Soros’ Philanthropy Remains a Target for Critics

The combination of the political leanings billionaire philanthropist George Soros and recent e-mail leaks from the Soros Foundation has led to another round of ugly discourse from his enemies. The reason for this stems from the George Soros Wikileaks controversy, which is largely believed to be the work of Russian hackers.

Opposition Roadblocks

The reason for pointing at Russia is because of that country’s strong opposition to the causes championed by Soros. Many compare this George Soros emails situation to the messy developments that took place in the Democratic party in July, just as their convention got underway.

In the latter case, the release of embarrassing e-mails indicated that the Democratic leadership was actively working to undercut Bernie Sanders in favor of Hillary Clinton during the Democratic primaries.

Being Hit from Multiple Sides

However, this most recent instance has led to the continuation of George Soros conspiracy theories by far-right sources that are heavily laden with anti-semitic messages directed at him.

The Jewish roots of George Soros have actually led to a no-win situation. That’s the result of one side that features pro-Israel Groups using the George Soros Wikileaks controversy to push forth their unsubstantiated claim that he favors Palestinians. Such efforts are based on the Soros Foundation’s efforts to document bigotry toward this particular group.

On the other side are neo-Nazi groups openly promoting a George Soros conspiracy theory that believes that the work of the Soros Foundation helps fuel terrorism. The crux of that concept is based on the aiding of migrants arriving in Europe from the civil war that’s been raging in Syria, displacing millions in the process.

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Hatred as a Weapon

Such beliefs were held long before the George Soros emails ever surfaced and will likely continue long after the 86-year-old Soros passes away. He is a perennial source of criticism during American political campaigns because of his focus on contributing exclusively to Democratic candidates.

Within the past decade, one of George Soros’ most vocal critics has been American political commentator Glenn Beck. Despite the fact that Soros is Jewish, Beck has continually claimed that the billionaire is anti-Semitic and has accused him of working with Nazis during World War II in order to save himself.

The problem with this particular George Soros conspiracy is that Soros was able to fund the Communist dissidents in his native Hungary that helped pave the way to the end of the Soviet Union. Beck has been unable to explain why such a forceful opponent of one discredited political ideology would seek to promote one even more reviled.

Forging Ahead

If the George Soros Wikileaks story was an effort to undercut the philanthropist, that has apparently failed. That’s because these George Soros emails show no drastic change in the mindset of the foundation that bears his name. The end result is more likely to infuse those working on his behalf to make greater efforts in the future.

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Avi Weisfogel is a Man of Many Interests

Avi Weisfogel is an accomplished doctor offering patients the best in cosmetic dentistry in excess of 16 years, that’s fair to say. It is also fair to say that Avi has interest and involvements that are many are lay far outside the arena of medicine.
Giving is just part of what makes Dr. Avi Weisfogel who he is, and this is evidenced by such actions taken, like starting a GoFund Me page on behalf the charitable organization, Smile. The success and benefits of this program as noted in a recent article, reveal what’s in his heart.
A love for music is also in his heart, as MTV reported, this doctor like to jam. He currently has his own group of followers and continues to create hip-hop beats when he isn’t giving or helping others. How about that for way outside the realm of dentistry?
So if the good doctor does so much amazing stuff outside his profession, he must be some sort of wunderkind within the world of dentistry, right? Right. Co-Founded in 2014, Dr. Avi Weisfogel started Dental Sleep Masters, or DSM. The goal was simply to help healthcare professionals in the world of dentistry improve their businesses and business models. It does stand to reason that even within his own field, his aim would be in making those around him happier.
This doesn’t begin to tell the whole story. Yes, there’s more than, doctor, entrepreneur, humanitarian and musician that could be discussed, but that’s a good start to knowing the man behind the name. Don’t be shocked if the next MTV hit video is starring Dr. Avi, would it really be that surprising?

The Law Was Laid For Laidlaw and Company

“The Street” did an article about Laidlaw and Relmada Stockholders. Relmada therapeutics is the company that was filing a formal complaint against Laidlaw and Company. They are a company that develops therapies to treat chronic pain. They filed this complaint and they asked for a restraining order against Laidlaw and its principles Matthew Eitner and James Ahern.

Relmada Therapeutics decided to make this move because Laidlaw had they been distributing false and misleading information. Laidlaw did this to take control over Relmada Stockholders. Laidlaw was trying to take effective control of the company, but Relmada Stockholders wanted to prevent that. Relmada Stockholders believed that Laidlaw’s interests were very different from their own, and they wanted to take actions to be able to protect the company and all of the stockholders that invest in Relmada.

Laidlaw is a very well-known brokerage firm. They have been working in independent investing for the last 170 years. Laidlaw boast of more than 150 employees that are working in offices in both United States and in Europe. Laidlaw has the continual mission to provide comprehensive investment banking services to companies and individuals around the world.

Laidlaw is obviously a very reputable company, so it stands to reason that any investment that they intend to make would be in the best interest of their company. At the same time, smaller companies such as Relmada Therapeutics have to think about their future and the future of their stockholders as well. It is difficult to know who is wrong or right in this incident, but it is very apparent that Relmada Therapeutics has the law on their side. Since Laidlaw has had numerous customer complaints and sanctions, it is very possible that they may need to get more surveillance to assure that they continue to run their company in a reputable manner.

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