George Soros Has Some Rather Ominous Predictions for 2016

Mr. hedge fund himself George Soros has made a very serious prediction about the global markets and finance for 2016. He has warned that we may very well be seeing another serious challenge for this year that reminds him of the catastrophe that was of total collapse in crash of 2008.

George Soros indicates that the problem revolves around China. He was specifically quoted in Bloomberg Business as saying the following,”I would say it amounts to a crisis. When I look at the financial markets there is a serious challenge which reminds me of the crisis we had in 2008.” Last week the Chinese equities market is something that perpetuates this theory. The Chinese government actually had to close the exchange for 15 minutes as a safety type device to prevent a major crash. This is the second time the Chinese regime has had to implement this device. After a 15 minute break and loss of 5% of the value of the market, it was reopened in another 2% disappeared by closing time. Weakness in the Chinese economy remains after the Peoples Bank of China again cut interest rates to record lows. Due to the sluggish manufacturing sector the Chinese have tried to pump hundreds of million dollars back into the economy. The problem being that the Chinese market needs to learn how to adapt and try to create a more service oriented national production. When China decides to devalue its currency it in turn sends a shock wave that affects all markets in the world. Until China closer major adjustment and stabilizes, emerging markets will remain volatile nature. When addressing the situation was speaking to an economic forum in Sri Lanka, George Soros advised investors to take caution into heed his prediction.

George Soros believes that the European Union may actually be at a point of collapse due to the Middle Eastern migration crisis. He recognizes the problem actually begins in war-torn Syria. He has proposed a six step plan deal with this crisis in a humanitarian fashion and to ensure that the European Union and citizens remain safe. George Soros called for funding to create processing centers in Turkey and other front-line countries. He also wants to establish global standards that will help ensure that the asylum-seekers and refugees can safely reach their destinations. Another part of the plan called for countries like Jordan to take you many of the refugees. He called for the United States and the rest of the world to work in unison with the European Union to fund these efforts and to solve this humanitarian crisis together. Mr. Soros credits German Chancellor Angela Merkel with having the right values and is very impressed with the morality of her actions. Mr. Soros stated that it was unfortunate that Angela Merkel’s plan lacks a unified approach to help solve the situation. Mr. Soros like Ms. Merkel were raised in countries that were under totalitarian rule and so they have a lot of compassion for these people.

George Soros on the Markets


There are few people who have as much experience working in the markets as George Soros. According to this article from The Street, George Soros says that the market in its current form has a lot of similar traits as the market in 2008. Everyone who was involved with the market at that point knows just how difficult it was to make any money during that time. Here are several reasons that George Soros is so worried about the market as a whole.

The 2008 Crisis

One of the most damaging economic events of the past twenty years was the fallout from the market in 2008. There were many reasons for the market decline during that time. After many years of economic prosperity, the United States and other nations were having to deal with an economy that was slowing down drastically. For example, the United States was losing hundreds of thousands of jobs per year. This sent the markets into a downward spiral that was really hard to pull out of. Anyone who is wanting to avoid the mistakes of the past needs to understand what George Soros is trying to say.

Current Conditions

The stock market has started off the year really rough. There are many investors who have lost a good amount of money on the market just in the first week since the new year. In fact, the stock market has had its worst first week in history. George Soros says that the market conditions are now starting to look like 2008 and investors need to be ready to take on major losses. Although it remains to be seen whether George Soros is right here, there are many people who are worried about the future of the market.

Falling Oil

One of the biggest drivers behind the decline in the market is the fact that oil is falling so rapidly. This is one of the biggest drags on the market today. George Soros predicts that oil will continue to drop through the rest of the year. This will continue to put downward pressure on the price of crude oil and gasoline as well. Although this is generally understood to be a positive for the people, falling oil is not good for the stock market over the long term. George Soros does not see this trend reversing anytime soon.

Hope And Devotion Help A Woman Through With Courage

Yeonmi Park, is an amazing woman, with a story everyone should know. The reason she is so important is the fact that she has made a mighty difference in the way the world is. Understanding just how someone that young can react to the significant things Yeonmi Park has been through has a profound effect on those that read about her as well as those that are those stuck in the same type of situation as she once was. For more on her visit, This is a extremely important issue that is facing the world.

She managed to get out North Korea on in order to become a very important part of Korean history. She defected under the ruler that currently just released information of having massive weapons in his country. He is a dangerous soul and a dictator. Her mother and Yeonmi traveled from one country to the next in order to escape from his scary power. Yeonmi Park made it after a long journey in which she was abused and raped. It is a scary thing for anyone to go through but, we must remember that she did not understand the concept of freedom. Not knowing what freedom was, could have stopped her from defecting but, Yeonmi Park did not stop and began a brand new life.

This was not a simple journey and Yeonmi Park’s father never really got the taste of being free as he ended up dying of cancer shortly after. Not being able to live in a place of freedom is something most of us would never even have a clue about. It is so important that we understand what she has been through so that she can become a cause for change. This is something she has done perfectly.

Many people have also become followers of her and she is a force for people to get used to as she continues to change the world one person at a time. It is a mission that should never be forgotten. It takes one person with courage and hope to make a difference and she has more than many will know. This is why we need to share.

Avi Weisfogel Uses His Dental Practice To Help Those With Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is one of the most deadly conditions that often goes undetected. It’s is more common in men than women, and it is a condition that seems to prey on those who are overweight. When a person falls to sleep, their mouth should close tightly. When it doesn’t close it causes a snoring sound to occur. Snoring is the number one sign of sleep apnea, but it isn’t the only symptom. Excessive exhaustion that occurs after a full night’s sleep or even waking oneself up by the inability to breathe is a cause for concern.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a master at dealing with sleep apnea. He has dedicated his life and practice to helping those who are suffering find relief. Traditional methods for solving this problem come in the form of a special machine. The C-Pap machine essentially keeps airways open so that a person is always breathing. During periods of apnea, the body actually isn’t breathing. While these episodes are usually infrequent and short lasting, they are depriving the body of oxygen, especially the vital organs.

Because Dr. Avi Weisfogel is first and foremost a dentist, he already had a good client base. In 2012, he decided to add the treatment of sleep apnea to his repertoire. He finds the root of the problem, like enlarged tonsils. His goal is to treat the issue and not just try to alleviate it with an apparatus. Those who are overweight can lose weight. Those who have enlarged tonsils can have them removed. Special devices can be custom made to help keep a patient breathing at night.

In an effort to take his knowledge and help other dentists, Dr. Weisfogel set up the Dental Sleep Masters program. Here, fellow dentists can learn how to successfully treat sleep apnea among their patients. He also does various seminars and retreats that educate on the dangers of sleep apnea and how easy it is to fix. People die every year from heart-related issues from lack of oxygen caused during the periods of apnea. It’s not uncommon for a person to stop breathing numerous times during the night. Each time they stop breathing; there is a chance that they won’t start again. It’s a chance that many are not willing to take.

Using the home base of Old Bridge Dental Care, which he established in 1999, he has helped hundreds of people ensure they will live to see another day.