Favorable Outcomes in SEC Whistleblower Cases

Whistleblowers that decide they are going to share the information they have are put in an extremely precarious position, as they literally do not know what is going to happen with their careers in the future. Many people that possess the type of information that is worthy of coming forward with have not only earned degrees, but have worked in their field for years and years. When it comes to exposing information and possibly having that all taken away, most people are faced with a situation that leads to them keeping their mouths shut. However, laws such as the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, which was enacted by congress in the year 2010, has created a much greater protection for anyone that wants to come forward.

One such case that has received quite a bit of attention is a case where a whistleblower received 17 million dollars, which is hands down one of the biggest amounts that has ever been granted. This outcome was without question due in large part to Jordan Thomas, who is an SEC whistleblower attorney, who has been quite successful when it comes to these types of cases. While many people are well aware of the major whistleblower cases that have been in the media, involving such people as Edward Snowden, there are a ton of these types of cases that happen all the time, which a great deal of people never even hear about.

Most people are put in an extremely difficult situation when they discover information about a company, which they know is illegal and wrong. Not only is it hard to deal with this type of information, it is extremely difficult for a person to decide that they do in fact want to expose it. This often comes at huge risk, although you can expect a lot more protection these days, as it is not only highly encouraged that people come forward, there are huge rewards for doing so. A lot of people have no idea what they should do when it comes to exposing this type of information, but the best thing you can do is find an SEC whistleblower lawyer that works these cases with regularity. No one is going to give a whistleblower a better chance of not only staying anonymous, but receiving a monetary payout at the end of the day, so selecting a great lawyer is key in these cases.

The Brexit Gold Coin Memorializes an Important Day and Protects the Future

Historic moments happen each day, but rarely is there instantly a way to remember them that simultaneously protects you in the long run. On June 23, 2016, a moment known as Brexit came to be when Britain determined that they would withdraw from the European Union. This was, of course, a surprising moment in history as Britain was part of the Union since 1973, but the moment brought relief to many. Alas, this mostly joyous moment struck fear in some natives as they were uncertain of their home’s economic future. Essentially, how will this moment effect the economy and relationships with the surrounding countries? Surely unsettling thoughts, which made the immediate gold invention fairly astounding, appropriate, and perfect for the time in more ways than one.

The Brexit gold coin is fundamental for a multitude of reasons, including its significance for the time, what it means in the long term, and why it meant a lot for plenty of individuals. Twenty-six millimeters in diameter, this coin is adorned with a Union Jack that portrays Britain’s removal from the Union. Worth twenty dollars, the Brexit gold coin is an investment to make for those who are uncertain of their home’s economic state. The market for gold has shifted for the better drastically in the past decade and experts have urged to invest in the precious metal as often as possible. When currency fails, gold succeeds, and that is a factor that cannot be ignored.

This coin is visually stunning, but the true meaning behind it is to memorialize this surprising day. Few expected Britain to withdraw from the Union, which left the entire continent dumbfounded, to say the least. Though Britain will do what it can to protect its citizens, it is difficult to conclude what the future will hold for this iconic portion of the world. This coin stands as a symbol for June 23, 2016, but also as a protector of the future for Britain. Gold is a great investment, has always been, and will continue to be for the rest of time. Though people have yet to invest in gold, the Brexit coin stands as a reminder to do so as soon as possible.

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The Industry Council for Tangible Assets Makes the President of the U.S Money Reserve to be its New Chairperson

The U.S Money Reserve’s current president was recently selected by the board of director of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets as its new chairperson. The appointment of Mr. Philip Diehl was made during a board meeting. Read more: U.S. Money Reserve Wins Four Awards At 20th Annual Videographer Awards For Creative Work

Mr. Diehl is well known for his distinguished career where he has held various executive positions such as being the vice president of the ICTA Board of Directors and the director of the U.S Mint, where he is greatly appreciated for his service.

The ICTA is a body that was set up to the primarily control the transaction of paper money, highly valued coins, and precious metal bullion. The regulatory institution has the authority to operate in 50 states of the U.S. It serves as a platform for the member companies to debate, consult, and interact with various government and private institutions to solve complex hiccups that face their business.

Philip is greatly appreciated by the ICTA for being an active frontrunner in the passing of various crucial laws at both the state and federal levels. One of the main achievements of the administrator is the adjustment of the 2013 Minnesota statute that had inflicted various impediments that were unfavorable to businesspersons who deal with numismatics and bullion. Mr. Diehl has ample knowledge in the regulatory sector since he has served at the state office and in Washington.

He applied his expertise in the formation of the ICTA’s communication and legislative rules and also helped in influencing Governor Mark Dayton to sign the laws, which was passed by the Minnesota Legislators.

The governor approved the regulations in May 2016. As the new chairperson of the ICTA, Mr. Diehl is dedicated to enhancing the competence of the organization and its membership.

According to GoodSearch, the U.S Money Reserve is a dependable distributor of government-issued precious coins, bullion, and bars. The physical headquarters of the company are in Austin, Texas. The official website of the company indicates that its services are currently used by hundreds of thousands of Americans and foreigners who want to be involved in the business of government-issued precious metals.

The U.S Money Reserve has hired experts who have sufficient knowledge of coin research and numismatics, and this assists it in deciding on what its clients can buy or sell to get the best returns. The company has been able to develop and maintain long-lasting relationships with its customers since it has the best customer service in the entire industry.

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Securus Technologies Donates $350,000 to the Louisiana Department of Corrections

Securus Technologies recently awarded $300,000 in free phone calls and contributed an additional $50,000 to the inmate welfare fund at the Louisiana Department of Corrections. Securus gave one free call each day to each inmate housed in a Louisiana State Prison from the time of the recent, 2016 Louisiana flood until September 7, 2016 to help them keep in touch with their families. Richard A. Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies said, “we need to take extraordinary measures to make sure that communications are maintained [to] reduce anxiety and stress in our inmate” families.


Securus Technologies is committed to easy, accessible criminal justice technology to improve the incarceration experience without compromising public safety. Since 1986, hundreds of engineers, designers and technicians have pioneered hundreds of patents and innovative solutions to offer “high-quality, high-tech software solutions” inexpensively with the best customer service of any inmate communication system.


Securus Technologies, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, serves 3,400 correctional facilities housing 1.2 million inmates in the 48 contiguous United States. Securus Technologies provides high tech prepaid inmate telephone communication and message services to keep inmates connected with their family and friends. Video visitation increases public safety, reduces correctional institutions’ costs in supervising prisoner’s visitation, and actually increases the number of times visitors can see and contact inmates. Video visitation can be scheduled online and allows family and friends to visit with their incarcerated loved one through a computer video screen in the common areas of the prison.




InnovaCare Health: Leading The Way In Puerto Rico’s Medicare Advantage Plans

Today, millions of American seniors are opting for government approved Medicare Advantage Health Plans in lieu of the traditional health options granted under the official, Original Medicare and Medicaid health plans of the U.S. government.

Just What Is Medicare Advantage

Basically, it’s a way to continue giving managed health care to millions of Americans via health maintenance organizations (HMO) or variations of preferred provider organizations (PPO). Being paid by a monthly fee, Medicare Advantage Plans are a viable, good alternative to the Original Medicare that directly pays providers a fee for services(FFS).

As an alternative to the Original Medicare Parts A and B, subscriber members also receive a Part C. That being said, Medicare Advantage beneficiaries must always sign up first for Original Medicare with Part A and Part B and pay the fully allotted regular monthly premiums before they can opt for Medicare Advantage Plans that carry a Plan C.

What Part C Health Plans Cover

Typically, Part C Medicare Advantage health plans cover in addition to Part A and Part B services, an annual physical exam. Moreover, partial or full vision and/or dental coverage with certain service limitations are also included. Many times, services that include hearing and wellness benefits, that are not covered by Original Medicare Advantage plans, are also included.

One distinguishing feature of the Medicare Advantage health plans is that there’s a limit on out-of-pocket expenses a subscriber member has to pay. However, in Original Medicare plans the out-of-pocket expenses are unlimited.

Medicare Advantage Health Plans Are Not Identical

While each Medicare Advantage Plan must as a rule carry Parts A and B, individual Medicare Advantage Plans in InnovaCare Health have differing rules, coverages, costs and restrictions. As such, not one of the plans are across-board identical in any way and potential members should do their own thorough inquiries as to what is covered and what is not.

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The InnovaCare Health Network

One such Medicare Advantage Health Plan that is setting benchmarks in Puerto Rico is the New Jersey-based InnovaCare Health Plan. Under the apt leadership of Dr. Rick Shinto, its current CEO of InnovaCare. And Penelope Kokkinides, the current CAO at InnovaCare, Inc., there are more than 40 years of cumulative experience in the Medicare and Medicaid fields.

With a membership base of over 200,000 people, the fast-growing Puerto Rico Medicare Advantage Health Plan is serviced by more than 7,500 quality network providers and two differing Puerto Rican Medicaid Health Plans. InnovaCare Health, already recognized as a leading health care provider in North America is now focused on making its Caribbean operations a role model for other Latin expansion plans.

James Dondero Connects with The Dallas Foundation for Charitable Giving Program

Highland Capital Management, a Dallas-based investment advisor is working with the charitable organization The Dallas Foundation to benefit North Texas communities. James Dondero, co-founder and President of Highland Capital, teamed up with Mary Jakonick, President & CEO of The Dallas Foundation, because the company’s charitable contributions have grown to over $3 million. He wanted to make sure the money was doing the best possible. Jim and Mary set up the Highland Dallas Foundation. It supports veterans, education and healthcare organizations in the region. Recently The Dallas Foundation hired Linda Owen to work directly with Highland and Jim with their giving.

JDondero co-founded Highland Capital and currently serves as their President. The company’s investment philosophy is to produce consistent, above average returns while focusing on preservation of capital He has over 30 years’ experience in the credit and equity markets. His expertise is in the area of high-yield investing and investing in distressed assets. Highland Capital was started in 1993. They worked in the development of Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLOs). They deal with institutional and retail investors throughout the world. They offer hedge funds, private equity funds, mutual funds, ETFs, REITs and more to their clientele.

Dondero is also Chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare. He is a board member of American Banknote and MGM Studios. Before HCM James was Chief Investment Officer, helping to expand GIC a subsidiary of Protective Life. Before that he worked as a corporate bond analyst and portfolio manager for American Express. He started his career in the training program of Morgan Guaranty. He graduated from the University of Virginia, with dual majors in accounting and finance. James has earned the designation of Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and Charted Financial Analyst (CFA).

This article recapped http://www.dallasfoundation.org/ForDonors/DonorStories/JamesDondero/tabid/449/Default.aspx

Reasons Why Raj Fernando Prefers Recruiting “A” Players

When the markets are open for business, the trading floor is always busy with intense activities but at the break room of Chopper Trading things are always different at the close of business. The break room has gym equipment where employees can lift some weights while others enjoy a game of poker or table tennis. Sometimes they go out to watch the Sox, Cubs, Bulls and Blackhawks courtesy of the season tickets provided by the company. The atmosphere in their line of work is usually intense but Raj Fernando loves making the atmosphere at Chopper Trading as pleasant as he possibly can to counter the stress.

This is why he employs different tactics when it comes to hiring his workers. He does not go the conventional way of having so many candidates trained and then a few are chosen while the rest get fired. He applies an involved and lengthy process whereby he aims at hiring employees who will retire from his company. He founded a rule that even if an employee will make a lot of money for the company, he should not make life at Chopper Trading miserable. He tries to weed out everything unpleasant during the interview stage.

About Raj Fernando

Raj Fernando is the current Scouthead CEO and also founder of Chopper Trading. He holds a bachelor’s degree in History and Economics from the Beloit College. He used to be a trader at Chicago Mercantile Exchange as well as the Chicago Board of Trade before founding Chopper Trading in 2002. He traded at the CBOT floor back in 1996 to 2003 and has held a membership of the exchange since 1997. He was trading in cash bond in 2002 when he was starting Chopper Trading.

Fernando is a supporter of various philanthropic efforts in the United States and Chicago. He is a Chicago Symphony Orchestra governing member and also a member of Chicago Council on Global Affairs. In 2015, he sold his Chopper Trading to DRW and started the Scoutahead.com in 2016. It is a platform for reviews and surveys on behalf of individuals and institutions. He is also a renowned fundraiser for Democratic causes as well as candidates.

Soros’ Philanthropy Remains a Target for Critics

The combination of the political leanings billionaire philanthropist George Soros and recent e-mail leaks from the Soros Foundation has led to another round of ugly discourse from his enemies. The reason for this stems from the George Soros Wikileaks controversy, which is largely believed to be the work of Russian hackers.

Opposition Roadblocks

The reason for pointing at Russia is because of that country’s strong opposition to the causes championed by Soros. Many compare this George Soros emails situation to the messy developments that took place in the Democratic party in July, just as their convention got underway.

In the latter case, the release of embarrassing e-mails indicated that the Democratic leadership was actively working to undercut Bernie Sanders in favor of Hillary Clinton during the Democratic primaries.

Being Hit from Multiple Sides

However, this most recent instance has led to the continuation of George Soros conspiracy theories by far-right sources that are heavily laden with anti-semitic messages directed at him.

The Jewish roots of George Soros have actually led to a no-win situation. That’s the result of one side that features pro-Israel Groups using the George Soros Wikileaks controversy to push forth their unsubstantiated claim that he favors Palestinians. Such efforts are based on the Soros Foundation’s efforts to document bigotry toward this particular group.

On the other side are neo-Nazi groups openly promoting a George Soros conspiracy theory that believes that the work of the Soros Foundation helps fuel terrorism. The crux of that concept is based on the aiding of migrants arriving in Europe from the civil war that’s been raging in Syria, displacing millions in the process.

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Hatred as a Weapon

Such beliefs were held long before the George Soros emails ever surfaced and will likely continue long after the 86-year-old Soros passes away. He is a perennial source of criticism during American political campaigns because of his focus on contributing exclusively to Democratic candidates.

Within the past decade, one of George Soros’ most vocal critics has been American political commentator Glenn Beck. Despite the fact that Soros is Jewish, Beck has continually claimed that the billionaire is anti-Semitic and has accused him of working with Nazis during World War II in order to save himself.

The problem with this particular George Soros conspiracy is that Soros was able to fund the Communist dissidents in his native Hungary that helped pave the way to the end of the Soviet Union. Beck has been unable to explain why such a forceful opponent of one discredited political ideology would seek to promote one even more reviled.

Forging Ahead

If the George Soros Wikileaks story was an effort to undercut the philanthropist, that has apparently failed. That’s because these George Soros emails show no drastic change in the mindset of the foundation that bears his name. The end result is more likely to infuse those working on his behalf to make greater efforts in the future.

Learn more about George Soros: https://www.project-syndicate.org/columnist/george-soros

Why You Should Try EOS

With the winter months approaching fast, this means a lot of things are about to happen. Cold weather means colds, and colds mean dry, chapped, uncomfortable lips. This dreaded happening can be avoided if your start to moisturize your lips early. Finding the right lip balm can be confusing since there are so many brands to choose from at all different costs. One approach to take would be trying an all natural product instead of something that is medicated and contains fabricated ingredients. EOS lip balm, or Evolution of Smooth is one of those natural products that are highly desirable right now. They’ve only been around a couple of years but have really made a statement in the beauty department.

Not only is EOS lip balm all natural but it is gluten-free as well. All of those with celiac disease need not worry with this friendly product! It is also hypoallergenic and has never been tested on a single animal! Yay for animals! They also offer other products such as hand cream in lovely scents. Their lip balms come in all different flavor. For example, strawberry sorbet- yum! All of their products are super inexpensive too which is a huge plus. Some lip balms will run you five or more dollars, while EOS keeps it at a modest three dollar average.

One great thing about EOS is how easy it is to find! Target, Walmart ,Amazon and Ulta are just a few places that you can find your favorite flavor of EOS. You will quickly fall in love with this little ball of balm, once your realize its moisturizing power. You’ll love even more that you’re wearing a natural product that is beneficial to the health of your lips. Start getting ready for winter now!

Product link:  http://www.walmart.com/ip/eos-Evolution-of-Smooth-Strawberry-Sorbet-Wildberry-Lip-Balms-2-count/46532012.

Avi Weisfogel is a Man of Many Interests

Avi Weisfogel is an accomplished doctor offering patients the best in cosmetic dentistry in excess of 16 years, that’s fair to say. It is also fair to say that Avi has interest and involvements that are many are lay far outside the arena of medicine.
Giving is just part of what makes Dr. Avi Weisfogel who he is, and this is evidenced by such actions taken, like starting a GoFund Me page on behalf the charitable organization, Smile. The success and benefits of this program as noted in a recent article, reveal what’s in his heart.
A love for music is also in his heart, as MTV reported, this doctor like to jam. He currently has his own group of followers and continues to create hip-hop beats when he isn’t giving or helping others. How about that for way outside the realm of dentistry?
So if the good doctor does so much amazing stuff outside his profession, he must be some sort of wunderkind within the world of dentistry, right? Right. Co-Founded in 2014, Dr. Avi Weisfogel started Dental Sleep Masters, or DSM. The goal was simply to help healthcare professionals in the world of dentistry improve their businesses and business models. It does stand to reason that even within his own field, his aim would be in making those around him happier.
This doesn’t begin to tell the whole story. Yes, there’s more than, doctor, entrepreneur, humanitarian and musician that could be discussed, but that’s a good start to knowing the man behind the name. Don’t be shocked if the next MTV hit video is starring Dr. Avi, would it really be that surprising?