Chace’s Choice

Beneful dog food has provided me with a great dog food experience. Whether its wet food, kibble, dry food or treats, my dog, Chace has never been healthier! He’s usually a pretty lazy dog, but as soon as I started feeding him Purina Beneful’s high protein dog foods, he’s been way more energetic! He’s started running when I take him for walks, I think he just has too much energy and he doesn’t know what to do with it!

I’ve also taught him so many tricks using the treats provided by Beneful. They’re small, but he loves them! So they’re the perfect way to finally teach him to roll over, which is the only trick he has trouble with).
His favorite meat choices are Beef and Turkey. Only the best for my little pooch, I guess. I tried feeding him chicken and he wouldn’t have it. I had to give it to my neighbor for their dog so it wouldn’t go to waste! As soon as I opened the beef one, however, he was all over it and ate it before I even finished putting my food on a plate. I feed him at the same time as me so he doesn’t feel left out, so when he finished before me, it didn’t really work because he wanted more and was begging me for scraps. I guess I should wait until I have my food dished up next time!
His favorite treats are the apple looking ones with the peanut butter filling. Whenever I have to give him any medication, it goes right into the peanut butter and he’s none the wiser!
I guess my point is that Beneful is the best dog food experience I’ve tried yet and I recommend it to anyone I see in the dog food isle and I’ve already converted two of my neighbors to Beneful!

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George Soros is back to Trading Again

After taking a long break off trading, Billionaire George Soros has made a comeback to the world of trading. His return is attributed to the lure that he saw as great opportunities created by the economic troubles that are coming. The global economy is becoming a concern and therefore huge market shifts are likely to happen. George Soros, the billionaire philanthropists and hedge-fund founder has directed a number of big and bearish investments in the recent past according to people close to him. The Soros Fund Management LLC, which is in charge of managing Mr. Soros and family’s $30 billion has sold some stocks and also bought gold as well as shares held by the gold miners. This has been done in anticipation of various markets becoming weak. Most investors usually look at gold as a safe haven especially when the world economy is in turmoil.

The moves by George Soros portray a significant shift on his part. He made headlines back in 1992, when he bet against the UK pound which earned him a cool $1 billion in profits. He had taken a hiatus from the world of trading to focus his energies on philanthropy and public policy. He is also backing the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, as a big contributor to Super PAC and other various groups that are supporting the democrats.

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Billionaire Investor George Soros Sees Economic Trouble Ahead

The Investing Legend, Soros, closely monitors the investments made by his firm. This is echoed by a number of senior executives who have worked in his firms claiming that he inserts himself deep in the operations of the firm. This is mostly after his firm suffered a number of losses according to people closer to the Billionaire. In the recent past, he has been spending quite a good amount of time in his firm directing various trades. His constant and frequent consultation with his executives has been attributed to his return to the world of trading. He has steeped in to fill a void that was in his firm. Scott Bessent, who was a top investor for Soros left to start his independent hedge fund. Scott has a rich background in anticipating macroeconomic shifts on a global scale and macro investing. Soros has already invested in the firm, Key Square Group, with $2 billion.

Late 2015, George Soros also hired Ted Burrick to serve as the Chief Investment Officer of his firm. Burdick has experience in arbitrage, distressed debt and other forms of trading apart from macro investing. Soros stepped in to fill this void as macro investing has been his lifelong specialty. Soros remains highly skeptical of the economy in China claiming that it is slowing. His bearish investments have started climbing up as the gold miner shares have increased by 28% and gold has also risen by 19%.

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My Dog Wouldn’t Eat Any Dog Food Other Than Beneful

One day, my dog Briton just stopped eating her dog food. I was terribly scared because I thought there was something wrong.
I called the vet after Briton didn’t eat anything but treats for three days. They said to bring her in immediately. She was fine.

Apparently, she is just a really picky eater when it comes to dog food. She got fed up (pun not intended) with the grocery store brand dog food I was feeding her.

I remembered a girlfriend at work had told me that Purina was the only cat food her jerk cat would eat. Since Beneful is made by Purinastore, I decided to give it a try. The price was right, compared to some of the really expensive dog foods on Wal-Mart.

I feed Briton dry food in the morning, and wet food at night, so I grabbed two different flavors of each. On the way out, I grabbed a bag of Beneful Healthy Smile Dental Ridges treats, too.

That night I gave her a can of the Beneful Incredibites with salmon. It also had some vegetables like carrots in it, but I don’t remember all of them. She was really into the salmon! I didn’t even know you could feed dogs salmon. I figured cats would like it, but I was surprised my dog loved it as much as she did.

The next morning I figured I would give her some variation, so I poured her a bowl of the Beneful Originals with beef. She ate it, but slower than she used to eat the old dog food (when she ate it).

The next day I thought I’d switch it up and give her the Beneful Originals with salmon in the morning and the Beneful Incredibites with beef at night. Again, she scarfed down the salmon, but the beef was eaten slower.

She loves them both, and there’s no doubt about that, but she definitely prefers the salmon. I agree with her. Fish is much better than cow.

I will never buy her anything other than Beneful dog food ever again.

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Protecting the New Ukraine

In 2014, a new Ukraine nation emerged after several protests, which saw an ouster of President Viktor F. Yanukovych from authority. According to George Soros Ukraine, the spirit among the people of new Ukraine that enthused them to gather around Maidan, which was Kiev Independence Square has been strengthened than ever before. This is regardless of the direct military attack from Russian forces that is backing rebels in the eastern region of Ukraine.

Soros affirms that the new Ukraine nation is determined to be different from what was known to be old Ukraine, a nation that was marred by corruption. This revolution process is an exceptional show in the nation and a gallant course by the citizens who are seeking to open their country to freshness, egalitarianism and Europe.

According to Soros, this adventure for the Ukraine population is quite extraordinary, in seeking an expression not only determined to defend Ukraine’s defensive authenticity from the rebels but also encourage a productive agenda in the nation. Several Maidan followers in Ukraine have transformed from the antagonism to national building.

Furthermore, George Soros affirms that several citizens who are in administration and legislation in the new Ukraine are volunteers, who have deserted their deluxe professions to provide services for their beloved nation. For instance, Natalie Jeresko, who previously was an investment banker with a hefty pay is now the current finance minister with few dollars as part of his monthly package. These volunteers are aiding the huge population that is internally displaced in new Ukraine and offering special advice to both national and local government officers.

Nevertheless, according to George Soros, there is one possible challenge that New Ukraine faces from the old Ukraine. This is because old Ukraine is firmly embedded in a state administration that has for a long time been associated with a business oligarchy. Furthermore, the agitators are also against the vivid aggression of Russian president, Vladimir Putin, who is determined to see Ukraine on its knees.

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Ukraine & Europe: What Should Be Done?

Soros goes ahead and sought to find out how long this state of affairs will remain in Ukraine. In as much as Russia is facing its own crisis financially, President Putin seems not to relent in his efforts to abolish new Ukraine before it becomes a solid stable nation. Mr. Putin is advancing his military and financial pressure on the new Ukraine nation in order to attain his course before the financial recession abolishes his popularity.

According to Soros, Ukraine requires a financial assistance to defend itself from this Russian threat both economically and in military terms. Therefore, Western powers need to step in and offer new Ukraine financial aid to ensure its survival and attract financial investment. This the only hope that new Ukraine has as a nation at the moment.

Soros ascertains that helping Ukraine at this moment is not only beneficial for Ukraine but also for the European Union itself. If Ukraine crumbles, for instance, this will be a big blow to the European Union in terms of the rule of force. Alternatively, if EU decided to aid new Ukraine financially, Russia will be subjected to withdraw its aggression on Ukraine. Ukraine’s stability will subject its citizens to demand similar transformations in the country, an aspect that will make change the current position of President Putin. This will enhance the growth of new Ukraine, on one hand, and benefit the EU from the current economic woes and the threat caused by Russia.

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More Airlines Refusing To Fly To Venezuela

It looks as though Venezuela is going to be a very lonely country. As the crisis in the country grows and the riots and looting continue, numerous places are deciding to cancel flights to the area. First, articles came out like this one informing that Lufthansa was canceling all flights to Venezuela due to the declining economy and the difficulty of generating money from Venezuela due to the current economic downfall. It didn’t take long for Latin America’s biggest airline to follow suit. LATAM is suspending all flights to Venezuela for an indefinite time period.

The company is based in Chile, and the decision came just as it did in Germany, the economic situation in Venezuela is dangerous and damaging, according to spokesperson Danilo Diaz Granados the company would no longer be servicing the area until things begin to look better. Any passengers who have booked flights and won’t be able to use them will be reimbursed. Along with the current unfavorable economic climate in Venezuela, the country has also made it impossible to transfer foreign currency outside of their country. “No one knows how long the current crisis will continue” says Diaz Granados, but for now we all can see that the Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro is fighting to maintain control as his people demand his impeachment. Until the citizens and the government can come to some sort of agreement, there is no way to end the country’s current disaster.