circumstances or delicate, sensitive situations, Handy is quick to point out that customers can call them directly and speak with a specialist who will handle their requests in a private and professional manner. “We have had some interesting phone calls and just when you think you have heard everything, someone comes up with a new one. But, we are ready for those surprises and are eager to take care of them.” Handy is competent, confident and comfortable dealing with any issue a customer may throw their way. “We are a get-it-done company and we are going to continue to work hard at meeting customer needs.”

James Dondero financial Leader

James Dondero is an honors graduate of the McIntire School of Commerce, which is part of the University of Virginia. He is a Certified Management Accountant along with having degrees in Accounting and Finance. Mr. Dondero worked for American Express for four years before moving on to become the Chief Investment Officer of Protective Life until 1993. James Dondero is currently living in the Dallas area of Texas. Mr. Dondero is an active supporter of education and veteran’s affairs donating to charities in both arenas.

Mr. Dondero has worked for over 30 years in the equity markets and credit industry on James Dondero is President and Co-Founder of Highland Capital. His company is mainly focused on investing. Highland Capital is a leader in finding solutions for businesses and institutional investing on a global scale. The company offers many services including mutual funds, hedge funds, ETFs, private equity funds and many more. Mr. Dondero is also a Cornerstone Healthcare’s Chairman in addition to being Chairman of Nexbank.

Dondero is an innovator in his field. With his partner HCM took the investment world by storm. They originated the CLO which is a Collateralized Loan Obligation. In other words CLO is a form of investment where money is collected from multiple parties. The Money is then used to support owners of businesses in other trades. Prior to beginning Highland Dondero had definitely beyond proven himself in the financial world by bringing in and handling more than two billion dollars in assets. Mr. Dondero is currently serving on the Boards of several companies including MGM studios and American Banknote as well as being a Chartered Financial Analyst.

James Dondero is one of the founders and the current president of HCM. He presently manages Highland’s operations in addition to planning the investment strategy at HCM. He has built a foundation of experience in the commerce, and finance field over the past three decades. He has a history of being a money maker, bringing in large amounts of money during his tenure with a company. His resume is impressive to people inside and outside his area of expertise.

In May of 2015 James Dondero was appointed Chairman of the Board to NexPoints. Many in the industry rely on Dondero’s experience in this field. The company was glad to have been able to get his services. Dondero will also serve as the President of the Company. With his vast experience in Money markets and investments as well as creating new groups of credit assets. Mr. Dondero is a major catch in his chosen industry. He also has plenty of experience in the management of portfolios not only private but business and institution as well.