New Evolution of Smooth Lip Balm Offers a Rainbow of Flavors

The evolution of smooth (EOS) lip balm launch has been expertly designed and skillfully packaged to create a colorful, exciting product intended to capture a share of the lip care market. The EOS lip balm advertising campaign featuring the smiling lips of a young model perfectly states the case for its lip care product. The model’s lips are smooth, plump and pleasing, and the implied message is that her lips are kissable. The lip balm product container itself is colorful, and uniquely designed into an interesting shaped container, unlike the usual lip balm tubes. The advertising copy states the company’s use of organic products, and there is a sense that this lip balm company wants to protect everyone’s lips.

But the real bonus from evolution of smooth and the key to the product’s success is the variety of flavors available for purchase. Flavors run the gamut of natural fruits, each with a color matched container. Every flavor has an exotic, playful name like strawberry sorbet,, lemon twist and medicated tangerine for the more serious-minded among users.

The multitude of delicious flavors available makes the purchase of multi-packs a desirable option for the consumer and may be a successful merchandising gambit for the manufacturer. Each evolution of smooth uniquely designed container is also color coded to help identify the flavor inside the container, and a package of five different flavors with five different colored containers makes a perfect gift or stocking stuffer for anyone, and for the purchaser makes a worthwhile but sizeable impulse buy.

The price points of the evolution of smooth represent a quantum leap among the other lip balm manufacturers, but the successful packaging, multitude of flavors available and matching colorful and interesting containers will signal success for the product line. The products are available on Ulta, Walmart and Target.



Investment Banking with Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a global investment banking firm, which is committed to integrity, service, excellence and leadership in providing advisory services to both publicly and privately held businesses. The reputation of Madison Street Capital precedes the firm itself. Madison Street Capital comprehends the significance of corporate finance’s time sensitivity. As such, the company strives to respond quickly and tenaciously to such opportunities as soon as they are available. The company’s approach develops corporate financial transaction on in which there is a mutual benefit of both the business owners and the investors.

According to Madison Street Capital, they possess the relevant knowledge and experience to match buyers and seller together with other appropriate financing and capitalization structures to every situation, which impedes a client. For Madison Street Capital, the methodology leveraged reflects significant expertise and experience in the corporate financial areas. The firm additionally offers services in the fields of mergers and acquisition, valuations, market pricing and due diligence, deal structuring, specialized financings as well as the implementation design of various alternative exit strategies on

For many years of professional expertise and experience, Madison Street Capital has assisted their clients in numerous industry dimensions to achieve their goals in the most efficient and convenient manner on The understanding and experience of the company regarding corporate governance and corporate financial areas have boosted their performances in executing the best Mergers and Acquisition (M&A) deals. In addition, the firm leverages sufficiently trained and qualified experts who offer effective valuation services and financial advisory services. As a global firm, Madison Street Capital has active regional offices in North America, Asia, and Africa. For the company at to be successful in their daily operations, they have adopted an international network of business relations.

Madison Street Capital has extensive expertise in business valuation, which entails company valuation as well as tax compliance services. These services have enabled Madison Street Capital to facilitate Mergers and Acquisition deals successfully. In order to positively impact the businesses of their clients, Madison Street Capital offers an extensive list of the corporate advisory. Such services under the corporate advisory include corporate governance, bankruptcy services, buyout advisory, ESOP advisory, and capital restructuring. Other services include reorganization services, private placements as well as the Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A). Madison Street Capital also offers services regarding valuation for financial reporting. Some of these services include share-based compensation, purchase price allocations, goodwill and intangible asset impairment, and structured finance products.

Madison Street Capital has a full spectrum of services and products, which are differentiated to suit every type of client from their versatile global clientele. Asset management industry focus, wealth preservation and tax planning, and financial options are some of other services provided by the investment-banking firm. The firm has what it takes to impact the society positively. Subsequently, they have a clean record of accomplishment in assisting their clients with a broad range of industries.

Handy Takes Chance on Profitability Post-VC Bubble

The days of unicorns seem to have long passed. In their place, mentions of profitability and sustainability. No longer are investors only considered as to whether or not an idea has potential but if it is feasible within reason as well.

Down rounds are now becoming more common among the many start-ups reliant upon venture capital to continue trying to outpace their competition leaving some entering a new phase of development post-bubble burst.

Handy, the on-demand cleaning service, recently found itself looking at a complete overhaul in the way it approached business. Co-founders, Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Duo, were more acquainted to the early iteration of venture capital funding rounds. The days when start-ups competed to spend like sailors on shore leave.

Faced with what could have been their last possible round of investment, Hanrahan took a chance on completely rolling out a new strategy across all of their markets. A previously proposed initiative that was intended to take place only in a few markets rather than see full implementation.

The company, which had primarily handled the onboarding of contractors or “pros” with hired staff, launched the new strictly online platform with the purpose of saving Handy millions. Though the new self-service onboarding process would go on to increase the sign-up rate by ten percent, the first few quarters of implementation were some of the hardest for the adjusting company.

The lessons to be taken from are indicative of the new era of venture capital post unicorn.

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How Avi Weisfogel Creates a Balance Between His Charity Work and Business Interests

Dr. Avi Weisfogel belongs to a special class of human beings whose objective in life is to leave a positive mark on the lives of others. Avi is a renowned dental practitioner, entrepreneur, social media enthusiast, and budding musician. He endeavors to use these platforms to inspire change and social transformation. This has been the hallmark of his highly successful dental and entrepreneurial career.


Charity Work


Throughout his career, Dr.Avi Weisfogel has been involved in numerous charity initiatives. He has particularly been passionate about funding animal shelters, and operations for children affected by facial palates and other deformities. Recently, he inaugurated a Go Fund Me campaign that seeks to raise funds that will be used to facilitate operations for kids who are affected by cleft palates. To make this initiative successful, he has teamed up with Operation Smile. This is a nonprofit that provides free surgical operations to kids affected by cleft palates in the developing world. Avi’s Go Fund Me aims at raising no less than 2,000 dollars.


Business Ventures


Apart from being a dental practitioner and sleep expert, Dr. Weisfogel is also a successful businessman in New Jersey. At the moment, he operates Dental Sleep Masters, which is New Jersey’s foremost dental facility. The clinic mainly treats sleep disorders that are caused by defects in the dental system. Dental Sleep Masters similarly trains other dental practitioners on ways that they can use to treat patients.


Using the facility, Dr. Weisfogel has also created a network of dental practitioners who benefit from high quality equipment that he supplies. Many practitioners consider Avi to be a pioneer in the treatment of sleep apnea. As a result, his advice of often sought whenever these practitioners are seeking treatment options for various sleep disorders. Before establishing Dental Sleep Masters, Avi was the founder and principal practitioner at Old Bridge Dental Care.


Music Interest


Avi is a late comer in the music industry. Nonetheless, he intends to maximize the available opportunities, and transform lives through his favorite genre, hip hop. Avi has built an ample fan base from scratch. He is already recording his first track.