Handy is Putting the Handy Back in Home Cleaning Services

When Handy heard on recode.com that customers were screaming for a cleaning service that was fast and convenient they knew they could answer the call. “We are kind of like Uber only we don’t pick you up and our pricing is tailored made to accommodate any budget.” However, you can order a handyman, a plumber or a home cleaner with a mere swipe on your smart phone. Handy customers can be heard applauding the convenience, the user friendly app and easy to navigate website. “Our customers are happy that there is no more leaving checks or cash for a cleaner who may or may not clean your house.”
Handy has been in business for just over two years and they are at $1 million in customer calls per week. They are experiencing sales volume that has surpassed the $50 million dollar mark. Based out of New York City and operating in over 25 major cities, they can afford to pay their employees an hourly rate of $18.00, which is unheard of today. They run extensive background checks on each and every potential employee and require at least 10 references. “Our employees often joke about it being like Fort Knox here. Every employee has been thoroughly investigated, which means we have a professional staff that we trust implicitly.”
Handy is 100% positive that their policies and procedures will look more like a “remote control for your home.” Their aim is to be at a place where they will streamline their services in an “instant book kind of way.” Right now the company’s revenue is 85% from house cleaning and 15% split between handyman and plumbing services. They are working exhaustively on re-defining their businesses. “We have hired a team of marketing executives who are focused primarily on new branding and new apps for every brand of smart phone. We think our customers will be just as excited as we are about what are bringing to the table. ”
When asked to discuss why these two entrepreneurs got into the home cleaning business they both look at each other and laugh. “Basically it was from listening to girlfriends, mothers and friends complain about not having enough time to clean a bathroom, let alone an entire house.” Handy understands that people are maxed out, time wise, and are in need of a break. They have a comprehensive list of rooms, items and details to choose from so their customers know exactly what they are getting for their money. “We are a high standards, no surprises organization. We encourage our customers to go through their home from top to bottom so they know what is needed and can categorize based on importance.”
When asked how they handle special circumstances or delicate, sensitive situations, Handy is quick to point out that customers can call them directly and speak with a specialist who will handle their requests in a private and professional manner. “We have had some interesting phone calls and just when you think you have heard everything, someone comes up with a new one. But, we are ready for those surprises and are eager to take care of them.” Handy is competent, confident and comfortable dealing with any issue a customer may throw their way. “We are a get-it-done company and we are going to continue to work hard at meeting customer needs.”

The Biography of Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir got his Bachelors, Masters and Ph.D. at Cornell University in Electrical Engineering while majoring in control systems. All through his career he has built teams that are mission-driven to ensure sustainable change to the community at large, investors, employees, and customers. He has invented, connected and straddled at the margins of traditional disciplines across numerous industrial segments worldly. Shaygan was announced recently as the CEO in Juniper Networks, a revolutionary networking company in the Silicon Valley.

Previous to the recent announcement, Shaygan Kheradpir was the chief technology and operations officer for the Barclays Group. In 2011, he joined Barclays Bank with its headquarters in London and held the post of head of operations for the retail bank globally. He later became the chief technology and operations officer for the banks globally across investment, corporate, wealth, cards, business and retail banking. He has been a catalyst at Barclays for cultural transformation crucial for changes within the banking sector. These transformations are alongside the lines of up to date digitization with industrialized mechanisms, product modernism that impacts the lives of people positively and improved industrialization procedures such as Cloudit and Pingit.

He began his career at GTE Laboratories in Boston where he worked on network control, management and routing. He ultimately became the leader of software systems laboratory where he built and recruited a top-notch organization. This is the organization that led to the nation’s first development of a network management podium for GTE that integrated switching, transmission, and infrastructure, called TONICS – Telephone Operations Network Integrated Control System). These innovated systems aided GTE to strengthen its business networks to highly consolidated and proficient network operations for the company.

Shaygan next shifted to the headquarters of GTE in Dallas where he piloted systems improvement for all GTE units of wireless, wireline, information and internetworking. During that phase, they rebuilt and nationalized GTE’s main systems based on driving operational brilliance and up to date computer science with considerably enhanced structure cost for the company. When Bell Atlantic and GTE merged in 2000 forming Verizon, Shaygan moved again to New York City and was appointed the president of eBusiness Unit and subsequently became the head of information at Verizon. During this stage, he set up the same techniques for achieving advancement for the company by assembling and recruiting outstanding talent that appreciated the potential of acceleration and collaboration of introducing market-leading services and products.

While in Verizon, they went aboard transforming the business revenue profile with multimedia and innovative IP products for the marketplace by combining web-based software with traditional networking. This consequently led to a string of award-winning industrial first products including very high-speed data, Internet streaming, carrier-grade voice over IP, and FiOS interactive TV. With the combining of these two implementation arms of process operationalization and product improvement under one bracket, they were capable of building and scaling mass market leading programs such as FiOS (fiber optics to the home). This is perhaps amongst the largest infrastructural programs in the history of the United States.

Lime Crime’s Velvetines – So Beautiful They Should Be a Crime

Lime Crime on dollskill is a unique beauty company. They are cruelty-free and vegan. Their shades are unique and very modern. Their brand of Velvetine lipsticks go on like liquid but dry like a matte so they’re sexy, sultry and they stay put.

The Lime Crime Velvetines sell for $20 USD and are worth every penny. The look is long-lasting and oh so sexy. A gal can get a pout going with the Velvetines. It won’t quit and it will get her everything she wants. Yes…everything.

There are 16 shades of Velvetines. We feature a few here:

Jinx – witchberry purple makes the lips look like they belong in Salem, MA. A gal could get arrested for witchcraft with lips so perfect as that.
Squash – glowstick orange gets the lips ready for fall. A gal will look like a pumpkin that’s itching to be kissed.
Rave – electric lavender is a perfect club lipstick. It’ll stand out in a crowd and on the dance floor. Make him want to kiss those lips. Dare him with Rave.
Faded – purple-beige is lovely and beautiful. A gal’s lips will look like a painting in this shade.
Shroom90S brown is a color that may not be for the normal gal but is perfect for the Lime Crime gal. It’s unique and lovely and eerily beautiful.
Bleached – peachy newtral gives your lips the Georgia peach look. A man will want to lick them.
Riot – marsala is an exotic color that will make the lips look so sexy. It’s a must have in the modern gal’s lipstick collection.
Cashmere – greige is more of a pink in hue than gray. It’s lovely and innocently sexy if that’s even a thing.
Pink Velvet – perfect pink says it all. If a gal has one pink lipstick in her makeup case, this has to be it.
Wicked – deep red. Be the goddess he has been dreaming about. A girl will look like Angelina Jolie in Maleficient with this stick on her lips. Not bad, eh?
Red Velvet – reddest red is just as described. It looks like a 1960s Mustang that’s red hot and so sexy. A girl won’t need to beg for a kiss. The guys will be lining up to give her one.

As a girl can see, the Velvetines are unique and lovely just like each girl is. There’s a color for everyone at Lime Crime. Check them out.

There Are Choices In Mobile Wireless Services

It can be confusing for some people when they take a look at all of the mobile wireless services, because even though the different companies advertise different things, most of them are quite similar. And it can be frustrating for those who are looking at the various mobile wireless services, because most of the companies are very similar in price, too. And those who are wanting a good plan do not always have a lot of money to spend on it.

So, what are people supposed to do when they are getting frustrated by the mobile wireless services that they could use? What are they supposed to do when they want to go with something different?

Well, what people need to do is to look no further than FreedomPop to meet all of their needs. FreedomPop is a company that knows people do not have a ton of money to spend on mobile wireless services, and it is offering its services to people for free. Those who use this service will find that they are everything that they could have longed for, and they will be doubly happy, because they will not have to spend too much on it, either.

There are many great things about FreedomPop, and it is a great thing to hear that it is expanding out as a company, as well. The company has received a good amount of money from investors, and it is using that money to be able to offer even more people free mobile services.
There aren’t many differences from one traditional mobile wireless service to the next, but when a nontraditional mobile wireless service comes into play, then people can see that they have some options to choose from. They can either go with what everyone else is using and spend too much money on the services that they will receive, or they can go with something different that will not leave them broke. The choice is up to them.

James Dondero financial Leader

James Dondero is an honors graduate of the McIntire School of Commerce, which is part of the University of Virginia. He is a Certified Management Accountant along with having degrees in Accounting and Finance. Mr. Dondero worked for American Express for four years before moving on to become the Chief Investment Officer of Protective Life until 1993. James Dondero is currently living in the Dallas area of Texas. Mr. Dondero is an active supporter of education and veteran’s affairs donating to charities in both arenas.

Mr. Dondero has worked for over 30 years in the equity markets and credit industry on linkedin.com. James Dondero is President and Co-Founder of Highland Capital. His company is mainly focused on investing. Highland Capital is a leader in finding solutions for businesses and institutional investing on a global scale. The company offers many services including mutual funds, hedge funds, ETFs, private equity funds and many more. Mr. Dondero is also a Cornerstone Healthcare’s Chairman in addition to being Chairman of Nexbank.

Dondero is an innovator in his field. With his partner HCM took the investment world by storm. They originated the CLO which is a Collateralized Loan Obligation. In other words CLO is a form of investment where money is collected from multiple parties. The Money is then used to support owners of businesses in other trades. Prior to beginning Highland Dondero had definitely beyond proven himself in the financial world by bringing in and handling more than two billion dollars in assets. Mr. Dondero is currently serving on the Boards of several companies including MGM studios and American Banknote as well as being a Chartered Financial Analyst.

James Dondero is one of the founders and the current president of HCM. He presently manages Highland’s operations in addition to planning the investment strategy at HCM. He has built a foundation of experience in the commerce, and finance field over the past three decades. He has a history of being a money maker, bringing in large amounts of money during his tenure with a company. His resume is impressive to people inside and outside his area of expertise.

In May of 2015 James Dondero was appointed Chairman of the Board to NexPoints. Many in the industry rely on Dondero’s experience in this field. The company was glad to have been able to get his services. Dondero will also serve as the President of the Company. With his vast experience in Money markets and investments as well as creating new groups of credit assets. Mr. Dondero is a major catch in his chosen industry. He also has plenty of experience in the management of portfolios not only private but business and institution as well.

How the Makeup Industry Got Shaken Up

Once Doe Deere penetrated the makeup market there was a different vibe associated with the cosmetics industry. For decades makeup also always seemed to be something that was sensible or sexy. There was nothing in between. What Doe Deere on observer has done with her Lime Crime brand is created what is considered the wild brand of makeup.

This has shaken up the makeup world, and a lot of teenagers seem thrilled by this shakeup. Sephora and Cover Girl have targeted teens, but the Lime Crime brand seems to be specifically for teenagers and young adults. That may be the difference that makes this brand so interesting. There are a lot of makeup tutorials online. There are websites that are completely dedicated to finding new makeup and applying it. There is no secret that billions are made from the mirage of consumers that apply makeup to their faces everyday. This is a very profitable business that Doe Deere has entered, and she has been giving it her all.

There is also a lot of talk about how the Lime Crime brand is cruelty free in terms of product testing. This is something that is generating a lot of buzz for the brand. What most people will notice is that cosmetics are changing due to social media. Lime Crime has become hot due to the social media buzz. Any company that is trying to attract more business will have to do more than simply produce quality products. This is still a part of the equation, but the companies that sell their brands the best are the ones that have become masters in bringing out the social media crowds.

The younger women are going to use the most makeup. They are also going to have the biggest influence when it comes to what others buy. This is why there are so many makeup ads in Seventeen magazine. This is also the reason that there are blogs dedicated to Lime Crime or Pinterest pages that will be dedicated to makeup application. It is many of the younger girls that are creating this social media atmosphere of cosmetics, and it changes how these products are sold.

There was a time when Avon and Mary Kay salespeople could host a lot of parties and entice people to buy makeup and other cosmetic accessories. Today this is still possible, but the Internet is slowly decreasing the number of independent Mary Kay and Avon salespeople. It is going to be harder to get people to host cosmetic parties when they can simply go to Amazon and see the same products. The Internet has expanded the amount of makeup and it has given people easier access to specific makeup brands.

What Is Said Online Matters For Companies And Individuals

Most people don’t take too much time to consider the impact that the online world has on their businesses, and that can really hurt them when they are just starting out. Because many people will go ahead and do a quick search via the web before they use a business for its services, if they find something negative, then they cross it off the list and never think of going there again. That is not good for the business owner, and that is where online reputation management comes in.
Business owners cannot ignore what is going on in the online world if they want their business to be able to succeed. They will have to make sure that their business has a clean record, both online and off, if they want to know that they will be drawing in new customers all of the time. Online reputation management is there to make sure that the things that are said online do not get out of control. Because, if there are too many bad things said about a company online, then things can get out of control quickly.
Darius Fisher is a man who works with this kind of thing, and he has been helping his clients to have a clean record online, for awhile. He wants to make sure that the people and companies that he works for do not have anything online that can be dug up about them. Because, when people find something negative online about a person or a company, they most likely believe it. And what is said online cannot be taken away.
So, Darius Fisher works with his clients to make sure that they never have to face anything negative happening to them online. He works with them to make sure that they have squeaky clean records, and the clients that he has start to do much better once he has been working for them. Everyone may not realize all of the damage that can be done to them online, but it is time that they started to see that. It is important that they keep themselves clean in the online world, and off, and Darius Fisher is there to help them to do that.

Knowing the Dating Culture

While there are plenty of similarities in dating across cultures, it is still important for one to know other aspects of the culture that he is dating in. Being educated about the culture can take one a long way when it comes to dating. For instance, when it comes to dating in Russia, it could help to know the different aspects of the culture that he is dating in. This could impress the woman that he is dating that he took the time to learn about some of the norms and mentalities of the country and culture.

One of the reasons one would date in Russia is due to his interest in that culture. He might also be interested in the environment. The environment of Russia is a lot different from the environment of The United States. Of course there is a difference in language as well. Fortunately, there are tons of sites that have a lot of information on the culture of Russia. Dating sites also have a little bit of information on the country. One dating site that has a little bit of information and insight into the country of Russia is AnastasiaDate.

AnastasiaDate is dedicated to bringing North American men together with Russian women. They have a little bit of information on the culture of Russia. They also can help men figure out what to do with women of that culture. What people like to do in that area and other norms that are characteristic of Russia. While AnastasiaDate is open to people of a wide range of ages and income, the majority of users are wealthy North American who are older 35 and younger than 60.

Knowing about Russian culture can not only give one an edge with Russian women, but he can also be impressive with women in his own country. Russia is an interesting place to visit. There are plenty of women that are open to the idea of dating an American. They like the possibility of traveling to the other country in order to check it out and compare it with their home country. Dating in Russia is one way for a man to expand his horizons.

The Experts of Economy

An economist is a person who has a vast knowledge and experience in the area of economics. This experience and the wide knowledge is often acquired after years of study together with the real-world experience. He or she studies how the societies’ resources and its output are related. This society may be a local community, a nation or the global society.

The opinions and findings of the researches done by the economists are important in shaping policies such as tax laws, international trade agreements, interest rates and corporate strategies.

Often, economists specialize in one area of economy which is mainly in the areas of macroeconomics and microeconomics. The macroeconomists study how a larger group of people behave and influence the economy while the micro economists focus more on an organization, an individual or a group of individuals.

The primary job of an expert in economics, regardless of their area of specialization, is to study and observe the functioning of the economy that is of interest to their corporations. Then the expert predicts and recommends on the basis of their findings.

A good number of economists work for the government as they assist the government in things such as determining monetary policies. Schools and colleges that offer economics as a major course also employ economic experts.

An economist may also be hired in the private sector either as a contractor selling own research to these companies or as an employee in large corporations. The experts need to be highly cautious and experienced as their predictions and recommendations may lead to huge loss of revenue for the corporations they are working for.

An economist goes through a very intensive schooling and it is not an easy thing to become one. Often, an economist has to have either a Masters degree but mostly those with Doctoral degrees stand a better chance in their career.

One of the highly renowned economists in the U.S is ireport’s Christian Broda (Ph.D., MIT). Christian, having served as a Managing Director of Duquesne Capital Management, and as an Economics Professor at the University of Chicago, has a vast knowledge in the economics of United States. Christian has published many books and journals about international trade and finance. Examples are the Quarterly Journal of Economics and American Economic Review. He has worked as Chief International Economist at Lehman Brothers and as the Head of International Research at Barclays Capital. Christian Broda is also a Research Fellow at NBER and has worked in the Department of Research at Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Broda graduated with a B.A from Universidad de San Andres of Argentina in January 1997. He then got his M.A., Economics degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in May 199. Two years later, Christian graduated with a Ph.D. in Economics again from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Authors From Brazil

One of the things that makes Brazil stand out is that their literature is rich with cultural diversity, joining the customs of the ancients with the modern flare of Europe. According to Brazil.org, most Brazilian pieces are written in the beautiful Portuguese language, which is the native language of Brazil.

Many wonderful authors emerged during this time. One such author is Hans Staden. Hans was a German soldier who was captured in Brazil. His tale of captivity has reached across the generations to grip those who read his work. It’s most noted for describing cannibalism through a harrowing account. Another author, Basílio da Gama, wrote the famous poem O Uraguai. He was known by his pen name Termindo Sipílio. Modernism then emerged, bringing forth greats like Aluísio Azevedo, writer of many romance stories. After that came the post modernists like Jaime Garcia Dias.

It’s hard to imagine speaking of Brazilian literature without mentioning Jaime. He’s one of the most popular and iconic authors far and wide. Born in Rio de Janeiro, It’s not a surprise that he began his literary pursuits when he was just 15 years old. He found a lot of encouragement and inspiration in the form of his father, Arnaldo Dias, a writer. By the time the early 2000s began, Dias had already published 10 books and was the winner of the White Crane Award. His success has continued to this day; Dias was recently awarded the ABC Award of Brazil Fictional Literature. One of his most popular words is titled “Clouds and Tiny.” He is currently a leader at the Carioca Literature Academy where he was once a student.

Though one of the most iconic, Jaime is not the only author who continues to stand out. Another amazing writer is Luis Fernando Verissimo, also the son of a well known author. He is well known for his satirical and humorous pieces, and he’s often been published in news papers as a writer and cartoonist. He’s considered to be one of the greatest Brazilian authors of all time, receiving the Prix Deux Oceans Latin Culture Festival of Biarritz.

One other writer that should be mentioned is Bernardo Carvalho, a young journalist. Like Jaime, he was born in Rio de Janeiro. He’s found a lot of success, being awarded the Portugal Telecom Grand Prize for his novel “Nove Noites.” He’s been writing novels since the early 1990’s and continues to wow the literary world.