John Goullet and Diversant Deliver Superior Staffing Solutions

A Staffing and Solutions Firm
Diversant is a fully certified Minority Owned Business Enterprise. It is considered to be a MBE. This is the biggest African-American owned IT staffing firm within the entire United States. You will be impressed with the broad range of diversity and staffing products that are provided. This includes the following:
* IT staff augmentation
* innovative diversity solutions
* direct hire
These are products and services that have the goal to meet all of the needs of clients and associates, as well as the communities that they are serving. Diversant takes pride in solving critical issues instead of acting as a commodity supplier. A consultative approach is incorporated with engagement. The idea is to engage clients as real business partners. This leads to the solving of issues.

A High Level of Service is Provided
Diversant strives to provide 100 percent satisfaction to each customer, partner, and each consultant. Providing a high level of service through the use of diversity and an entire team-driven approach. This is a highly successful operation that will lead to business solutions. Experience and a clear expertise fosters highly effective outcomes. Accommodating all needs enables Diversant to provide a high level of service and satisfaction.

Conducting Business with Integrity
Diversant has a solid dedication and commitment. Including ethical business practices is within the values of this business. Integrity plays a large role in this firm. This is a trustworthy business that incorporates the following:
* highly ethical conduct
* disciplined teamwork
* a high respect for others
* continuous professional development

Introducing Principal Executive John Goullet
John Goullet is the has been with Diversant since February, 2010. He is Chairman. He obtained his education from Ursinus College. He offers his own broad range of experience and knowledge. His background is remarkable and his experience in information technology is broad and impressive. He serves as Chairman and Principal at Diversant.

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Why Everybody Should Partake in Thorough Spring Cleaning

It is not only tradition but also important to thoroughly clean the entire house at the start of spring. This is because after being cooped up in the house for an entire 5 months of cold winter, almost everything in it is dirty and grimy. The air is stale, carpets are dirty and even the walls are grimy. There is need for a breath of fresh air into the home.

Spring comes with a frenzy of activity and energy and for many, it is the perfect opportunity to not only clean the house but also their garage and yard. Spring cleaning is prevalent in areas that are hit by extremely cold winters. However, it is advisable for everybody to partake in spring cleaning to make their homes clean. It also helps to get rid of dirt that accumulates on carpets, rugs, curtains, furnishings, draperies, beddings and even mattresses. This reduces allergens, pollutants and dust particles making our homes healthier and safe.

All homeowners are advised to be proactive and clean their homes regularly even before signs of dirt appear. This is because if these signs do appear, then one has waited too long. This may cause a breakout of allergies and other respiratory disorders especially for young kids and the elderly. However, for those leading busy lifestyles with little to no free time, it is recommended to hire home cleaning services.

Handy is currently a leading platform that connects home owners and other individuals looking for home cleaning and handymen services with professional contractors. All the service professionals working with the company are qualified and pre-screened to ensure the safety and satisfaction of all of Handy’s customers. The company has an efficient mobile application and online website to make bookings and payments seamless. It also offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee and quickly responds to all customer feedback.

Handy was established in 2012 as Handybook. Its founders, Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua, launched the company in New York City using $50,000 seed capital raised from investors. Together, the pair have managed to grow the firm into a global one with a net worth of about $500 million. Oisin Hanrahan runs the company as the CEO while Umang Dua is the Chief Operating Officer. Today, it operates in over 28 cities both in the US and the UK.

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Doug Levitt Catches The Bus For Artistic Success

Doug Levitt is a name those who watch CNN may know well from his time as an international correspondent with the company, which is a role he has left behind to look for success as an artist in many different types of media. Levitt has become famous as a musician, writer, and storyteller through “The Greyhound Diaries” project he has been working on since 2004; the initial project began as a six week journey by Greyhound bus across parts of the U.S. to look at the very real struggles the people of the country face on a daily basis.

The initial journey has continued for Doug Levitt as he continues to travel the country exploring the problems facing those at the lowest level of society facing a daily battle against poverty. Doug Levitt also tours the U.S. completing live shows based on the many songs and book he has completed detailing the experiences he has had during his journey of over 80,000 miles; this journey has seen Levitt follow in the footsteps of some of the most famous musicians, authors, and artists the U.S. has produced in looking at life for those often ignored as members of society across the country.

The life of Doug Levitt did not always seem destined for a career as an artist, particularly after his education took in programs from the sciences through to international politics. The political life could have provided a home for Doug Levitt after members of his own family entered local politics in Washington D.C., instead Levitt found his love of music return during a stint with CNN in London.

For Doug Levitt his career as a journalist with CNN provided a large amount of success for the future based upon his belief that life outside the major metropolitan areas of the U.S. is barely represented in the news; Levitt also believes politicians living and working in Washington D.C. struggle to keep up with the lives of everyday people in the U.S. as the nation’s capital remains recession proof because of its elevated status in political life.

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Keith Mann Commits to Fund the Next Generation of Leaders using a Scholarship Program

Keith and Keenly Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement has been announced by Keith Mann of Dynamics Search Partners. This award is designed to recognize the leaders of next generation of innovation. In addition to the announcement, the two are also pleased to partner with Uncommon Schools and certain NPOs that are based in New York City. The objective is to implement this scholarship opportunity to one of the graduating senior each year to Uncommon Schools like Brooklyn-based high schools.

Applicants will, therefore, be asked to deliver a 1,000-word essay showing how earning the degree of their choice will assist them to achieve their future professional goals. During the announcement, Joe Frick of the Uncommon Charter High School said that the school was grateful for Keith and Keely Mann for their commitment and generosity to funding the programs through scholarship. He added that the scholarship will help the students attend a four-year college.

Keith Mann is a donor, an advocate for education, the founder of Dynamics Search Partners and he is committed to identifying strong leaders as well as connecting them with their career path to cultivating their dreams. During the announcement, Mann said that their role was to support the Uncommon Schools’ goal of preparing low-income students to attend and graduate from college and pursue their professional goals using their degree.

Currently, the scholarship program is open to graduating seniors from Brooklyn, New York’s Uncommon Charter High School. The application process is expected to be open by Feb. 29, 2016. One winner will then be announced by the end of March 2016 and will be eligible for a $5,000 scholarship for college tuition. Keith Mann is a writer, British animal rights campaigner and was named by police in 2005 as the leader of Animal Liberation Front (ALF) movement.

Currently, Keith Mann is the CEO of Dynamic Search Partners, a service that aims to source top quality young talent for the hedge fund industries. Mann has worked in the executive search industry for about 15 years to become an expert in the hedge fund compensation hiring strategies and staffing.

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GoFundMe Campaign Created By Avi Weisfogel In Hopes Of Helping Operating Smile

Over the years of its existence, the Operation Smile program has been helped many children all across the globe, in hopes of repairing their broken smiles. Often this is a result of a cleft palette, but other surgeries have been performed as well. Professional, Avi Weisfogel, has currently set up a GoFundMe campaign designed to raise money for Operation Smile. Run solely off of donations, the goal of two thousand dollars could make a big dent in the organization’s needs. Operation Smile not only aims to repair physical imperfections, but to also increase these children’s self esteem levels and outlook on life.

While these surgeries are very common in the United States, and can be performed affordably and quickly, these procedures are not easy to come by in impoverished nations and in other areas on an international level, across the globe. Weisfogel is one of the great people who are trying to help increase the success of Operation Smile in hopes of making these procedures more accessible and more frequent. Weisfogel has spoken on behalf of his fundraiser, saying:

“Operation Smile believes that every child deserves exceptional surgical care and that all children deserve to be treated as if they were our own. The organization wants to ensure that every child knows no matter what life throws at them, they will always have hope.”

To date, over 220,000 surgeries have been performed by Operation Smile with hundreds of doctors supporting the cause and donating their time and services. Over eight different countries have experienced the effects that Operation Smile can create. With more funding available in the future, this success will only grow and more children will be able to receive live changing medical procedures and care.

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Charles Koch Shares Letter From his Father

Charles Koch revealed an important letter from his private life, one his father wrote to him when he was just a baby. Charles Koch found it in his father’s safety deposit box many years later, after his father’s death. Now he keeps it framed behind glass.

In it Koch father says when he’s 21 years old he will receive what will seem like a large sum of money. It could be a blessing or a curse. He could use it as a valuable tool or squander it foolishly. Koch explains that it would be a curse if he had let it keep him from thinking he didn’t need to develop his skills or not make a contribution.

Koch describes how his father instilled a work ethic in him starting at a very young age, because he did not want his sons to become “country club bums.” When he was six years old, his job was to pull up the dandelions. He went on to milk cows, bale hay, shovel out stalls, dig post holes and fix fences.

Eventually, Charles asked his father why he had to work so much harder than his three younger brothers, and his father replied that it was he, Charles, who wore out the father. Koch said people need to learn to work hard by the time they’re in their thirties, or they probably will never be very productive.

The letter continues to say that adversity is often a blessing in disguise and often a great builder of character.

Charles Koch is the elder of the four sons of Fred Koch, who founded Rock Island Oil & Refining Company. After graduating from college with two master’s degrees, one in chemical engineering and one in mechanical engineering, he went to work for Arthur D. Little. However, before long he went to work for his father at Rock Island Oil. Six years later, he became president of the company. To honor his father, who died soon after, he changed the name to Koch Industries. He is still CEO. He and his brother David co-own it equally.

Koch is also the author of Good Profit, a New York Times bestseller published late last year. In it he describes how he grew his father medium-sized oil company into the second-largest privately held company in the United States using a process he calls Market Based Management. The purpose is to make money by providing value to everybody involved: the business, the customer, the employees, the shareholders and society as a whole.

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Highland Capital Management Will be the Top Purchaser of Argentina Bonds

The future looks bright for Argentina has it returns to the global bond markets to raise approximately $12 billion. Highland Capital Management LP happens to be one of the potential buyers that will help the nation to settle its debts. The Dallas, TX-based investment manager plans to purchase plenty of securities after Argentina makes the long-awaited return.

Highland Capital possessed Argentina’s $4 billion of notes that are expiring in 2033, and happened to be the biggest holder prior to pairing its holding in more than the past six months. Argentina is raising funds to pay a group of creditors headed by billionaire Paul Singer. The nation expects even the lenders to purchase its bond. Argentina will issue bonds worth $11.68 billion and expect returns of 7.5 to 8 percent. According to Luis Caputo, Argentinian Finance Secretary the three bonds issued will have a maturity of five, ten, and thirty years respectively.

Argentine President, Mauricio Macri has implemented policies aimed at regaining market access and reversing policies of former President Cristina Fernandez after assuming the presidency in December 2010. The country was banned from the international bond markets after accumulating debts totaling to $95 million in 2010. Highland Capital stands to be the biggest beneficiary after Thomas Griesa; the U.S. District Judge lifts the ban. Apart from the sovereign bond, Dondero is planning to pursue other investment opportunities. Many creditors are establishing dedicated Argentina funds and investing in equity, debt, and private equity.

With over thirty years of experience in the equity and credit markets, James Dondero is responsible for overseeing Highland Capital Management’s investment strategies and overall strategic planning. Currently, he manages close to $21 billion in assets. He pioneered the award-winning Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) and established a non-bank CLOs back in 1996. He is a member of several boards such as American Banknote Corporation and MGM Studios. Dondero serves as chairperson of the board for Nexbank, CCS Medical, and Cornerstone Healthcare.

Dondero attended the University of Virginia and graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce after specializing in Finance and accounts. He has undertaken professional courses, and he holds designations such as CFA, CMA, and CPA. He is a strong supporter of Educational causes, veteran affairs, and economic policies.
Career life

Dondero started his career at a humble beginning, working as a credit analyst for Morgan Guaranty in 1984. American Express employed Dondero as a Corporate Bond Analyst, and he was promoted to a Portfolio Manager. The original version of this article was published on Bloomberg;

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George Soros’ Political Contributions This Election Cycle

George Soros has become very well known for his involvement in American politics. While he is from Hungary, he has a strong vested interest in the Democratic party. George Soros has greatly assisted members of the party with his sizable donations. In fact, he has donated many millions of dollars to various democratic campaigns in history. These campaigns have been made more successful, due to his contributions. He has done a lot for Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Actually, he has given around 8 million dollars to her campaign. This will greatly assist her efforts to win in the election, and the money will be put to good use. In the past, he has donated to Barrack Obama. However, he did not donate as large of an amount to his campaign. George Soros is also a major supporter of Hillary Clinton and her policies. He says that if he had a do over, he would have supported Hillary Clinton during 2008 over Barrack Obama.
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George Soros donated a large amount of money to a Super PAC that is assisting Hillary Clinton’s campaign. The name of the super PAC is Priorities USA. He provided this donation in December, and he donated 6 million dollars of this money. This sizable donation has helped the political action organization to grow, and they have raised even more money. Actually, they have raised tens of millions more dollars. The organization has gotten more than 40 million dollars this year, partly as a result of George Soros’ donation and fundraising. This PAC can be expected to be a tremendous ally in Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

During Obama’s campaign, George Soros also gave money to Priorities USA. However, the donation was of less significance. The donation was for a million dollars. While this is significant, it is a lesser amount by George Soros’ standards. Prior to this, he provided 20 million dollars to an organization that was meant to get Bush out of power. This happened during 2004, and it was the largest donation he has given to political organizations.

George Soros hasn’t just donated to this political action organization for Hillary Clinton. This organization was supplied with 1 million dollars by George Soros. While this donation is smaller, it is certainly enough to make a significant difference in the campaign, as well.

Given George Soros’ extremely large donation history, he is thought of as an important figure to the democratic party in America. In fact, he is seen as a bellweather to many democrats. His donations tend to have a significant impact on the political arena, due to their size. Also, other wealthy individuals are inclined to make donations to the organizations and candidates that George Soros is in support of. He is a leader in this way.

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Thor Halvorssen Explains Bernie Sanders To Fox News

Thor Halvorssen did an interview at Fax News to explain to the people how Bernie Sanders wants to run America. Thor Halvorssen runs the Human Rights Foundation, and he wants people to understand that Bernie Sanders is not a tyrant. Bernie Sanders is not a communist, and Bernie Sanders is not someone who is going to take everyone’s money. Thor Halvorssen has seen a lot of the worst of the world in his work for human rights, and he wanted to set the record straight.

Someone who was not sure could watch the interview to learn that Bernie Sanders is actually a democratic socialist who believes that all the tax dollars in America should be spent on the people. He wants to take the tax money that is already collected to use it for better things, and he wants to help people who need it the most. He wants to help Americans who are working hard, and he wants to see if he can help people who are not getting the help they need today.

The help that people receive under Bernie Sanders will look like what happens in Finland and Sweden under their governments, and he is going to be very progressive in his thinking. Communists are not like that, and Thor Halvorssen has seen a lot of things that are very distressing. He has seen things that would scare Americans. They will not get anything scary from Bernie Sanders, but they will see their tax dollars used in a better way.

Thor Halvorssen has spent his lifetime working on human rights around the world because some people do not have them, and he wants to help those people get the representation they need. He wants to help people who have no help, and he wants those people to get the funding they need from people who want to help. He knows that Bernie Sanders is concerned with people who are helpless, and he knows that he and Bernie Sanders are very similar. Explaining that Bernie Sanders actually believes in spending better should help Americans make a better decision at the polls.

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Dick Devos’ Life Changing Contributions To Schools and Poor Children

Chester Finn was one of the earliest policy makers who realized more needed to be done in the educational sector. He states that one of the first institutions to try and change the system was ford through its initiative the ford foundation. Even though it failed the idea behind it lived on. Philanthropists came up and started doing more such as political lobbying. Chester Finn is the founder and director of Fordham institute.

John Kirtley is an investor by profession and was not interested in philanthropy. After establishing a successful business venture he decided to use some of his money to benefit others. He joined the Student Scholarship Fund. Previously he was engaged in supporting low income Catholic schools. He soon discovered that more needed to be done. There was need to be heard by the people who make policy. He and other philanthropists started to lobby for policy change. If a politician did not yield they encouraged people to vote him out so that another one could take his place.

Fred Klipsch saw the discrimination that was leveled against students in local non performing schools. He is a product of public schools and is successful in life. He is based in Indiana and previously donated to schools until he saw the futility of operation without changing the policy.

Betsy DeVos started donation to education in 1980. She has taken hands on approach where she personally visits schools and other educational institutions. Policy change is the only thing that can change the sector. According to her things are not as grim as they were in the past.

Thomas carol is another innovative philanthropist. He strived to reform the education sector and change the mindset of donors. Contributing money is only a reprieve. There is need to have a permanent solution to what is ailing the schools. Doing that would involve changing the public policy to improve the education sector.

Dick DeVos is an American entrepreneur and philanthropist. He since realized that facilitating short term educational goals would not work. From 1993-2002 he served as the CEO of Amway Ltd. He strived to do more in addition to sponsoring students. In 1990 he ran and won a position in the Michigan State Board of Education. DeVos and his wife started a foundation called Education Freedom Fund which they run up to date. The Fund is also involved in funding lobby groups such as Choice for Children.

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