You Need Wen…ASAP!

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been embarrassed over the way my hair looks. While it seemed like every other girl had a full head of hair to be proud of, I had such fine locks. Thanks to this, I would constantly hide my hair behind a baseball cap or just go for the easy ponytail. Then, it hit me. What kind of life is that? I should be showing off my hair, not hiding it. That’s when I discovered Chaz Dean.

Dean is a hair care professional who knows exactly what it takes to leave women with voluminous hair. Right now, he is selling a product called WEN. For those who don’t know, Wen is an all-in-one shampoo, conditioner and styling treatment. This product works to build up your hair so that you’re not left with thin locks like before.

At first, I wasn’t sure what to think. Would this product actually work? I’ve tried so many products in the past and nothing has achieved the results I wanted. Well, let me tell you,WEN does the trick. Yes, it actually works. When you use Wen, you will see a real difference in your hair’s appearance.

I do have to note, though, this product is best for those who wash and style their hair in the morning. That’s because those who sleep on their hair, right after using the product, may notice that their hair comes off oily. Of course this is not the desired result. In those cases, you should avoid using Wen.

Personally, I am so glad that I decided to give Wen a chance. It has made such an impact on the way I view my hair. Now, I actually have self-confidence which is worth the cost of the bottle altogether. Try purchasing Wen on sephora for yourself today.



BMG Bank President Ricardo Guimarães Continues To Win Awards And Amaze The Banking Industry

BMG Bank President Ricardo Guimarães is one of those gifted individuals that can turn the tables of industry around in a positive way. BMG Bank, under Ricardo Guimarães and his executive team’s leadership, has helped small businesses survive during the worst recession since the turn of the 20th century. Guimarães is also an advocate for the impoverished people of Brazil. He is the member of several organizations that help the millions of people that live in poverty in his country.
Brazil may not have the most slums in the world, but the country has more than its fair share of cardboard houses and dilapidated one room shacks. Millions of Brazilian children live in squalor, and the Brazilian government does little to help parents pull themselves out their own misery. More funding for education is needed, and more community programs must be put in place to help the homeless find work and homes that have the bare necessities. Ricardo Guimarães is on a mission to change the way the government treats some of these “throw-away” people. Guimarães said it’s not an easy fix on his website, but he is willing to stick with it until some social programs are put in place.
The online magazine recently talked to Guimarães about his humanitarian interests as well as his banking and soccer interests. has been following Ricardo’s progress through the years. The Guimarães family has been in the news for decades thanks to Ricardo’s grandfather, Antonio, and his father, Flávio. The Guimarães name is a respected name in the city of Belo Horizonte. In 2010, the city of Belo Horizonte awarded Ricardo the prestigious Diploma of Merit for his humanitarian efforts as well as his contributions to the game of soccer. wrote an article about the award ceremony.
Ricardo Guimarães has also been honored in the banking industry. He has turned a one state bank into a banking sensation by using a unique marketing approach. Rather than following the typical advertising methods that banks have used for years, Ricardo decided to use Brazilian football to promote bank products. The BMG Bank soccer sponsorship program has been an overwhelming success for BMG Bank, and for the soccer fans that need money to survive the unending recession and high inflation.
BMG Bank has partnered with Itau Bank to open a new bank that will focus on payroll loans. Brazilian banks merge with each other often, but this merger is creating a bank that is designed to handle the overflow from the incredible response to BMG Bank’s sports sponsorship program. That’s a first, but Ricardo recently said there are many more first’s to accomplish in banking and in the social structure of the country.

U.S. Money Reserve Working to Help Erect a Lone Sailor at Pearl Harbor


The “Day that shall live in infamy” is going to get another commemorative statue, thanks largely in part to the dedicated work of the U.S. Money Reserve. The statue, which will be entitled the Lone Sailor, is going to be a symbol of the dedication, fortitude and courage of the men and women in the Sea Services who voluntarily put their lives on the line each and every day in order to preserve the freedom of America.

The Lone Sailor is an iconic image of the U.S. Navy Memorial, and is a symbol of the honor, respect and duty of those in the Navy. The U.S. Money Reserve recently announced that it will join with the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation in order to accomplish this worthwhile project. They said that it is an honor to help with the funding for this project.

The U.S. Money Reserve, which is devoted to promoting on twitter and minting high-class collector coins, said on a article that their funding for this project will be coming from a portion of the proceeds from their sale of the 75th Anniversary Pearl Harbor Gold Coin commemorative.

Many individuals are very well-pleased with the minting of this coin. “This beautiful coin represents not only an important inflection point in our nation’s history,” Navy Memorial Foundation President John Totushek said, “but it is a rememberance of the greatest generation who went on to win this war.”

The statue is the hallmark of design as well. Sculpted by Stanley Bleifeld, the statue contains the Sailor at a height of 7 feet and his sea bag and shoe accessory at a weight of 700 pounds. As a further remembrance, steel from the USS Arizona will be in the base of the statue.

Anthea Nicholas Meets Jon Urbana

Jon Urbana hails from Denver and is currently serving as the Head of Business Development at Ellipse Technologies, a medical devices industry. He is also the co-founder of Next Level Lacrosse Camp. During his spare time, he likes to use his music talent, photography, the aviation business, and is also a philanthropist. He frequently updates it on his Tumblr blog.

As the co-founder of Next Level Lacrosse Camp; Jon is dedicated to helping the young individuals learn the sport and make a difference in their lives. With his expert knowledge of Lacrosse, he trains the young players to get them to the level he was at their age. As a player at Villanova, Jon Urbana received All-American honors in 2004, also won the defensive player of the year award that year. It is considered the top lacrosse camp in the country and is held for five days every year.

His new fundraiser is out there for Earth Force, a Denver nonprofit that supports the environment. The charity focuses on getting kids active, interested in environmental issues and keep ingtheir environment beautiful. Urbana’s has another charity drive for the Animal Rescue & Adoption Society and is being hosted on CrowdRise, and donors can visit the website to directly make donations to the cause. They are a no-kill cat shelter, they offer a safe place to homeless cats in the Denver area.

Jon Urbana’s recently created a number of custom remixes of electronic tunes or his own compositions. Some more recent samples of his electronic remixes can be found on his Twitter stream. He has a big fan base on Soundcloud where he shares his music.

Jon Urbana is an accomplished pilot. He has received special recognition from the FAA and have included Jon in the FAA Airmen Certification Database. This sets him apart and demonstrates that he is a trustworthy pilot who has met the highest criteria set by the aviation board; which qualifies him as a commercial pilot.

Photography is one of his favorite hobbies, his main interests of travel, food and animals are reflected in the work he posts to different platforms.

Beneful Helping Boost Premium Dog Food Sales


Premium dog food has been on the rise rather dramatically in recent years. As the health food craze has hit the American public, it has spread to their pets as well. With the desire to increase the quality of food for pets and extend their life, people are now looking for different ways to purchase better food with better ingredients. Beneful has helped boost and lead this premium dog food sale category, which in turn is pushing the industry to new heights.

The industry itself is bringing in $23.7 billion annually. This makes it one of the most profitable food categories in general, not even including pet food but against other forms of human food as well. There are several different brands that have been working in the premium dog food industry for some time now. While there are many different brands that have been around since the inception of premium dog food, Beneful really is what put the food styling on the map. It saw the potential and the market value so it decided to go after it. This, in turn, has helped even the smaller companies grow with the premium food offering as well. Before Beneful introduced the world to healthier options, people simply looked at higher-end dog food as just an unnecessary expense. Now, premium dog food sales have increased 45 percent since 2009 and there is no stopping it now.

Purina owns the Beneful lineup of pet foods and, with this brand, it is all about making sure pet owners have options, not just in quality, but in the style of food as well. Some kinds of pet foods are simply better than others and Beneful wants to make sure pet owners have access to some of the top food products on Walmart. While using real ingredients, pet owners can now feed their pets real chicken, beef, lamb and other quality items, all without fording them to eat all of the fillers found in other, less than desirable pet foods.

The premium pet food industry is trending, and it doesn’t look like it will be slowing down any time soon.