Soros’ Philanthropy Remains a Target for Critics

The combination of the political leanings billionaire philanthropist George Soros and recent e-mail leaks from the Soros Foundation has led to another round of ugly discourse from his enemies. The reason for this stems from the George Soros Wikileaks controversy, which is largely believed to be the work of Russian hackers.

Opposition Roadblocks

The reason for pointing at Russia is because of that country’s strong opposition to the causes championed by Soros. Many compare this George Soros emails situation to the messy developments that took place in the Democratic party in July, just as their convention got underway.

In the latter case, the release of embarrassing e-mails indicated that the Democratic leadership was actively working to undercut Bernie Sanders in favor of Hillary Clinton during the Democratic primaries.

Being Hit from Multiple Sides

However, this most recent instance has led to the continuation of George Soros conspiracy theories by far-right sources that are heavily laden with anti-semitic messages directed at him.

The Jewish roots of George Soros have actually led to a no-win situation. That’s the result of one side that features pro-Israel Groups using the George Soros Wikileaks controversy to push forth their unsubstantiated claim that he favors Palestinians. Such efforts are based on the Soros Foundation’s efforts to document bigotry toward this particular group.

On the other side are neo-Nazi groups openly promoting a George Soros conspiracy theory that believes that the work of the Soros Foundation helps fuel terrorism. The crux of that concept is based on the aiding of migrants arriving in Europe from the civil war that’s been raging in Syria, displacing millions in the process.

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Hatred as a Weapon

Such beliefs were held long before the George Soros emails ever surfaced and will likely continue long after the 86-year-old Soros passes away. He is a perennial source of criticism during American political campaigns because of his focus on contributing exclusively to Democratic candidates.

Within the past decade, one of George Soros’ most vocal critics has been American political commentator Glenn Beck. Despite the fact that Soros is Jewish, Beck has continually claimed that the billionaire is anti-Semitic and has accused him of working with Nazis during World War II in order to save himself.

The problem with this particular George Soros conspiracy is that Soros was able to fund the Communist dissidents in his native Hungary that helped pave the way to the end of the Soviet Union. Beck has been unable to explain why such a forceful opponent of one discredited political ideology would seek to promote one even more reviled.

Forging Ahead

If the George Soros Wikileaks story was an effort to undercut the philanthropist, that has apparently failed. That’s because these George Soros emails show no drastic change in the mindset of the foundation that bears his name. The end result is more likely to infuse those working on his behalf to make greater efforts in the future.

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Why You Should Try EOS

With the winter months approaching fast, this means a lot of things are about to happen. Cold weather means colds, and colds mean dry, chapped, uncomfortable lips. This dreaded happening can be avoided if your start to moisturize your lips early. Finding the right lip balm can be confusing since there are so many brands to choose from at all different costs. One approach to take would be trying an all natural product instead of something that is medicated and contains fabricated ingredients. EOS lip balm, or Evolution of Smooth is one of those natural products that are highly desirable right now. They’ve only been around a couple of years but have really made a statement in the beauty department.

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Avi Weisfogel is a Man of Many Interests

Avi Weisfogel is an accomplished doctor offering patients the best in cosmetic dentistry in excess of 16 years, that’s fair to say. It is also fair to say that Avi has interest and involvements that are many are lay far outside the arena of medicine.
Giving is just part of what makes Dr. Avi Weisfogel who he is, and this is evidenced by such actions taken, like starting a GoFund Me page on behalf the charitable organization, Smile. The success and benefits of this program as noted in a recent article, reveal what’s in his heart.
A love for music is also in his heart, as MTV reported, this doctor like to jam. He currently has his own group of followers and continues to create hip-hop beats when he isn’t giving or helping others. How about that for way outside the realm of dentistry?
So if the good doctor does so much amazing stuff outside his profession, he must be some sort of wunderkind within the world of dentistry, right? Right. Co-Founded in 2014, Dr. Avi Weisfogel started Dental Sleep Masters, or DSM. The goal was simply to help healthcare professionals in the world of dentistry improve their businesses and business models. It does stand to reason that even within his own field, his aim would be in making those around him happier.
This doesn’t begin to tell the whole story. Yes, there’s more than, doctor, entrepreneur, humanitarian and musician that could be discussed, but that’s a good start to knowing the man behind the name. Don’t be shocked if the next MTV hit video is starring Dr. Avi, would it really be that surprising?

The Law Was Laid For Laidlaw and Company

“The Street” did an article about Laidlaw and Relmada Stockholders. Relmada therapeutics is the company that was filing a formal complaint against Laidlaw and Company. They are a company that develops therapies to treat chronic pain. They filed this complaint and they asked for a restraining order against Laidlaw and its principles Matthew Eitner and James Ahern.

Relmada Therapeutics decided to make this move because Laidlaw had they been distributing false and misleading information. Laidlaw did this to take control over Relmada Stockholders. Laidlaw was trying to take effective control of the company, but Relmada Stockholders wanted to prevent that. Relmada Stockholders believed that Laidlaw’s interests were very different from their own, and they wanted to take actions to be able to protect the company and all of the stockholders that invest in Relmada.

Laidlaw is a very well-known brokerage firm. They have been working in independent investing for the last 170 years. Laidlaw boast of more than 150 employees that are working in offices in both United States and in Europe. Laidlaw has the continual mission to provide comprehensive investment banking services to companies and individuals around the world.

Laidlaw is obviously a very reputable company, so it stands to reason that any investment that they intend to make would be in the best interest of their company. At the same time, smaller companies such as Relmada Therapeutics have to think about their future and the future of their stockholders as well. It is difficult to know who is wrong or right in this incident, but it is very apparent that Relmada Therapeutics has the law on their side. Since Laidlaw has had numerous customer complaints and sanctions, it is very possible that they may need to get more surveillance to assure that they continue to run their company in a reputable manner.

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Dr. Rod J. Rohrich and Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Rodney James Rohrich is a medical doctor by profession and a distinguished professor. He has also gathered recognition in the United States of America as well as abroad. He has also been recognized in the plastic surgery field as well as reconstructive surgery. He is also well known for his facial aesthetics, aging as well as his work in rhinoplasty.

Dr. Rod Rohrich is the current serving distinguished professor in the plastic surgery department of the University Of South Western Medical Center. He is also the current holder of the crystal ball distinct role in his field of plastic surgery. Dr. Rodney is the current holder of the Warren and Betty Woodward chair in reconstructive and plastic surgery. He is also the recipient of the Rodney James Rohrich distinguished professorship in plastic surgery and wound healing. He is also the current serving chief editor for the reconstructive and plastic surgery for the official medical journal of the plastic surgeons in the American society. Dr. Rod Rohrich is a certified plastic surgeon by the American Board of plastic surgery.

Dr. Rodney was born and raised in North Dakota. He was a brilliant student even in the earlier stages of his education. He then went to study at the University Of North Dakota in his undergraduate and postgraduate studies and graduated with first class honors. He then went to study medicine in the American college of medicine by the name Baylor. He excelled and graduated with a first class honors in medicine.

After his plastic and general surgery residency, he went to Michigan University where he furthered his training as a pediatric surgeon at the University of Oxford in England. In 1986 he joined the plastic surgery division at Southwestern medical center in Dallas.

The cosmetic surgery world is now dynamic. Whether you talk about wrinkles in the buttocks, talk about implantations in the breast as well as a full-blown facelift. This is an industry that will seem very natural for any kind of candidate and will be disrupted by the novice entrepreneurs on The industry is however never a limitation to the wealthy socialites and celebrities but a commodity that is accessible by all in society. Talk about the famous TV show by the name Extreme Makeover that promotes cosmetic products.

Dr. Gary Breslow is a plastic surgeon in New Jersey and has developed an online platform that connects plastic surgeons and patients to offer solutions. Source:

Securus Exposes Where Global Tel Link Goes Wrong

Securus is releasing a series of reports that show where Global Tel Link is going wrong. This is in response to an investigation by the Louisiana Public Service Commission. Securus is going to release a series of reports throughout the next six months in order to get the carrier to act with greater integrity. For one thing, integrity is very important when it comes to gaining trust. When one acts with integrity, then he is likely to gain the trust of people that he would want in his life. The same could be said for businesses and industries.

I find that when a business or an industry takes steps to act with more integrity, I feel more hopeful. This brings out more trust in me because I know I am not going to have to worry about getting cheated or dealing with any other unethical issues. One thing that I like about Securus is that it operates with a love for the industry of prisons and corrections. This allows people to do everything they can to serve their clients in a way that is highly ethical. They also provide technology that improves on the communication between inmates and their families.

The technologies of Securus not only improves the communication between inmates and their families, but also helps inmates rehabilitate. For one thing, the technology allows them to rebuild their skills and educate themselves on what they can do in order to gain gain employment and readjust to life outside of prison. Many people that are going to be incarcerated are only going to face a temporary sentence. Therefore, they need something to keep them up to date to the outside world. Securus offers the technologies needed to educate them on what they can do in order to be able to support themselves after the sentence is served.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Labaton Sucharow Forms Representation Team to Provide Support to Whistleblowers

In 2010, Securities and Exchange Commission passed the ground breaking Dodd-Frank Act, which offered financial incentive and employment protection to whistleblower reporting significant violations of the federal securities law. The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Law and Consumer Protection Act is regarded as the most important legislation to protect the right of consumers and whistleblowers. To support the legislation, Labaton Sucharow is the first law firm in the nation that has developed a program to offer legal and moral support to whistleblowers.

The law firm is confident of the success of the unique program as it offers unparalleled securities litigation for its clients offering a highly experienced in-house team. The team consist of lawmakers who have worked on formulating the famous Dodd-Frank Act. Besides, whistleblowers will also get access to world-class financial analysts, forensic experts and team of private investigators. The head of the program is none other than Jordan A. Thomas, who acted as Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel and Assistant Director in the Division of Enforcement at the Securities and Exchange Commission. It is notable that Jordan played an instrumental role in developing, formulating and implementing the whistleblower bill. As a result, Labaton Sucharow prides itself in presenting one of the most knowledgeable and experienced teams in dealing with the issue.

Under the rules of the whistleblower law, whistleblowers are entitles to almost 10 percent to 30 percent of monetary sanction collected from the proceeds of law enforcement actions, which exceeds $1 Million. In addition to the compensation, whistleblowers are also entitled to various other financial compensations that are collected from the actions of related federal agencies. Apart from the financial compensation, the Dodd-Frank act prohibits employers to sack whistleblowers or act in retaliation to whistleblowing activities. Another important clause is the privacy rule that enables whistleblowers to remain anonymous, if represented by an attorney.

For more information regarding how Labaton Sucharow can help whistleblowers or anyone interested in helping law enforcement deal with financial irregularities, the firm offers free consultation by whistleblower representation team. Anyone can easily contact the team by email, telephone or electronic submission of inquiry through the website. All initial consultations leading to case preparation are completely free of cost and includes provisions of attorney-client privacy relationship. During initial consultation, whistleblowers are not forced to provide names of possible security violators. However, revealing personally identifiable information helps the whistleblower representation team to offer a tailor-made solution suited to the client.

Philip Diehl, U.S. Money Reserve Reads From the Same Page with George Soros

Philip Diehl is the current U.S Money Reserve. Recently Diehl was on the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio where he discussed the future of the gold market and strong customer service of U.S Money Reserves.

Initially, Diehl served as U.S. Mint Director, and he is viewed as the most successful director in the history of U.S. Mint. He initiated the 50 State Quarter program.

Diehl was instrumental in introducing the first U.S. government – issued platinum coin. Diehl is transforming Money Reserve from the old agency into a more entrepreneurial one, and he has made a commitment to improving the company’s customer service.

In the interview with the host Eric Dye, Diehl pointed out that world financial volatility and uncertainties have been increasing due to rising of “BRICK” countries. He explained that the economic success of populations in these countries put a lot of pressure on the prices of gold.

According to Forbes, China has a high affinity for gold. In fact, it has been highlighted that 65% of world gold sales come from China and India.

Gold is often treated as a haven because its value is controlled exclusively by market forces, thus making it a suitable investment when economic turmoil is expected. Diehl also pointed out that various central banks are buying gold to be able to sustain the value of their reserve. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

He explained that U.S. dollar has been doing very well against other major currencies in the last few years. However, the trend cannot be sustained. On the same note, a legendary investor George Soros explained that China has many problems with its adjustment programs.

It is devaluing its currency by releasing a lot of money in the market. This will increase the value of dollar too high to the point where it will amount into crises. Diehl said, “What goes up must come down”; he added and said that although he cannot tell the exact top of the dollar, he firmly believes we are so close.

  1. Money Reserve has emerged as the largest distributors of government-issued precious coins, bars, and metal bullion. Recently, US Money Reserve started an IRA program, which is an individual precious metal program where customers can hold physical growth as a means of securing wealth and benefiting from expected rise in gold price. Read more:Gold & Silver | Precious Metals
  2. Diehl explained that consumers could choose from silver, platinum coins, and U.S. Minted gold. They have been backed by the U.S. government as a legal tender. Moreover, the U.S. minted gold coins are guaranteed in terms of weight, purity, and gold content.

Success Written Through Effort and Sacrifice for Uplifting Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital has been honored for producing a winner (Anthony Marsala, COO) in the 2015 40 Under Forty program organized by the Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts. The program identifies key traits in an individual for recognition and in the 2015 evaluation, the Chief Operating Officer of Madison Street Capital, Anthony Marsala, emerged among top professionals who won a slot in the 40 Under Forty program. The program mentions emerging and experienced professionals who have laid impact in the fields of business valuation, litigation consulting, financial forensics and expert witness testimony among others.

A total of 125 professionals are nominated for the program, but only 40 are selected by an independent panel of judges to appear in the 40 Under Forty program. Fortunately, Anthony Marsala made it to the list for upholding aggressiveness in ensuring accountability and quality control. He has proved to have international presence in the European, African and Asian business markets. He oversees the due diligence of Madison Street Capital and scrutinizes the analytical teams, which are tasked with performing business evaluations for M&A and corporate finance clients. His bid for quality has earned him the respect and recognition, thereby emerging among top professionals selected by the panel.

Mr. Marsala is a specialist in corporate finance, business evaluation as well as M&A. His performance record speaks success and in all the extensive valuation he has done for transactional engagements, he has maintained a positive attitude and dedication to quality work. Marsala has been offering financial and analytical services for 13 years, focusing on companies in the middle market and startups. He has also touched on companies in the energy sector and technology.

His hand in Madison Street Capital
Marsala is the Chief Operating Officer at Madison Street Capital, a boutique investment firm that offers financial advisory services. Madison Street Capital also gets in the way to facilitate seamless mergers and acquisitions, reorganization, capital restructuring buy outs and issues to do with bankruptcy.

Additionally, the company offers business goodwill and valuation of intangible assets. During solvency initiations, the company offers opinions and fairness that allows for seamless transition. Madison Street Capital is based in Chicago, Illinois and helps professionals to make decisions that will not hurt the financial structure of a business. Madison Street Capital is run by professionals who are trained and updated about any changes in the market that may affect the running of businesses.

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Chace’s Choice

Beneful dog food has provided me with a great dog food experience. Whether its wet food, kibble, dry food or treats, my dog, Chace has never been healthier! He’s usually a pretty lazy dog, but as soon as I started feeding him Purina Beneful’s high protein dog foods, he’s been way more energetic! He’s started running when I take him for walks, I think he just has too much energy and he doesn’t know what to do with it!

I’ve also taught him so many tricks using the treats provided by Beneful. They’re small, but he loves them! So they’re the perfect way to finally teach him to roll over, which is the only trick he has trouble with).
His favorite meat choices are Beef and Turkey. Only the best for my little pooch, I guess. I tried feeding him chicken and he wouldn’t have it. I had to give it to my neighbor for their dog so it wouldn’t go to waste! As soon as I opened the beef one, however, he was all over it and ate it before I even finished putting my food on a plate. I feed him at the same time as me so he doesn’t feel left out, so when he finished before me, it didn’t really work because he wanted more and was begging me for scraps. I guess I should wait until I have my food dished up next time!
His favorite treats are the apple looking ones with the peanut butter filling. Whenever I have to give him any medication, it goes right into the peanut butter and he’s none the wiser!
I guess my point is that Beneful is the best dog food experience I’ve tried yet and I recommend it to anyone I see in the dog food isle and I’ve already converted two of my neighbors to Beneful!

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