How Andy Wirth is Transforming the Tourism Industry

Andy Wirth is Squaw Valley Ski Holdings’ President and CEO. The position allows him to play a crucial role in transforming the tourism industry in Olympic Valley, CA. His focus is in making the area popular with tourists who love mountain resorts, skiing and great hotels.

Here’s how he is contributing to the tourism industry:

Promoting Outdoor Activities

Andy is passionate about the outdoors. He has partnered with various organizations to make the Lake Tahoe region an attractive tourist destination for all. His love for the outdoors has seen him participating in and promoting skydiving in the area too.

Recently, he was elected Chairman of Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation. He’s also Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority. The appointment is for his role in developing air service and airports for resorts all over North America.

Andy has been an integral part of the hotel and mountain resort industry throughout his life. His goal is to transform the ski area into the best winter tourist destination globally. Andy’s love for mountain resorts and hotels began when he joined Colorado State University.

Upgrading the Ski Resort

He started changing Squaw Valley Ski Resort in 2010. Andy did this immediately he was named its new CEO. He was the first CEO of the resort from outside the Cushing family in 70 years. His first responsibility was overseeing the ski resort’s upgrade, which cost $70 million.

Within the first year of his leadership at Squaw Valley, Andy transformed the ski resort. He successfully restored it as one of the best in the skiing industry. He also successfully merged Squaw Valley Ski Resort with Alpine Meadows Ski Resort.

Involvement with Navy SEAL Foundation and Ironman Events

As mentioned earlier, Andy is passionate about skydiving. This passion never dissipated despite an accident that nearly killed him in October 2013. The accident inspired him to establish Special Warfare Warrior as a way of supporting Navy SEAL Foundation.

In addition to all these, Andy founded an Ironman group, which he continues training with today. His team takes part in various Ironman tournaments. Andy is inspired to continuously improve Squaw Valley’s excellent reputation as a top tourist destination.

Lastly, Andy Wirth is an active member of the Truckee, CA community. He resides in Truckee with his wife – Karen – who is a real estate lawyer. The work he has done at Squaw Valley Ski Resort has boosted the local tourism industry.

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Revolutionizing Education Through ClassDojo

ClassDojo has changed the classroom experience forever. With this application, teachers, parents, and learners can connect and create a unique and enjoyable learning experience. The program is fairing on well having raised at least $21 million to boost its success rate among the education stakeholders. Parents can now interact and appraise performance and behavior of their children all year long. The company is using the proceeds to expand the team and carry out more studies on the features and content that makes the app useful to everyone.



The aim of this program is to assist parents or guardians to be in charge of conversations in the home and improve the learning and development of their kids through schooling. Teachers utilize the system to schedule activities before passing them over to parents. The app also takes pictures and sends just to show parents how their kids are faring on in class.



ClassDojo-What Does It Entail



For a long time, the education sector has lagged behind regarding technological advancements. Many businesses have been creating different digital apps to boost their trade, but none had thought about coming up with something that can benefit teachers, learners, and their teachers. The developers of ClassDojo saw this gap and decided today; we can see some light in the industry. The app is now quite popular, and you’ll find it in some public schools, private and charter schools.



The creators of ClassDojo are passionate about making sure that learning is communal and exciting. They are more concerned about the privacy and security of the app rather than making money. As time goes by, more stakeholders are coming on board to support this noble course.



The Features That Make ClassDojo Unique



ClassDojo is used in the same way you’ll use any other social media platform only that the emphasis is on education. The app addresses the needs of parents, teachers, and learners and specifies the role of everyone in achieving higher education standards and results. What’s more, Class Dojo is easy to get and used. In fact, is will soon incorporate transactional features that enable parents to pay for school supplies, lunch, and fees using their mobile phones.



The company’s Managing Director, Mr. Hemant Taneja believes that the app is helping to improve learning and encourage good morals. It is the perfect tool to boost relationships among the three core stakeholders. General Catalyst is in charge of the firm’s Series B and some of the investors that are already on board include, Raech Capital, GSV, and SignalFire.


Handy is an Amazing Resource for Party Planners

Handy Cleaning services has been around for several years. This coming has been a constant help for me during my party planning phase. I am someone that loves to host parties. I sell cosmetics in my home quite regularly, and I love the way that this company has allowed me to have a spotless home for all of my parties.

The selling of cosmetics is a job that requires a clean home, but I really only entertain in one room. The great thing about Handy Cleaning Services is that there is no task that is too big or too small. I have been quite pleased with the cleaning of my den and living room for parties, but I also get bedrooms clean as well. Sometimes I even get these workers from Handy to clean the entire house.

The best thing about Handy is that this company never keeps you waiting for a long time. I get a lot of appointments completed within a 24 to 48 hour period after I have booked the appointment. I like the efficiency of this company. I have tried other companies in the past, but I believe that the Handy has always been the quickest one for completing the jobs that I have.

This has also been the most professional company as well, says The workers are always here in a timely manner, and the jobs are completed sooner than I expect most of the time. I have reduced the amount of time that I clean. This is just one less thing that I have to worry about.

Handy is not in every city yet, but I am glad that the company has contracted workers in Seattle. This is where I live and entertain guests every week. This is the best company for home cleaning services. Read more about them on


Taking Inspiration From Places Is Something Doe Deere Does Well

Inspiration can be found in many places. The art of finding inspiration is something that can offer people important things in life. Someone who is able to find focus for their worldview and then translate it into a concept for others to enjoy is someone who will always have a way to connect with others. This is a concept that Doe Deere, owner of the world famous company, Lime Crime, finds important in life. She is always looking for inspiration that she can use to create the kind of products that others will able to enjoy. As someone who loves makeup, she has found that inspiration for the kind of new shades that she wants to come up with come to her from all kinds of places. She walks around each day trying to think about new ideas and trying to come up with a inspiring worldview that she understands her fans will be able to adopt for themselves in their own lives.

A Background In Many Places

Born in Russia, Doe Deere has taken parts of her inspiration from this deep culture and huge country. As a Russian, she draws on the world of the artist that is part of the Russian worldview and has been for a long time. The deepness of this culture includes all kinds of amazing things such art and theater. This is where she knows that she can turn to for ideas about the makeup. The Russians have been creating their own makeup styles for centuries in order to help them make their vision of the world come to life. Russians like Deere often go to places like the ballet where it is all about art and the true expression of emotion as well as the movement, color and light that must happen when the ballerina goes on stage. As one of the heirs to this culture, she finds that her background is one that continues to inspire her and offer her something very special. She has been able to translate the Russian worldview into her company, Lime Crime, in ways that can offer a specific vision that helps people learn what kind of makeup they can in their own lives.

New York City

Another part of the world that has long called to her is that of New York City. Her parents immigrated to this part of the world when she was young. New York City is a dynamic city where Deere grew up and learned about the arts. As a young woman, she continued to decide that she should make this part of the world her own. She chose to live in Brooklyn, one of the most vibrant parts of the city where people have been gathering for centuries. The amazing color and life of Brooklyn was something that she took to immediately and learned to harness for her own needs. Growing up here allowed her to see that she could turn to the world of art and color again and again.

Don Ressler is Helping Women Save Money and Time

Women love to shop. There are also some conscious consumers that even like to save money. The good thing about this is that there are some websites like JustFab that help people do both. This is not a coincidence. Don Ressler has studied the market, and he has carefully crafted a website that would cater to the needs of women that wanted to shop online and save money while doing so.

Don Ressler has become a leader in the world of online shopping because he has presented women with the chance to pick through some of the latest fashion trends that are available. There is no need to go out and spend hours in a mall. Women can shop at home or during lunch. Friends can hang out with one another and checkout the website that is the brainchild of Don Ressler and partner Adam Goldenberg.

Both of these businessmen have become champions of websites that have brought something new to the table. In the beginning JustFab was focused highly on clothes, but the site would also expand with clothing. Jewelry would also become a staple. It was like Don Ressler was collecting the data and analyzing what women were interested in buying next. This year JustFab has expanded even more with a plus-sized line of clothing for women. This addition of the plus-sized line shows that Don Ressler is watching what is happening around him. Ressler is keeping his eye on the things that are going to propel the JustFab brand to the next level.

He is also working hard to get Fabletics to where it needs to be as well. This is a company that has managed to excel in a short amount of time, and Don Ressler is excited about this expansion. There are some more brick and mortar stores that are opening up for this location, and that is a surefire sign of great growth. It is evident that Don Ressler is one of the leaders that has been able to work with Kate Hudson in building an online brand that is ready to acquire even more customers through offline stores. This is a big step for Don Ressler because all of his experience has been geared toward online sales on Crunchbase. What this does is show that Don Ressler is not afraid of change or growth. He is becoming aware of the new possibilities for women shoppers.

Making Lip Balm At Home

Lip balm is a product that can help to keep the lips moisturized, especially when the air is dry outside. It can also help chapped lips and those that are cracked. You can find several kinds of lip balm in many scents and flavors, such as mint or cherry. There are also a few recipes of lip balms that you can make at home. You want to use beeswax and coconut oil as a base so that you get a product that is smooth on the lips and that will enrich the lips with vitamins and minerals.
Essential oils can be added to the lip balm that you make to give different scents and flavors. Peppermint is popular and ideal for the Christmas season. It’s fragrant and adds a bit of fun to the lips. It’s also a relaxing scent.

Evolution of Smooth has several different kinds of lip balm available. They come in small round containers with a small ball inside that makes it easy to roll onto the lips. Some of the EOS flavors include blueberry and passion fruit.

One of the things that Evolution of Smooth ( is known for is that it uses vitamins and minerals that help keep the lips smooth. The products are full of vitamin E and shea butter. Lip balms from the company are made with natural ingredients that have been tested by a dermatologist. EOS product can easily be purchased on Walmart or from online retailers like Visit for more info.


Favorable Outcomes in SEC Whistleblower Cases

Whistleblowers that decide they are going to share the information they have are put in an extremely precarious position, as they literally do not know what is going to happen with their careers in the future. Many people that possess the type of information that is worthy of coming forward with have not only earned degrees, but have worked in their field for years and years. When it comes to exposing information and possibly having that all taken away, most people are faced with a situation that leads to them keeping their mouths shut. However, laws such as the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, which was enacted by congress in the year 2010, has created a much greater protection for anyone that wants to come forward.

One such case that has received quite a bit of attention is a case where a whistleblower received 17 million dollars, which is hands down one of the biggest amounts that has ever been granted. This outcome was without question due in large part to Jordan Thomas, who is an SEC whistleblower attorney, who has been quite successful when it comes to these types of cases. While many people are well aware of the major whistleblower cases that have been in the media, involving such people as Edward Snowden, there are a ton of these types of cases that happen all the time, which a great deal of people never even hear about.

Most people are put in an extremely difficult situation when they discover information about a company, which they know is illegal and wrong. Not only is it hard to deal with this type of information, it is extremely difficult for a person to decide that they do in fact want to expose it. This often comes at huge risk, although you can expect a lot more protection these days, as it is not only highly encouraged that people come forward, there are huge rewards for doing so. A lot of people have no idea what they should do when it comes to exposing this type of information, but the best thing you can do is find an SEC whistleblower lawyer that works these cases with regularity. No one is going to give a whistleblower a better chance of not only staying anonymous, but receiving a monetary payout at the end of the day, so selecting a great lawyer is key in these cases.

The Brexit Gold Coin Memorializes an Important Day and Protects the Future

Historic moments happen each day, but rarely is there instantly a way to remember them that simultaneously protects you in the long run. On June 23, 2016, a moment known as Brexit came to be when Britain determined that they would withdraw from the European Union. This was, of course, a surprising moment in history as Britain was part of the Union since 1973, but the moment brought relief to many. Alas, this mostly joyous moment struck fear in some natives as they were uncertain of their home’s economic future. Essentially, how will this moment effect the economy and relationships with the surrounding countries? Surely unsettling thoughts, which made the immediate gold invention fairly astounding, appropriate, and perfect for the time in more ways than one.

The Brexit gold coin is fundamental for a multitude of reasons, including its significance for the time, what it means in the long term, and why it meant a lot for plenty of individuals. Twenty-six millimeters in diameter, this coin is adorned with a Union Jack that portrays Britain’s removal from the Union. Worth twenty dollars, the Brexit gold coin is an investment to make for those who are uncertain of their home’s economic state. The market for gold has shifted for the better drastically in the past decade and experts have urged to invest in the precious metal as often as possible. When currency fails, gold succeeds, and that is a factor that cannot be ignored.

This coin is visually stunning, but the true meaning behind it is to memorialize this surprising day. Few expected Britain to withdraw from the Union, which left the entire continent dumbfounded, to say the least. Though Britain will do what it can to protect its citizens, it is difficult to conclude what the future will hold for this iconic portion of the world. This coin stands as a symbol for June 23, 2016, but also as a protector of the future for Britain. Gold is a great investment, has always been, and will continue to be for the rest of time. Though people have yet to invest in gold, the Brexit coin stands as a reminder to do so as soon as possible.

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The Industry Council for Tangible Assets Makes the President of the U.S Money Reserve to be its New Chairperson

The U.S Money Reserve’s current president was recently selected by the board of director of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets as its new chairperson. The appointment of Mr. Philip Diehl was made during a board meeting. Read more: U.S. Money Reserve Wins Four Awards At 20th Annual Videographer Awards For Creative Work

Mr. Diehl is well known for his distinguished career where he has held various executive positions such as being the vice president of the ICTA Board of Directors and the director of the U.S Mint, where he is greatly appreciated for his service.

The ICTA is a body that was set up to the primarily control the transaction of paper money, highly valued coins, and precious metal bullion. The regulatory institution has the authority to operate in 50 states of the U.S. It serves as a platform for the member companies to debate, consult, and interact with various government and private institutions to solve complex hiccups that face their business.

Philip is greatly appreciated by the ICTA for being an active frontrunner in the passing of various crucial laws at both the state and federal levels. One of the main achievements of the administrator is the adjustment of the 2013 Minnesota statute that had inflicted various impediments that were unfavorable to businesspersons who deal with numismatics and bullion. Mr. Diehl has ample knowledge in the regulatory sector since he has served at the state office and in Washington.

He applied his expertise in the formation of the ICTA’s communication and legislative rules and also helped in influencing Governor Mark Dayton to sign the laws, which was passed by the Minnesota Legislators.

The governor approved the regulations in May 2016. As the new chairperson of the ICTA, Mr. Diehl is dedicated to enhancing the competence of the organization and its membership.

According to GoodSearch, the U.S Money Reserve is a dependable distributor of government-issued precious coins, bullion, and bars. The physical headquarters of the company are in Austin, Texas. The official website of the company indicates that its services are currently used by hundreds of thousands of Americans and foreigners who want to be involved in the business of government-issued precious metals.

The U.S Money Reserve has hired experts who have sufficient knowledge of coin research and numismatics, and this assists it in deciding on what its clients can buy or sell to get the best returns. The company has been able to develop and maintain long-lasting relationships with its customers since it has the best customer service in the entire industry.

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U.S. Money Reserve Inc. Review

Securus Technologies Donates $350,000 to the Louisiana Department of Corrections

Securus Technologies recently awarded $300,000 in free phone calls and contributed an additional $50,000 to the inmate welfare fund at the Louisiana Department of Corrections. Securus gave one free call each day to each inmate housed in a Louisiana State Prison from the time of the recent, 2016 Louisiana flood until September 7, 2016 to help them keep in touch with their families. Richard A. Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies said, “we need to take extraordinary measures to make sure that communications are maintained [to] reduce anxiety and stress in our inmate” families.


Securus Technologies is committed to easy, accessible criminal justice technology to improve the incarceration experience without compromising public safety. Since 1986, hundreds of engineers, designers and technicians have pioneered hundreds of patents and innovative solutions to offer “high-quality, high-tech software solutions” inexpensively with the best customer service of any inmate communication system.


Securus Technologies, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, serves 3,400 correctional facilities housing 1.2 million inmates in the 48 contiguous United States. Securus Technologies provides high tech prepaid inmate telephone communication and message services to keep inmates connected with their family and friends. Video visitation increases public safety, reduces correctional institutions’ costs in supervising prisoner’s visitation, and actually increases the number of times visitors can see and contact inmates. Video visitation can be scheduled online and allows family and friends to visit with their incarcerated loved one through a computer video screen in the common areas of the prison.