Charles Koch’s Charitable Efforts

Charles Koch, the billionaire co-owner of Koch Industries along with his brother David Koch, has been investing his money into programs that help the poor. Specifically, the programs are designed to help train and educate under-employed groups within the nation.

One of Koch’s officials, Jennifer Stefano, remarked on this situation: “We want people to know that they can earn their own success. They don’t need the government to give it to them.” About his own network efforts, Charles Koch has said it is, “the most effective movement in history for helping people improve their lives and making the world a better place.”

The program “Bridge to Wellbeing” was launched with its own brand of conservatism. There are seminars within the program, Budgeting, Grow Your Garden, and Couponing to name a few. Bridge to Wellbeing is usually held in community centers or churches. They offer free workshops in various areas, many areas geared toward helping teach the poor how to save money.

One participant, Alyssa, faced financial troubles after her husband was laid off. She thanked Bridge to Wellbeing for helping give her the tools to get through the troubles, saying, “If it wasn’t for you guys, I don’t know how we would have made it the past few months, if you guys hadn’t offered that couponing class, because I didn’t even know how I was going to put groceries in my cabinet. And I am incredibly grateful and I really appreciate all the hard work that you guys do and you put into it.”

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Dog Food – Natural and Healthy Ingredients in high demand

Premium dog food has come a long way through out the years and consumers are starting pay more attention to the quality of what they are feeding their fur friends, not necessarily the quantity. Trends also show more money is being spent on quality, premium ingredient loaded dog food as opposed to the “filler” dog food that most people resorted to. Studies have shown that dogs live longer, and are generally healthier when you choose to feed them high end dog food. That’s why Purina Store Beneful was created. Purina Beneful loads each piece of their dog food with healthy, nutritional ingredients that ensure your pet is getting the best possibly nutrition that they can. They take exceptional pride in developing their high end dog food to meet the needs of all consumer and their fur friends. Their food goes through rigorous testing procedures and quality checks to make sure that each bag has the best quality and satisfaction for each  customer. Purina Beneful is one of the number one brand dog food products on the market. When it comes to quality and price, you cannot go wrong with Beneful. Your dog will be happy that you chose to feed them high end ingredients and they will love every morsel that they crunch on. Their longevity increases, their fur become softer and healthier, and their teeth remain strong. You cannot beat the benefits of Beneful when it comes to feeding your animal the best possible dog food you can. Since there are so many products on the market that promise to deliver and may contain ingredients that aren’t necessarily that good for your dog, you must always check the ingredients listed on the package. You will find wholesome ingredients listed on the bag of Beneful which will ease your wonder and worry when it comes to feeding our animals the best. They are part of our families and we must treat them with quality dog food. We want to make sure that we keep our pets around for a long time and that they are healthy enough to enjoy their life.

Premium Dog Food Sales Exploding in Popularity

Recently It doesn’t take much to realize how explosive the premium dog food industry has become in recent years. One only need travel to the manufacturing plant for FreshPet Inc. to see how things have really changed. On any give day, the CEO Richard Thompson could be spotted along the assembly line sampling the pet feed as it is packaged for delivery. His company only makes use of the freshest ingredients, and Richard says each mouthful is like eating dinner on Thanksgiving day. Now you might be thinking we are talking dog food, right? Yes, the transformation from chemically produced dog food products is slowly going the way of the dinosaur. Today, health-conscious pet food manufacturers are moving towards developing foods that contain wholesome natural ingredients that will allow these pets to thrive. This year, sales of pet food are expected to climb to $23 billion dollars, and a larger chunk each year is the premium dog food market. Another company that has taken huge steps to be at the forefront of this healthy food for pets industry, Beneful brand dog food is becoming an innovator unlike any other. Ask any employee of Purina and they will tell you that they only feed their own pets this brand food for one reason, they get to see everyday exactly what ingredients are being added and they would have it no other way. Beneful dog food comes in wet and dry varieties, jam-packed with beef, chicken, pork, and lamb, sliced in thick hearty chunks or thinly sliced blends. Beneful brand dog food creates a number of varieties of their products, included oven-baked dog treats. These healthy snacks are developed to seal in the freshness of the cheese, bacon, and peanut butter flavor. Shortbread cookies and light crackers, all made with love and wholesome healthy ingredients dogs love and pet owners appreciate. We have finally reached the next level in how pet owners will be feeding their dogs. Sales of premium dog food is already at $10 billion dollars this year, an impressive climb of 45% from where it was only seven short years ago.

George Soros; The Greatest Investor & Philanthropist


George Soros was born in Hungary in the year 1947. He fled the country during the Nazi-occupation from England. He joined the London school of economics and obtained certification and worked at a local investment bank in London. He immigrated to the United States in the year 1956 and held the positions of an analyst and investment managers in three investment firms located in the New York City.

In 1973, Soros decided to start his venture and founded the great hedge fund called Soros Fund Management which is now the well renounced Quantum Fund. For more than twenty years, he had successfully and aggressively run his fund and earned himself more than thirty percent profit every year. On two occasions he was reported to have earned himself more than one hundred percent profit.

He gave up the day to day management of the vast quantum fund in the year 1980 as one of the worlds’ richest people. He then became a philanthropist and donated vast amounts of money through his founded Open Source Foundations. In the past years, Soros has decided to venture into political activism. He has extensively lectured and written on the United States role in issues that deal with human rights, education and political freedom as well as world affairs.

When the University of Oxford offered George Soros an honorary degree and answered the question, he was asked how he wanted to be described, and he said that he would like to be called a philosopher, philanthropist, and financial speculator. This is the overall summation of George Soros, and the adjectival phrase is very fortunate can be added to this description.

Investment Style

Soros was a genius in translating the harsh economic climate into high leverage for generating substance. As a speculator, he was a short term investor and made enormous bets towards the direction of the economic market. He believed that this market could be chaotic. Currencies and security prices depend on the traders and the human beings involved in the markets and both the non-professional and professional who sell and buy the assets. These people act on emotions and not based on the logical considerations. For further reading, please visit Investopedia.

Soros Plan

The EU must accept the responsibility that they lack a common refugee policy and that has transformed from the growing number of refugees to a political crisis to a manageable problem. Every member of the state is focusing selfish interests and not the interest of others. The panic among the refugees and the public has been precipitated. The refugees are the worst victims.

A comprehensive plan is what the EU needs for it to respond vividly to the crisis. The plan is one that reasserts legal authority over the asylum seekers flows to take place in an orderly, safe, and a pace reflecting the capacity of Europe to absorb the refugees. For the plan to be comprehensive enough, it must extend beyond the borders of Europe. For further reading, please visit MarketWatch.


Why You Should Embrace Exercise As Shown by Sergio Cortes, MD

Living a healthy life entails more than just taking the right meals and maintaining hygiene. The level of activity you display matters most and this is one of the facts many people have chosen to shun. It is appalling to realize that even young people are now complaining about back pains and lack of the right heath. The level of exercise you have will also determine the way your life will be. Living a sedentary lifestyle is one of the major causes of back pain that individuals have been forced to handle. There are also many other diseases that come with living a life that lacks physical activity.

As Sergio Cortes explains in his blog, it is necessary to mind about the position you keep sitting while at work. If you spend long hours seated, it is necessary to ensure you use the right posture so as to avoid getting back pains and complications that may cost you dearly trying to correct. You cannot afford to gamble with your health as any slight mistake will lead to serious repercussions that you may not want to experience. Sergio Cortes encourages people to create a schedule for exercise, which will help them get more stability for their backs.

If you get the need to do some workouts, it is also not advisable to implement the idea before you have consulted a health professional, who will direct you on the right exercises for your body. It sometimes happens that doing some workouts could further complicate the situation and deny you a chance at good health. So, always involve the help of a well trained professional, who will offer assistance and guidance on various issues.

Dr. Sergio Cortes is a reliable professional who has handled many complications that have been pulling many people down. His research skills and ability to diagnose situations have been praised by many. Sergio Cortes is a well educated professional, who has managed to handle various projects that have sought to educate people about living a healthy life and avoiding distractions that could introduce complications.

It is also necessary to note that he has been offering support for government projects that are related to improving the lives of people. Sergio Cortes has been a whole round professional for many years and his life has been characterized with much activity. A Wikipedia article available here explains that he also once worked at the Rio De Janeiro as an executive secretary.

Source: Sergio Cortes Official Website