North American Spine: Making the Dream of a Pain-free Life a Reality

Nearly 80 percent of all Americans will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. Some will only experience an occasional bout of pain or a short term injury that heals easily. Unfortunately, for far too many back pain becomes a constant problem, limiting their ability to work and enjoy their lives as they should. The desire to stop the pain and be active again leads to surgery, expensive forms of therapy and sometimes addictive pain relievers.


North American Spine has helped to stop the suffering for thousands of patients and they are doing so with a minimally invasive procedure that has an astounding 82 percent success rate. The secret to their success has been the cooperative environment of their team of doctors. Professionals from multiple fields of practice involved in the management of spinal injury and back pain have worked together to create an innovative solution.


The AccuraScope procedure is a product of their own design and available only through them or from board-certified doctors that have been specially trained in the procedure. It is designed to treat spinal issues that are caused by tissue-related problems and not those caused by diseases or injuries to the bone. It uses a laser smaller than the tip of a pencil to achieve results. The laser is precise, treating only the tissue it physically touches. It takes less than an hour to perform and the recovery time is practically non-existent. Patients report relief from their pain almost instantly and can begin activity or return to their jobs within a couple of days.


The results have been so astounding it has gained attention by the media. Numerous local and national media outlets are discussing the procedure and interviewing people who have benefited from it in ways they never imagined possible. Stories like the cerebral palsy patient who is ready to try out bull riding, a life-long dream, after his treatment. Numerous patients are regaining their lives and careers thanks to AccuraScope and North American Spine reviews, living a life without pain as well as saving thousands of dollars when compared to traditional treatment methods.


Abnormal Psychiatry And Those Who Suffer

Abnormal psychiatry is defined as those who suffer from a debilitating condition that greatly impacts their ability to function in everyday life. There are many conditions that fall under this category especially bi-polar disorder and schizophrenia. In days gone by, it was believed that these conditions derived from an evil spirit that has overtaken the body. People were locked in insane asylums when what they really needed was medication to balance the chemical imbalance in the brain.

Many advances have been made in the terms of psychiatry. Now, doctors fully understand how the brain functions and when the dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain are off kilter, it causes great psychological disturbances. There has always been a stigma attached to mental illness and that’s something that probably won’t go away anytime soon. Though advancements have been made that have changed the treatment plans of the mentally ill, there is still much work to do to fully understand those with abnormal psychology.

A man 40 years old begins having seizures time and time again. After numerous visits to the hospital they determine that the seizures are not affecting his brain waves, which means they are not coming from the brain’s electrical system. Actually, they are coming from his emotion state and affecting his entire body. He presented with what is known as conversion disorder. The body turns signs of stress into physical symptoms, like seizures. Some might say the body short circuits under the load of the great burdens that he was carrying. Regardless of the situation, the fact is the brain is an organ just like the kidneys, heart or lungs. It can get sick, diseased and even die.

Understanding the abnormal psychology of the matters is hard to fathom. We look to those who have ample experience in dealing with such issues to explain to those of us who are experiencing a problem, or have a loved one who is. One such person is Dr. Daniel Amen of the Amen Clinics.

Daniel Amen is a psychiatrist and world renounced author. He specializes in disorders of the brain and brining understanding to those who are suffering with these conditions. The brain is like a computer capable of many things, but when something goes array inside the meticulous wiring, it takes a novice to explain it all. Amen has helped so many people through his clinics and books. Though Amen does use medication, he also believes in solving problems without medication in some courses of treatment, depending on the case. To date, he has scanned more than 50,000 people in an effort to help them solve their psychiatric problems. He is a hero in this field and highly revered.

Dr. Jennifer Walden: Texas Super Doctor

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a plastic surgeon located in Austin, Texas. She is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and recognized as one by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. She originally began her practice in Manhattan, but moved her busy office to Austin to get back to her roots. Dr. Walden holds the distinction of being one of the few female surgeons who is board-certified in Texas. She is one of about twelve other female board-certified surgeons who belong to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and practices in Texas.

Dr. Walden grew up in the Austin area and attended the Galveston-based University of Texas Medical Branch. From there, she went on to attend the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital for her surgical residency. After her residency, Dr. Walden opened her own practice the Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center. The Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center is based out of the Westlake Medical Center located in Austin. There, Dr. Walden has an operating suite that is fully accredited. At her practice, Dr. Walden’s main focus is on cosmetic plastic surgery. The majority of the surgeries she performs are rhinoplasties, eyelid-lifts, face-lifts, breast augmentations, and liposuction. Dr. Walden has said that most of these procedures are performed on women, which is part of what drove her career to cosmetic plastic surgery. She knew that female patients would feel more comfortable talking about their bodies with another female. She knows the changes that women’s bodies go through, and she has nothing but empathy for her patients.

Not only is Dr. Walden a successful plastic surgeon, she is a philanthropist as well. She has traveled to third world countries where she has used her surgical skills to help fix cleft palates of underprivileged children. She also supports the Food in Tummies (FIT) program, which is run by the Junior League of Austin. The FIT program helps to provide nutritious food to those elementary school children who qualify for reduced or free meals while they are not in school. She is one of the main sponsors of the FIT program and personally visits with the children at the schools.

Dr. Walden is not just a skilled surgeon and a philanthropist, she is also a published author. She helped to co-author the book, “Aesthetic Plastic Surgery”.

Beneful Encourages a Healthy Lifestyle Among Pets and Pet Owners

America’s prominent dog food brand, Beneful, encourages pet owners and pets to enjoy a healthy and happy life together with a delicious and nutritious meal or treat. Notably, this well-known company by Nestle Purina strives to deliver mouth-watering pet products to fuel a dog’s taste for play and adventure. Because each Beneful product is meticulously designed to represent a component in the company’s philosophy: health, happiness, nutrition, and variety, pets and pet owners alike have ample opportunity to create a fun and healthy home environment.

In order to encourage a healthy and active pet lifestyle, Beneful offers a wide array of pet care products from dry/wet dog food to delectable dog treats. Some popular dry dog food are “Healthy Smile,” “Playful Life,” “Original,” and “Healthy Weight.” These most common and extremely desirable selections are each served with wholesome ingredients such as whole grains, vegetables, and high quality protein to promote energy and overall good health. For example, omega fatty acids support supple skin and a glossy coat while antioxidant-rich nutrition influences a strong immune system. The extremely beneficial ingredients are manufactured into an enjoyable combination of flavors and textures and ultimately encourage a delicious meal for many dogs.

Wet dog food is also available for a slightly different but scrumptious flavor and texture. Moreover, Beneful presents this food selection in conveniently small size portions to promote joy in every bite. Unlike dry dog food, wet dog food is finely chopped with real, visible ingredients which facilitates an unprecedented Beneful experience. In addition, this alternative food product breaks apart easily for fast and simple meal servings. Most importantly, Beneful’s wet dog food line is sure to appeal to most dogs’ taste buds.

Beneful’s goal is to promote healthy living through a variety of wholesome pet products. Notably, the business’ pet foods are the most highly regulated products in the industry and are often subject to federal and state laws, Food and Drug Administration, and United States Department of Agriculture. Moreover, the company ensures the safety of their consumable dog food with strict quality control produces such as a comprehensive tracking system. Similarly, the suppliers must adhere to the company’s rigorous standards for ingredient specification, product safety and sanitation, and manufacturing practices. Since 2001, Beneful has maintained strict quality control procedures, which has strongly influenced their distinct recognition as America’s leading dog food brand.

Bonding Over More Than Purina

Nestle’s subsidiary, Purina Petcare, is leading the way in the pet care industry, documenting the importance of the relationship between humans and animals on various occurrences. One example is a video recently released by Purina PetCare, in which the dog food product is initially advertised, but viewers see a bond and connection form between an adopted puppy and her newly designated owner. Although the video is a mere three minutes, viewers are able to experience and witness so much emotion.

In the aforementioned commercial, a man and his newly adopted puppy bond over more than Purina. In this ad, the man and puppy experience what Purina calls Puppyhood, which readers take to mean the time during which animals and owners initially bond and get to know one another. This ad has potential to strike a nerve for some viewers, as it brings to light multiple issues. Not only does the commercial show the impact an animal or pet can have on a human or owner, but it also sheds light on the issue of pet shelters and adoption. Many individuals are eerie of adopting animals or pets from shelters, simply because of issues the animal may struggle with from previous owners or experiences. However, this commercial sets aside that concern, and reassures onlookers of the need and benefit(s) of adopting animals from shelters, and the impact it can have not only on the animal’s life, but also your own.

Purina Petcare embraces the relationships humans form with animals, often times focusing on the benefits and positive impacts these bonds can have on each party. In this video, it is clear the puppy and newly-designated owner are bonding over more than Purina pet food, which is often the angle Purina works to portray. For reasons such as this video, Purina Petcare is leading the industry with advertising, marketing, and beneficial product development.

Ever Wonder What is Lacrosse? Matt Landis Can Answer That

As one of the fastest growing sports according to a survey done by US Lacrosse in 2013, Lacrosse is also one of the least known about sports. So what is Lacrosse?
It is believed the first games of Lacrosse could have been played by indigenous people as early as 1100 A.D. Lacrosse played a very important role in the community and religious life of tribes for a great many years. The game has changed a lot since its early days. In its infant days the field of Lacrosse was 500 meters long and consisted of anywhere from 100 to 1,000 men on the playing field at one time. Now the field is 110 yards long, 60 yards wide and have only 10 players.

Matt Landis
3 men play in the midfield position, they can move anywhere on the field and can play either defence or offence.
3 men play in the attack position, these men are solely offensive players, the only exception being when the opposing team is bringing the ball up field called the ride, then the attackmen have the job of stopping them.
3 men are in the defense position and sole job is defense, with the exception of when they clear the ball or bring the ball up field.
The last position on the field is the goalie and he is the last line of defense for his team.
The players use a stick called a crosse or Lacrosse stick to move a small rubber ball down the field to the 6ft. by 6ft. goal at the end of the field.
The interest in Lacrosse started to grow in the college world of sports in 1877 when New York University began their first Lacrosse program. The numbers of colleges and high schools offering Lacrosse as a sport steadily grew on the east coast from there. Several Lacrosse organizations came together to create the US Lacrosse in 1998, to regulate the sport and help continue its steady growth. To date there is 88 NCAA sanctioned division I teams, 46 division II teams and 208 division III teams. With 208 men’s teams competing at the Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association level, and another 107 schools having club teams in the National College Lacrosse League. There is also 349 recognized women’s teams.
Notre Dame College has one of the top ranked Lacrosse teams in the organization.
This number 4 ranked team owes a lot of its success in the last few years to defenseman Matt Landis. The 6′ 2″ 195 lbs. junior has lead his team to several victories.

matt landis selfie
Having played in 33 games, 17 of them in the starting defensive position, Matt uses his time on the field to prove his abilities being named #66 on the Power 100 Freshmen list by Inside Lacrosse, also being named as the 18th best defenseman by Inside Lacrosse also.

matt landis lacrosse stick
Matt Landis isn’t just into Lacrosse, he is studying finance in college, other interests include playing golf, hiking, skiing, skeet shooting, reading and volunteering.