George Soros’ Political Contributions This Election Cycle

George Soros has become very well known for his involvement in American politics. While he is from Hungary, he has a strong vested interest in the Democratic party. George Soros has greatly assisted members of the party with his sizable donations. In fact, he has donated many millions of dollars to various democratic campaigns in history. These campaigns have been made more successful, due to his contributions. He has done a lot for Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Actually, he has given around 8 million dollars to her campaign. This will greatly assist her efforts to win in the election, and the money will be put to good use. In the past, he has donated to Barrack Obama. However, he did not donate as large of an amount to his campaign. George Soros is also a major supporter of Hillary Clinton and her policies. He says that if he had a do over, he would have supported Hillary Clinton during 2008 over Barrack Obama.
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George Soros donated a large amount of money to a Super PAC that is assisting Hillary Clinton’s campaign. The name of the super PAC is Priorities USA. He provided this donation in December, and he donated 6 million dollars of this money. This sizable donation has helped the political action organization to grow, and they have raised even more money. Actually, they have raised tens of millions more dollars. The organization has gotten more than 40 million dollars this year, partly as a result of George Soros’ donation and fundraising. This PAC can be expected to be a tremendous ally in Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

During Obama’s campaign, George Soros also gave money to Priorities USA. However, the donation was of less significance. The donation was for a million dollars. While this is significant, it is a lesser amount by George Soros’ standards. Prior to this, he provided 20 million dollars to an organization that was meant to get Bush out of power. This happened during 2004, and it was the largest donation he has given to political organizations.

George Soros hasn’t just donated to this political action organization for Hillary Clinton. This organization was supplied with 1 million dollars by George Soros. While this donation is smaller, it is certainly enough to make a significant difference in the campaign, as well.

Given George Soros’ extremely large donation history, he is thought of as an important figure to the democratic party in America. In fact, he is seen as a bellweather to many democrats. His donations tend to have a significant impact on the political arena, due to their size. Also, other wealthy individuals are inclined to make donations to the organizations and candidates that George Soros is in support of. He is a leader in this way.

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Thor Halvorssen Explains Bernie Sanders To Fox News

Thor Halvorssen did an interview at Fax News to explain to the people how Bernie Sanders wants to run America. Thor Halvorssen runs the Human Rights Foundation, and he wants people to understand that Bernie Sanders is not a tyrant. Bernie Sanders is not a communist, and Bernie Sanders is not someone who is going to take everyone’s money. Thor Halvorssen has seen a lot of the worst of the world in his work for human rights, and he wanted to set the record straight.

Someone who was not sure could watch the interview to learn that Bernie Sanders is actually a democratic socialist who believes that all the tax dollars in America should be spent on the people. He wants to take the tax money that is already collected to use it for better things, and he wants to help people who need it the most. He wants to help Americans who are working hard, and he wants to see if he can help people who are not getting the help they need today.

The help that people receive under Bernie Sanders will look like what happens in Finland and Sweden under their governments, and he is going to be very progressive in his thinking. Communists are not like that, and Thor Halvorssen has seen a lot of things that are very distressing. He has seen things that would scare Americans. They will not get anything scary from Bernie Sanders, but they will see their tax dollars used in a better way.

Thor Halvorssen has spent his lifetime working on human rights around the world because some people do not have them, and he wants to help those people get the representation they need. He wants to help people who have no help, and he wants those people to get the funding they need from people who want to help. He knows that Bernie Sanders is concerned with people who are helpless, and he knows that he and Bernie Sanders are very similar. Explaining that Bernie Sanders actually believes in spending better should help Americans make a better decision at the polls.

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Dick Devos’ Life Changing Contributions To Schools and Poor Children

Chester Finn was one of the earliest policy makers who realized more needed to be done in the educational sector. He states that one of the first institutions to try and change the system was ford through its initiative the ford foundation. Even though it failed the idea behind it lived on. Philanthropists came up and started doing more such as political lobbying. Chester Finn is the founder and director of Fordham institute.

John Kirtley is an investor by profession and was not interested in philanthropy. After establishing a successful business venture he decided to use some of his money to benefit others. He joined the Student Scholarship Fund. Previously he was engaged in supporting low income Catholic schools. He soon discovered that more needed to be done. There was need to be heard by the people who make policy. He and other philanthropists started to lobby for policy change. If a politician did not yield they encouraged people to vote him out so that another one could take his place.

Fred Klipsch saw the discrimination that was leveled against students in local non performing schools. He is a product of public schools and is successful in life. He is based in Indiana and previously donated to schools until he saw the futility of operation without changing the policy.

Betsy DeVos started donation to education in 1980. She has taken hands on approach where she personally visits schools and other educational institutions. Policy change is the only thing that can change the sector. According to her things are not as grim as they were in the past.

Thomas carol is another innovative philanthropist. He strived to reform the education sector and change the mindset of donors. Contributing money is only a reprieve. There is need to have a permanent solution to what is ailing the schools. Doing that would involve changing the public policy to improve the education sector.

Dick DeVos is an American entrepreneur and philanthropist. He since realized that facilitating short term educational goals would not work. From 1993-2002 he served as the CEO of Amway Ltd. He strived to do more in addition to sponsoring students. In 1990 he ran and won a position in the Michigan State Board of Education. DeVos and his wife started a foundation called Education Freedom Fund which they run up to date. The Fund is also involved in funding lobby groups such as Choice for Children.

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Lime Crime is Still Transforming the Beauty Industry

Doe Deere and the Lime Crime Team
Doe Deere is the founder and the CEO of Lime Crime Makeup. She and her team continue to transform the beauty industry. They have created fabulous colors and this has caught on because creativity is the new style in the beauty industry. The standard rules for beauty have completely been broadened and enhanced. Doe Deere is stunning in her style. She and her team of artists at Lime Crime continue to foster creative style and self expression. They do this through wonderful and colorful makeup products. They have made it fun and exciting to experiment with their Lime Crime products.

Lime Crime has Come a Long Way Since 2008
Lime Crime had been launched in the year 2008. This is a brand that has traveled long and far. They provide cruelty-free makeup with a flare. These are safe products and they have been very influential in the overall beauty world and entire industry. Lime Crime is headquartered in Woodland Hills, CA. The company has a clear focus. Pinterest users say Lime Crime strives to play a part in assisting women to reach their full potential. This is done by encouraging them to remain true to their dreams. Along with the fostering of creativity, the Lime Crime professionals and Ms. Deere are ready to encourage entrepreneurship. Stunning beauty products are offered and words of encouragement are incorporated in Lime Crime Makeup, and many styles are shown on their Twitter.

A Gracious CEO
If you have the pleasure of meeting Doe Deere, you will discover that she is a gracious and welcoming CEO. She may appear out of the norm with her colorful and creative appearance. Creative style just might catch on in the corporate world too. Ms. Deere is an influencer and a CEO who does indeed add a touch of creativity and warmth to the business world.  Doe personally runs Lime Crime’s blog, which can be followed at

A Wen by Chaz Experiment

Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioners are designed to be well-balanced formulas for all types of hair. WEN hair combine the cleansing power of shampoo, the moisturizing ability of conditioner, and the bounce-enhancing qualities of a styling treatment. Emily McClure of Bustle detailed her first use of Wen by Chaz here. Some details on her experience are below.

Ms. McClure, who describes her hair as “fine”, tried WEN hair on amazon by Chaz for a week after a particularly hectic day left her hair a mess. Each day that she used Wen by Chaz, she noticed that her hair looked thicker, bouncier, and shinier, and she was able to maintain the look throughout the entire day. On the fourth day on, Ms. McClure was unable to shower and use Wen by Chaz, which left her hair a “frizzy, greasy mess” and “the epitome of a bad hair day”. Even dry shampoo and curling couldn’t save her hair that day.

Returning to the established regimen of Wen hair, Ms. McClure determined to buck her usual tradition and shower early in the morning so as not to repeat the disaster of Day 4. Days 5-7 saw her gain more confidence in her more luxurious-looking hair, particularly on Day 6. That night, while out for drinks, her friends paid her compliments on the new look.

After the week was over, Ms. McClure concluded that Wen by Chaz is best suited for those with fine hair who are most meticulous about showering and styling every morning. Falling into a daily regimen with Wen by Chaz, she says, produces the best results.

An Economics Professer Applies To The Real World

For the last 6 years, Dr. Christian Broda has served as the Managing Director for Duquesne Capital Management. He has lead a very learned life as a full Professor of Economics at the distinguished University of Chicago. He has written many enlightening white papers and books which have propelled him into the limelight as an oft quoted authority on all things economy. His views are often published in Oxford Journals the American Economic Review and the core communication paper: the Quarterly Journal of Economics. He is quoted in the press quite often.

Doctor Broda was given the James S. Kemperer Scholar award in 2006. The National Science Foundation (NSF) has given him grants on two different occasions. While at Lehman Brothers, his role was as Chief International Economist. At Barclays Capital he was the Head of International Research. Dr. Christian has also advised both Columbia University and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

He holds a number of degrees and special honorary titles, including a Bachelors, and from his days at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) he has both a Masters degree and a Ph.D. He still holds his honored membership in the Latin American Association Economia journal according to his profile. And he continues to co-edit the IMF Economic Review journal as well as serving as the Associate Editor of the Journal of Development Economics. Dr. Broda is happily married and has two sons.