Citadel’s Kenneth Griffin Still At The Top Of His Game

Chicago hedge fund manager and CEO of Citadel LLC, Kenneth Griffin, is back on the Forbes List. The billionaire, who has an estimated net worth of $7 billion, has made the leap to 89 on the list of the richest Americans. Griffin notably wrote one of the largest campaign checks in Illinois’ history to GOP gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner. The record-breaking $2.5 million helped him beat Democratic governor Pat Quinn in November’s election.

Griffin is well known for his philanthropic efforts. Last year, he donated $150 million to his alma mater Harvard University. The money is to be used to help needy students pay for tuition, fees and other school-related items.

Although Griffin leans Libertarian, he has given money to the political campaigns of (D) Rahm Emanuel, (R) Chris Christie and (R) Mitt Romney. Before Rauner launched his political campaign, Griffin served on his gubernatorial exploratory committee. Although Rauner, also a multimillionaire didn’t make the list, other Illinoisans did including banker Sam Zell (102), Judy and Christopher Reyes and four members of the Pritzkin family.

Griffin also recently received an honor from Harvard University after the generous donation. In a ceremony, attended by Griffin’s family, friends and staff, his name was added to the financial aid building. He downplays the award, he says he is happy that he is in a position to help students fulfill their dream of graduating debt-free.

The Illinois native continues to do great things for the city of Chicago. He gives to many organizations. He is a huge advocate of the city’s charter school program and has funded many schools. Griffin has also donated funds to the city’s head start programs, the Boys and Girls Club and The Chicago Museum of Art.

Griffin started Citadel LLC in 1990 with his own money that he earned by selling stock in college. The economics major earned about $1 million during his sophomore year and nearly $4 million by the time he graduated. Within 10 years, Citadel was the leading hedge fund company in the U.S.

Griffin has seen many ups and a few downs. He was able to weather the storm of the 2008 banking crisis. He saw many other banks fall, but it was his business savvy that helped him persevere. Griffin says he has learned many lessons in his 20-plus years in the industry. He doesn’t plan on making the same mistakes that nearly caused Citadel to fall.

The Growing Success of Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is an American entrepreneur who is well respected for his talents in the business world. Mr. Levenson is known for his multiple business successes including his success with a 30 year old company called the United Communications Group. The United Communications Group was founded in 1977 by Bruce Levenson and Ed Peskowitz for the purpose of informing the public of the oil industry.

Mr. Levenson is both the co-founder and a partner for the United Communications Group. Both Mr. Levenson and his co-partner have played a huge role in the company’s acquisition efforts. Even after over 27 years of operating this business, Mr. Levenson continues to play a major role in the company. Many years after the founding of United Communications Group, the company acquired multiple startup companies, one being called TechTarget. Mr. Levenson even played a huge role with gaining this company success through his direct involvement and through his position on the board of directors.

Mr. Levenson’s career started with humble beginnings. Mr. Levenson was born in Washington D.C. Despite the fact of where he was born, Mr. Levenson grew up close by in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Mr. Levenson’s family is a Jewish family who taught Mr. Levenson the importance of both tradition and family. These teachings have influenced every single decision that Mr. Levenson has made in life.

One of Mr. Levenson’s most notable accomplishments is being the co-owner for the NBA team, the Atlanta Hawks. Mr. Levenson was the team manager who helped to inspire many of the players. Mr. Levenson believed that his role was not only to own to team and to invest in the team, but to also inspire the team. In addition to this, Mr. Levenson wanted the Atlanta Hawks to learn more about the outside world, specifically what goes on outside of basketball. To do this, Mr. Levenson brought his team to the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. Before giving his team the tour, Mr. Levenson brought his brother in-law to speak to the team. Mr. Levenson’s mother in-law is a Holocaust survivor and was even in a concentration camp. Through this experience, the Atlanta Hawks learned so much more about the world.

In addition to be a dedicated businessman and a dedicated team leader, Time’s Levenson is a dedicated philanthropist. This is exhibited through the fact that Mr. Levenson is a constant contributor to several foundations. One foundation in particular is the I Have a Dream Foundation. Mr. Levenson not only constantly donates to this foundation, but is also constantly volunteering. The I Have a Dream Foundation is geared to help children who come from low-income families, to pursue a higher education. This education has doubled the chance that impoverished kids go to college.

Mr. Levenson’s contributions to society are numerous and go down a long list. Mr. Levenson’s success in the business world is associated to values of tradition and family that were taught to him at an early age. Mr. Levenson, through his work, still continues to keep in touch with his Jewish roots.

Eyes On Health Innovator: Nobilis Health Group

Originally started in 2007 under the name Northstar Health Inc., by founder Harry Fleming, the concept was simple: provide high quality outpatient ambulatory surgical services. What exactly does that mean? It is the difference between having an obligatory over-night stay in the hospital and leaving the clinic within a few short hours.

According to statistical data compiled by the Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (H-CUP), outpatient surgical procedures have been on the steady rise since the early 1980’s. A sharp increase has been noted in recent years. The overall growth of these occurrences are attributable to two major factors. First is the advances in surgical technology and anesthesia. Both of these have made surgery have lower residual impact on patients and increased the demand for outpatient procedures. The second factor is cost.

According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Center for Delivery, Organization, and Markets, Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project, State Inpatient Databases and State Ambulatory Surgery Databases, the results recorded from 28 participating states speaks volumes. In 2007, of the 23,434,300 surgeries conducted, 47% were inpatient with the remaining 53% being outpatient. The difference in cost is astounding.

Inpatient: $258.9 billion
Outpatient: $55.6 billion

With the latest overhauls in the healthcare system regarding reform, cost is unequivocally of primary concern. Speculation aside, the continual rise of outpatient procedures will see no stagnation.

An example of the advances Nobilis Health is responsible for is in Fast Track Gastric Sleeves. With U.S. obesity rates being higher than average, the long term health concerns are of extreme importance. Today, obesity is second only to tobacco use as a modifiable risk factor in adult mortality; this factor directly contributing to the continued use of bariatric surgeries. Insurance companies are beginning to see the light in that by assisting patients in paying for bariatric surgery, the long term cost savings per capita is from an increase in life expectancy as a result of the weight loss.

Nobilis also recently entered into a strategic alliance with Renew Spinal Care, LLC. The advances in minimally invasive spinal surgery has provided much more agreeable long term remedies to spinal surgical procedures of old. Traditionally, spinal procedures were considered “open surgery” as it required a long incision to grant access and muscular tissue spreading to physically view the underlying issues. Now much smaller incisions are made and the use of smaller special instruments, such as the tubular retractor, lessen complications such as bleeding or infection and reduce recovery time. With the inclusion of spinal surgery pioneers such as Dr. Sam Bailey, founder and owner of Renew Spinal Care, the ability of Nobilis to usher in new technological advances in this area have increased innumerably.

Nobilis designed an innovative direct-to-patient marketing plan focused on a specific range of procedures that can be performed by their local physicians. Nobilis owns and manages ambulatory surgery centers in Houston, Dallas, and Scottsdale, Arizona, two imaging centers, one urgent care clinic and one acute care hospital in Houston.

London Vacation Rentals Help Vacationers Enjoy Their Time In The City

London is one of the great cities in the world, and the city is filled with gorgeous vacation rentals that help travelers enjoy the city life while passing through. London is split down the middle by the River Thames, and there is so much to enjoy when a traveler can walk from their rental to a new location every day. This article explains how vacation rentals make the London experience better for everyone who visits the city.

#1: Vacation Rentals From WorldEscape

Vacation rentals from WorldEscape are the leading rentals in the industry today. WorldEscape owns vacation rentals that range from small flats in central London to gorgeous townhouses in the most exclusive parts of the city. Travelers get great customer service from WorldEscape, and WorldEscape helps travelers book their London vacation rentals at a moment’s notice. The rentals offered by WorldEscape are beautifully-appointed, and each rental provides a city lifestyle that people will love.

#2: Where Does WorldEscape Keep Rentals?

WorldEscape has created a portfolio of rentals that exist all over London. London is a hodgepodge of different neighborhoods that all have their own charm. Flats in Hammersmith and Parson’s Green are completely different. A traveler may want to be in Chelsea, near Saville Row or over by the Fulham football club. WorldEscape offers more options than any other vacation rental chain, and travelers can go anywhere in London on a whim.

#3: Where Is The Best Place To Go in London?

Travelers in London can go to any part of the city to have a good time, but there are so many different places that will offer a great experience. People who have visited London many times can try a new neighborhood, and people who are visiting for the first time can visit the section of the city that seems most appealing. Stay in Chelsea for the flower show, stay by Fulham for a football match or stay near Wimbledon for the Fortnight. Everyone who wants to come to London may choose the most interesting places to go, and there will be a place to go that is exciting.

Travelers who love the city of London can travel to rentals that offer a better city experience than staying in a hotel. Hotels are nice for a night, but flats or townhouses are much more interesting to stay in. The traveler can walk around the city every day to see the sights that make London amazing. Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye and all the interesting neighborhoods are within reach from the tube, the bus system or just a nice walk downtown. Travelers who want to experience London are going to experience London in a brand new way when they get a rental.

What’s Great about Real Estate in Brooklyn?

According to a Douglas Elliman survey that originally appeared in NY Magazine, it’s been a record-breaking three months for Brooklyn real estate. The median price of an apartment in Brooklyn jump 15.1 percent from 2014. The median price is $676,250.

What does that mean for Brooklyn real estate? The real estate price in Manhattan and Queens can’t compare right now. Brooklyn is going through a restructuring and business is booming. Real estate deals are closing faster than they were prior to the restructuring. One Brooklyn brokerage office actually had to call their agents back to the beach because deals were closing faster than expected.

What is the motivator in the Brooklyn real estate market right now? Low inventory. Demand for apartments are high. The actual availability of houses are low. NYC real estate buyers are looking for housing based on the future. Stay within a five-block radius of the subway or two to three stops on the subway line where the prime real estate used to be located. Most people are picking the five-block radius.

Other areas of New York are also benefiting from the surge in demand of Brooklyn real estate. Queens, Long Island City, Woodside, Astoria and Sunnyside are seeing a surge in real demand. Westchester County is another example of the effect Brooklyn real estate is having on the area. Sales in Westchester County rose 5.5 percent from last year. The properties in the county aren’t exactly cheap, but more affordable than Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Will the Brooklyn real estate bust happen soon? It doesn’t look like it. Buyers are ready to purchase and they have confidence in the real estate market. Inventory isn’t going to sudden saturate the market any time soon.

TOWN Residential is another real estate firm helping buyers connect with the New York real estate they want. The firm was founded in 2010 and created by co-chairman and CEO Andrew Heiberger. Joseph Sitt is the other co-chair. The firm has been an integral part of the New York real estate scene for a long time. They know how to connect buyers with the right properties. Their approach to marketing a sale and leasing options is unprecedented.

Brooklyn real estate is much more than a fad. It’s here to stay which is what’s great about the real estate in Brooklyn, Ne York and surrounding areas.

Susan McGalla and the Advancement of Women in Business

An interesting survey on lead to the conclusion that there is a wide gender gap when it comes to business dealings in America. According to the numbers, women make up 33% less in compensation than men on average, even though they are equally qualified and skilled to do the same work. This is a shocking statistic, especially in light of 40 years of struggling for of women’s rights in the workplace.

When one looks at the statistical numbers regarding advancements in the market, the numbers aren’t much better. According to the statistics, less than 2% of businesses in America are run by women, and less than 15% of all corporate boards in America have a woman in their decision-making processes. Considering other statistics that suggests that businesses that have women in their decision-making ranks do better than those that don’t, this is not only disheartening, but a grave oversight on the part of businesses in general.

But although the numbers are less than encouraging, there are many instances of women being successful in the business world. In many cases, women in business ranks are not waiting to be promoted, and instead leaving businesses and starting their own enterprises. Many women in their own business enterprises are actually empowering other women by creating businesses, business structures and supply chains that are created by women for women. In many cases, we see that many female run businesses catering to their own.

This is not to say that women aren’t making inroads in the corporate world. There are some individuals who have shown persistence and ability in carving their place in a environment that is basically run by males. Some of these women have gone all the way to the very top, running huge entities in the business world.

Susan McGalla began her amazing career as a merchandising and marketing expert. She got her start working for Joseph Horn Company, and soon expanded out of her position, to find herself working at American Eagle Outfitters. She flourished there as chief merchandising officer, and slowly rose through the ranks, becoming their CEO. After her assignment with American Eagle, she took the CEO position with the California clothing company, Wet Seal. There, she led the company to new heights of growth and profit, eventually leaving them to join the executive ranks of the Pittsburgh Steelers organization, one of the top teams in that National Football League. She assumed the responsibilities as their Director of Strategic Planning. She now works for HFF Inc., a capital venture and real estate development group in Pittsburgh.

In all her various assignments, McGalla has shown her incredible business acumen, not only directing the vision of the company’s she worked for, but eventually leading them to higher gains in profit as their CEO. There are many people that they see the contributions that women have the business. But there are great women like Susna McGalla who know how to lead and guide businesses and entities to new heights in success and profitability.