Rona Borre Innovated Her Way To The Top

Rona Borre is an aberration in the business world because she does things that are against the grain. She is the founder and CEO of Instant Alliance which she started in a spare bedroom of her condo in Chicago in 2001. Today, Instant Alliance is one of the leading staffing and recruiting companies in America, as she concentrates mainly on recruiting technological and financial recruits for large and mid-sized companies.

Borre claims that most staffing firms go along with the usual hiring practice of putting a position out to the hiring networks, and then they play resume poker, running candidates through a sort of assembly line, lots of interviews, and they invariably make wrong decisions.

Borre points out that they are missing the point. She takes and entirely different approach, more of this on  She and her account executives work very hard to form a strong relationship with the top management of a company who is looking for candidates. They spend the time to discover exactly what the company is looking for. What is the chemistry like at the hiring firm, and exactly who and what are they looking for? Once they have the data they need, Borre and her people go after the perfect candidate, and they do the screening.  Try clicking to watch clips about Borre.

Once the individual is found, that is the person they recommended, and it works. Borre has an attrition rate of only 1% over the past 15 years, and no one can equal that.  Head over to this important site.

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Working for Wessex Institute of Technology is a Great Achievement

Those who have recently graduated from college or a University, or those who may be looking for a new career, should keep the Wessex Institute of Technology as an option. It is important to make sure to remember that the Wessex Institute of Technology only considers those that are the most talented and the brightest for their positions and their job openings, but if it is believed to have what it takes, then it is an amazing opportunity.

Having the right education as well as career background and credentials is very important and if these are held then it is encouraged to apply to the nearest Wessex location.The Wessex Institute of Technology is an institution that is very well respected. They are involved with not only education but also with research. They offer higher degrees in learning, as well.

If there are open jobs in one’s background of interest as well as career and education background, applying is simple. Either apply at one of Wessex’s recruitment centers or contact them directly for more information. As a member of the Wessex Institute of Technology Wikipedia, employees are prized members of their very important research as well as working for a company that is very highly respected all across the world.

Clay Siegall Represents Values on His Blog

The term “fake news” gets thrown around a lot these days, so much so that it has become almost the go-to insult for those wishing to discredit a source that may be reliable but reports against favorable views to one party. The confusion this has caused spills out much further than mainstream media and television. Even now personal blogs and social media feeds can become the breeding ground for misinformation and confusion, even against the best intentions of the user or owner. As even the most well-meaning source has to be well vetted to prevent the spread of false or misleading information, it may feel that there are very few sources to turn to for valid and valuable information.

It is the hard work of dedicated individuals willing to not only vet all the information they spread but also curate reliable and pertinent stories that has kept media from losing all credibility completely.

One such individual doing his part to ensure people have a reliable source of information that not only spreads valid facts but reports issues pertinent to the world at large is Clay Siegall. One quick glance at his blog’s post history tells the story of a person committing to helping people find the truth while using his far reaching platform for the right reasons and motives.

Stories from reliable sources such as NPR dot Clay Siegall’s curated post history, providing his readers with stories that often times go underreported or unnoticed completely. As it has become increasingly harder to be able to tell real fact from fabricated click bait, the work and effort of individuals willing to use social media and blogs to ensure people stay informed is more crucial now than ever before in our history.

Though doing hard work to help society at large is no new event for Clay Siegall. The CEO of Seattle Genetics has built a long and successful career upon always doing the right thing in order to best serve society.

If you would like to learn more about the Work Clay Siegall is doing or view his curated blog feed please visit his website.